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  1. 1. Grow It Yourself As a college student, I have found that I take greenery for granted. My apartment complex is landscaped and someone’s job is to water the grass outside. On campus, an entire department is dedicated to preserving the various plants and trees living around campus. Everything is taken care of by someone else. But what if I want to grow my own plants? Before, this seemed like an impossible task. First, the cost alone of buying everything needed to hold the plants, the seeds, and the nutrients can deter someone from starting their own garden. Then who knows with unpredictable Tallahassee weather if your plants will even get enough sunlight, too much sunlight, enough water, etc. Gardening is stressful and requires your full attention to produce something worth looking at. But a new invention may solve all your worries and eliminate the hassle of gardening. Edn is the answer. They are a startup company out of Denver, Colorado. Their goal is to stop the need of buying all your food from the grocery store. Edn is a box that hangs on your wall at home and grows various vegetables using your iPhone. That’s right, we now live in an era where your plants will grow, as long as your phone is charged. The box has 21 slots for whatever kind of vegetables or herbs you want to grow and the plants will all grow simultaneously. All you need to do is plug the box into a wall outlet, choose and plant your seeds in the various chambers, fill the water tank when it runs low and occasionally replace some nutrients. For anyone who has ever tried to become a farmer or thinks they have a green thumb, this method is practically effortless in comparison. Edn eliminates the constant need to check on your plants, make sure the seeds have the right environment to grow strong and healthy and saves space. The system will alert your mobile device when anything goes wrong. Do your plants need more water? The system will text your phone to alert you of the problem so you can fix it when you have time. The entire indoor ecosystem hangs right on your wall for you to admire when your seeds are fully grown and to track and learn about each seed as it develops right before your eyes. While this incredible product is still in the beginning phases of production, the final will have three shelves on top of one another, all backlit. Some of the seeds being grown right now include thyme, cilantro, bell peppers, arugula, rosemary, and even a pumpkin. Imagine having access to these kinds of seeds from the comforters of your own home and you can pick them off of your wall. Simply by selecting which seed you want to grow, the 21 different slots will take care of your plant for you until it’s ready to be harvested. The total cost will be $399 and should be available to ship sometime next year. The future of indoor gardening is here with the Edn Grow Box.
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