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1st of ESO writing

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  1. 1. W.I.T.S!  
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Maybe you are thinking what W.I.T.S. means. It means “What Is The Solution”, a detective group composed by Kate (the intelligent), Jack (the agile) and Alexis (the scientist). Four years ago, the W.I.T.S. broke up and, just now, Kate is studying Technology at Oxford University, Alexis is working in a laboratory and Jack is helping the police, so that he goes on being in the detective side.
  3. 3. CHAPTER 1(I) - For the last time, Susanne, have you got the diamond? - As I said to you before, no! I haven’t got the diamond and I do not know who has it. - Okay. I think you need a lawyer. Jack was asking questions to his main suspect. The questions were about a royal crown’s jewel, the little but appreciated diamond. It disappeared last week. The Queen was having a shower while someone was wrapping gifts left on the table while, in fact, he was investigating the palace. The party room had a trap door in the floor that leads to the jewel room. The mysterious man discovered it. The royal diamond crown- which the queen only wore for really important meetings- was in that room, together with some other fake replicas.
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1(II) - What? I didn’t imagine that! Other crowns? - murmured the mysterious person- Which is the authentic royal crown? Then he called his companion. - Hey! I’ve got a problem! I’m in the jewel room, but there are more than ten crowns here! Which is the authentic one? - Probably all of them are authentic. Take one and be careful. The thief caught one crown and escaped. Then he went back to with his boss. - Congratulations, Mrs. Jelly- said the boss - Thank you, boss. - Your job is over. Now it's up to Mr. Pudding
  5. 5. CHAPTER 2 (I) Meanwhile, Kate was in a Russian Museum installing the security system. She was with her technology class friends. - Anything else? - asked Mary, a friend of Kate. - Yes. The distance between the lamp and this picture. Mary measured it. - 20,6 cm long - Thank you. A strange man went into the same room. His face was strange too. Kate’s friends’ faces changed from happy to suspicious. - Are you okay? – said Mary - Oh, I’m tired… - Kate made up. Then, a gas pump exploded. A loud noise of broken glass was heard. Kate took her phone and Called the police. - Yes? - someone said. - I’m in the Russian Museum. A thief robbed the museum. He was a man with a striped sweater, a suspect cap and a scarf.- Kate answered quickly. - Kate? - Jack?
  6. 6. CHAPTER 2 (II) Five minutes later, the police arrived at the museum. Jack asked some questions to Kate and the other people who had seen something. - So you began to suspect… - Yes – answered Kate - And then? - I heard the noise of broken glass. - Ok. Thanks. He went to the other police officers and detectives. - We have to call a scientist to analyze the pump’s gas.- Jack said. - Ok. I know a girl who is very good, but she is still doing the test. - Well, she will learn more. Tell me her phone number. - Ok.
  7. 7. CHAPTER 2 (III) Then, Jack called her. - Yes?- she said. - This is Jack, the detective. I want you to analyze some gas that has been used in a robbery. Can you? - Jack? - Yes, detective Jack. - Oh, I’m Alexis. - Alexis! Wow! This can not be a coincidence. Right now I'm with Kate. - Well, about the robbery. Where is it? - In the Russian Museum. - Oh Gosh! I will be there in a quarter of an hour. - thank you, Alexis. See you later. - Bye! Alexis went there and analyzed the gas. She said that it was only a smoke pump. - Thank you, Alexis. –Jack said. - Can I go home? – Kate asked. - No, you can’t. I need your help. – Jack answered. - Can I? – Alexis asked. - No. I need yours too. I want us to be the WITS again. When I was working with you ten minutes ago, I realized that we are stronger if we work the three together. Do you agree? - I do! It’s a great idea!- Kate said. - Yes, of course! We have to catch the thief right now! – Alexis said.
  8. 8. CHAPTER 3 (I) The next day, the WITS went to a restaurant to talk about the case. - There is some confidential police information that is very interesting. - Don’t tell us! It’s police confidential information. - I know it, but I told the police that we are the WITS again, and they trust us, so I can tell you the whole story: Last week, someone robbed one of the Queen’s royal crowns. The next day, we found the crown, but it didn’t have the diamond. We are calm because this diamond was a fake replica. Now, at this theft, the thief robbed a diamond of the same size. We think that the thieves are more than two, and they work for somebody else. - Why do they need two little diamonds of the same size?-asked Alexis - Two small diamonds?... I knew something about two small diamonds ...-remembered Kate - What?!
  9. 9. CHAPTER 3 (II) - Ehm… I remember now! A legend tells that there is a hidden treasure in the ruins of ancient civilizations and, to be able to enter, as no one could enter except the king, at the entrance there is a lion with two holes for the eyes. They say that if you put two little authentic diamonds in those holes, the door of the cave opens and leads to the treasure. - Wow!- exclaimed Alexis. - We have to go there now. Do you know where it is?-Jack asked. - No one knows it-Kate said- but I know the girl who told me the legend: Susanne, the researcher. - Susanne?! I interviewed Susanne this morning! I already said that this woman caused ​​me a bad feeling… -Jack said- Let’s look for her.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 4 (I) Jack went immediately to the police station. He explained the case and the legend to the police and informed them about his main suspect, Susanne. The police went to find her, but she wasn’t at home. They found her name on the police computers, and they said that she had used her passport an hour ago to travel to Mexico. - Try to find how many people are travelling to Mexico with the same air company and who bought tickets at the same time. - Ehm… ten more people. - Okay.
  11. 11. CHAPTER 4 (II) Jack joined the WITS again. - We know that they’re ten people and they’re already in Mexico. - Let’s go there right now. The WITS went to Mexico. - Jack, is she Susanne? - Yes, she is! Jack, Alexis and Kate went to Susanne. - Susanne, tell us the truth. - I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m here to investigate for the CIA. - If you want we can help you to catch the thieves. We know where they want to go. - Yes? Lead me there. - Ok. Follow us.
  12. 12. CHAPTER 4 (III) The WITS and Susanne went to the ruins of the ancient civilizations in the Great Pyramid of Chichen Itza. They found the thieves there trying to open the door with the two small diamonds in the eyes of the lion. - Give us the diamonds- said Jack with the police gun. - The thieves gave them the diamonds. Susanne caught the Jack’s gun and point to the WITS. - Now, give us the diamonds again. –said Susanne - Us?-said Alexis- how many are you? - Me and my friends. – she pointed to the thieves.- now, all the treasure will be mine. She put the diamonds in the eyes of the lion. Nothing happened. - What?- Susanne shouted.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 5 Suddenly, it heard the noise of police cars. - Hands up!- said the police head The police arrested Susanne. The police head came to WITS. - Good job, guys- said-, again. And thank you Kate for the microphone. - That’s OK.- said Kate. - What are we going to do now?- said Alexis - We must have another truth diamond and we’ll open the door. The treasure will be property of this city. And a part for you, of course.- said the police head - OH-MY-GOD! Are you serious? - No, I was kidding! - hahahaha- laugh WITS
  14. 14.  