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Photo Sharing


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A summary of the photo sharing sites I use and some of their strengths and weaknesses.

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Photo Sharing

  1. 1. Photo Sharing
  2. 2.  Digital cameras and smart phones produce hundreds (thousands) of photos – small tsunamis of images. Photos are very demanding. They need:  Naming/tagging/descriptions  Editing (fixing/cropping/culling)  Storing (high res photos can be space hogs)  Sharing with others  Select peeps (relatives/close friends)  Larger groups (includeing acquaintances)  Everyone (public) The Problems
  3. 3.  Photo sharing options that are:  Efficient (fast)  Reliable (no loss of photos)  Intuitive to use esp. at the beginning  Easy for others to access and use and return to  Attractive and/or clean or not unattractive  Affordable and/or free What you want
  4. 4. l i c k r. c o
  5. 5.  Free for 1 GB (200 photos) Share videos (1 min. maximum) $25 per year for unlimited 26 million users (2010) Huge photo sharing community – mostly amateur photographers who chat amongst themselves. Everyone loves it (except for me) Yahoo offshoot Uploading isn’t difficult Organizing is not intuitive and is maddeningly cumbersome Nice slideshow with lots of options flickr
  6. 6.  No batch downloads Editing pictures isn’t straightforward – links and title captions don’t always work or stick No thumbnails (lot of scrolling and no view all) Cannot give multiple images same name No export from iPhoto No email notification if someone comments No control over images on your home page Privacy control possible but hard work Why isn’t a set called an album? flicker … cons
  7. 7.  Collections  Top tier Sets  aka Albums Galleries  Galleries are a way to curate up to 18 public photos or videos of your fellow members into one place. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of fellow members in a unique way i.e. around a theme, an idea or just because. flickr … structure
  8. 8.  Free for 1 GB of photos and videos $25 per year 25 GB, $50 for 100 GB More of a social community 500,000 users (2010) Everyone loves it (except for me) Google offshoot Uploading isn’t difficult Organizing is easier than Flickr … a cleaner interface You can edit photos Basic slideshow picasa
  9. 9.  Facebook wannabe (Circles) Could end up expensive Quality of photos? picasa … cons
  10. 10.  Photographers site Everything is absolutely beautiful Support Heros are beyond terrific And you pay for it  $32 year for basic w/unlimited photos  $48 year for your own domain + unlimited hd videos  $125 for professional photographers smugmug
  11. 11.  Limited community – your photos may not be discovered (if you care) smugmug
  12. 12.  $25 year for 1500 images (one time additional fees for 1500 extra images) Public galleries separate – you have to go to them to see them (as opposed to Flickr/Picasia) Albums and sub-albums Organizing is super straightforward and logical Unlimited video Slideshow is OK Sharing is super easy Editing captions in thumbnails is quick and easy imageevent
  13. 13.  Not at all beautiful Uploading can be sluggish Slideshow not as beautiful Back to thumbnails in a stupid place imageevent
  14. 14.  Free for unlimited photos and videos Transfer photos from other sites (Picasa/Flickr) Straightforward Pretty easy to use including organizing Album structure more like Image Event (pc-ish) mejuba
  15. 15.  Ugly No community Difficult to share Slow loading No support Transferring photos not so easy You get what you pay for … mejuba
  16. 16.  This is where it’s at IMO The structure forces you to choose select photos And to add some fun, witty, interesting comments Your friends get involved facebook
  17. 17.  You wouldn’t upload 2000 holiday pics from your cruise to Alaska Privacy – it barely exists (even if you think it does or try to make it so) Finding photos can be a challenge facebook
  18. 18.  Cheap!  $3.50 year for 1 profile  $7.00 for up to 4 profiles This makes facebook work for me … I can search for a ‘story’ Their support is incredibly responsive and nice (George and Pascal) SocialSafe
  19. 19.  SlideShare is awash in slideshows showing you how to use the various photo sharing sites SlideShare