Part A:<br />Journalism<br /><ul><li>Broadcast Journalism
Public Relations</li></ul>Psychology<br /><ul><li>Experimental Psychology
Social Psychology</li></ul>Part B:<br />From the results listed, my career to research is: Broadcast Journalism<br /><ul><...
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Career research assignment


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Career research assignment

  1. 1. Part A:<br />Journalism<br /><ul><li>Broadcast Journalism
  2. 2. Public Relations</li></ul>Psychology<br /><ul><li>Experimental Psychology
  3. 3. Social Psychology</li></ul>Part B:<br />From the results listed, my career to research is: Broadcast Journalism<br /><ul><li>Job Description:
  4. 4. Report news
  5. 5. Produce
  6. 6. Write Scripts
  7. 7. Record and edit sound
  8. 8. Pleasant voice/appearance
  9. 9. Humorous
  10. 10. Outgoing
  11. 11. Working Conditions:
  12. 12. Hours Vary
  13. 13. Inside/Outside
  14. 14. Comfortable surroundings
  15. 15. Stamina
  16. 16. Hectic/Under pressure
  17. 17. Wages and Earnings:
  18. 18. Top
  19. 19. Radio/TV= $70,000/yr
  20. 20. Cable= $90,000/yr
  21. 21. Average
  22. 22. 30,000/yr
  23. 23. Career Path:
  24. 24. Start at small publications
  25. 25. With experience you move up and specialize in a certain area of study
  26. 26. Reporters turn into columnists/writers or editors print journalist and then finally they become broadcasting industry managers
  27. 27. Presently the budget is said to be tight for your services
  28. 28. Fewer positions in this field as well
  29. 29. Education and Training Requirements
  30. 30. Computer software
  31. 31. Master’s or Ph. D
  32. 32. Media Studies
  33. 33. High school English
  34. 34. 4 yr degree in English, Journalism, or mass communications
  35. 35. Internship/Part-time Job
  36. 36. Newspaper Team</li></ul>Part C:<br />Post Secondary #1: Howard University<br />Institution location: Washington, DC<br />Name of Program: John H. Johnson School of Communications<br />Brief Description: The Bachelors in Arts degree in Communication provides a student with a great opportunity to further develop training in their career.<br />Why I want to learn/train here: The reason I would attend this school is because its close to home meaning the tuition is cheaper. Also it has its own TV and Radio Station in which I gain more experience from<br />Post Secondary #2: New York University<br />Institution location: New York, NY<br />Name of Program: Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York City<br />Brief Description: Many of their students take part time internships while attending school and after graduating they obtain jobs in newspapers, magazines, and etc.<br />Why I want to learn/train here: The reason I would want to obtain this school because it’s far away from home and I love the atmosphere and city life of New York City. Also the school is known for its exceptionally well academic programs.<br />Part D:<br /><ul><li>Ap English 11th
  37. 37. Ap English 12th
  38. 38. Journalism Yearbook
  39. 39. Journalism Newspaper
  40. 40. Speech</li></ul>Part E:<br />Work Experience/Volunteer Experiences/External Courses<br /><ul><li>TV Production
  41. 41. Summer job as a Teen journalist</li></ul>Part F:<br /> NameRelationshipHow They Can Help<br /><ul><li>Dorothy Barnes MotherSupport
  42. 42. Anthony Barnes FatherSupport
  43. 43. Brian BradfordFormer SupervisorNetworking/Connections
  44. 44. Stephanie WeberTeacherFurther develop writing skills
  45. 45. Sharon BarnesAuntSupport</li></ul>Part G:<br />Source #1<br /><br />Ease of Navigation:The links on the top of the page with the different topics made it easy for the information I was looking for too be accessible. <br />General Usage Appeal: Plain and simple; allowing for the information to be found with ease.<br />Quality & Reliability: Because it’s a government official site then the information is reliable.<br />Source #2<br /><br />Ease of Navigation: Good because the information was presented right in front of you on one page.<br />General Usage Appeal:Plan and Simple, not too distracting.<br />Quality & Reliability:Because it’s an educational website then the information is quite reliable.<br />Source #3<br /><br />Ease of Navigation: The different tabs make it easy too quickly find the information you’re looking for.<br />General User Appear: More colorful than the other sources, but the calm neutral colors aren’t distracting at all.<br />Quality & Reliability:The website is reliable because it’s an educational website that has to provide accurate information for its prospective students.<br />From the information that I researched about pursuing a career in Journalism, I’m still<br />interested in this area of study. Based on what I’ve found out this won’t be such an easy <br />career to break into and that I’m going to have to work my way from the bottom to the top. <br />It’s a competitive field that doesn’t hold many positions for employers. This motivates me to <br />make sure I’m afforded the best education and training experience so that my competition <br />doesn’t stand a chance. Because of my work ethic and personality I’m determined that I’ll be <br />successful at this profession and other ones as well. I’d rather have a career that will keep me <br />on my toes instead of having a boring job that I don’t enjoy at all. This occupation allows you to <br />travel around to different places in the world to work on stories, documentaries, special news <br />cast, and etc. And also meet up influential leaders in the process. Because of the vast genre of <br />jobs that are categorized in this field of study the possibilities are endless. This allows me to <br />gain additional skills relating to Journalism. Over the years I would like to dabble my hands in <br />careers such as a reporter, manager, columnists, and etc.<br />Part H:<br />BLS, . (2008, April 29). Burea of labor statistics. Retrieved from<br />Artel, Linda. (2003). Education portal. Retrieved from<br />Byerly, Carolyn. (2010). Howard university. Retrieved from<br />Noel, Pamela. (2009). Nyu arthur l. carter journalism institute. Retrieved from<br />