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Snagit by Techsmith


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Snagit by Techsmith

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  You have an image and you want to edit it to make it look more professional or more fun or whatever. You want to do one or more of the following:  Crop it or cut out or blur pieces to keep it private.  Resize it precisely for a website or other job.  Add text or arrows etc. Or any number or „stamps‟.  Add a border. Or two.  Play with the perspective or add a reflection.  Combine it with another screen shot or make a collage with a number of screen shots
  3. 3.  Snagit by TechSmith – the Rolls Royce of screen captures Snagit does everything from taking screen captures, to screen recordings, and lets you share everything in a myriad ways. It is hyper-flexible! Cost: $49.95 (shoppers like the # 9)
  4. 4.  Jing (TechSmith‟s free app) … similar to Snagit, fewer features CaptureMe (free) … floating window always up front InstantShot (free) … multiple & pre-configured screenshots Backdrop (free) … provides custom backdrop for screenshots Paparazzi (freeware) … screenshots of webpages Constrictor ($10) … resizable, moveable snapshot utility iShowU ($20) … record audio & video instantly Layers ($25) … all items on screen as psd layered image Other Similar Programs Onde ($30) … full featured program (similar to Snagit) Little Snapper ($40) … “pixel perfect” + organize tools Snapz Pro ($69) … full featured program (similar to
  5. 5.  Skitch and Snagit are similar. Skitch is cuter and smaller but it is not so intuitive to set up and use. If you take a few screen captures to upload to Facebook or email to your kids Skitch or Jing are the ones for you. Snagit is a big, beautiful, full-featured program with a ton of functionality. If you want to use graphics for the web or printed materials (books, manuals, leaflets, flyers etc.) then Snagit may be the program for you.
  6. 6.  You have to open Snagit to use it but when you open it nothing much happens except for this funny thing that pops out at the side and tends gets in your way. If it isn‟t there the screen capture doesn‟t work. You can use Snagit as a quick and easy screen capture and I did – for quite a while – which was stupid – and a shame. I selected Cmd+Opt+P for Print Screen.  File Menu > Preferences > Keyboard.
  7. 7.  This is a little „tray‟ that you can set to „lurk‟ (show) or hide.  Window Menu (show or hide)  Preferences > General > Show Snagit Capture Window (at top)  Capture a picture or video (w/shortcut)  Show or hide the cursor  Capture to clipboard or not  Open Editor | Help | Additional Options
  8. 8.  Show and Tell
  9. 9.  Save to clipboard (as a preference) or temporarily (using Capture window) Default sharing options to email, ftp program,, Camtasia Studio and YouTube. Social network sharing available, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. “Note” sharing including OneNote, Evernote etc. Save to File including Word, PowerPoint, Excel Save graphics as jpg, png, tiff, gif, bmp – or snagproj Send to printer or pdf
  10. 10.  Techsmith‟s web hosting (Tech cloud!) screencastcom.html 2 GB of storage pm 2 GB of bandwidth Free. Lossless images Great video quality
  11. 11.  The Help Manual is a mixed bag  Haven‟t had to use it much  The pages with graphics are a bit more helpful than those without  They often assume prior knowledge  The help about the Capture Window for example is wrong in places (maybe it hasn‟t been updated from a previous version). The TechSmith Video Tutorials are great.
  12. 12.  Jing Snagit … TS‟s private video/image hosting site Camtasia … video recording/editing software Camtasia Relay … record meetings, lectures, presentations Morae … research tool for tech pax/businesses/schools etc. Coach‟s Eye … iOS5 app to capture, analyze, share videos The Forge … web „shows‟ Flipped Classroom … TS‟s products used extensively. More...
  13. 13.  TechSmith Video Tutorials YouTube  General Intro  The Editor  New features in Snagit 11 Snagit Guide … tips, tricks and secrets Some tutorials show Windows version of Snagit Many tutorials show Snagit 10 (the older version)
  14. 14.  TechSmith was founded in 1987 by William Hamilton, who remains the company‟s president today. He was asked in a recent interview where he thought his field/industry was headed :  “I wish I knew the answer to that. Wherever its going, its going to get there fast. That‟s been the common denominator: things are going to change dramatically and it‟s going to happen quite rapidly. It‟s that energy and buzz that makes this a great industry to be in."