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Instapaper Presentation at MacPeople - the Mac Users Group, Gainesville - April 2012
with Miranda Castro

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  1. 1. w w w. i n s t a p a p e r. c o m
  2. 2.  Youre on the internet looking for one thing and something else pops up and grabs your attention. Someone sends a link to a great article and reading it will take 10-15 minutes out of working your day. Youre headed for bed and cant focus on a weighty article. Now is not a convenient time (you have to restart your computer) or you just don’t feel like it. Whatever … it’s something you might be interested in at some future point in time, just not now!
  3. 3.  You don’t want to get distracted. You think you might want it (a recipe or tech article or a piece of research) but you don’t have time to check it out. You don’t want to read it right now. Whatever ….you want to read it later. And another thing … you want to read it off line.
  4. 4.  Instapaper is a web based application that allows you to save and read web content offline later on your:  Computer  iPhone  iPad  Kindle  Android phone
  5. 5.  This is not just reading it later and throwing it away like we used to do with paper. You may want to save it to use as a reference material for project you working on. You want to save a recipe you think you may want to use it in the future - maybe more than once. You want to share it with a friend by email. You may want to share it with all your friends or on Facebook or Twitter.
  6. 6.  Too many bookmarks quickly become unmanageable. You can’t find anything and can’t remember why you bookmarked it anyways. You want to save your bookmarks for genuinely frequently used websites like Facebook, for sites that use a login like banks and credit cards, for your email accounts (for web mail), for movies theaters and movie review sites and so on.
  8. 8.  The interface is nice and clean—or bare bones basic depending on your design aesthetic. The iPhone/iPad and Web apps all look, feel and work a bit differently.
  9. 9.  Save articles, web pages, blogs, videos, audio files and more. All saved items available off line at any time. Save links to articles you havent even looked at - send a link from an email to your Instapaper account. Sync seamlessly between all devices - iPhone/iPad/computer.
  10. 10.  Use folders to keep unread topics under control. Send articles to Evernote you have read and are sure you want to keep and re-use. Archive or delete read articles so they don’t stuff up your devices. your favorite articles.
  11. 11.  Jump to original website. Read text only – ad free. Images are retained. Reading is optimized for iPhone/iPad screens. Hyperlinks are retained in the text—they are not saved as footnotes/references at the end of an article. Customizing of fonts (including san serif) and font size, line spacing and column width etc. is easy and good enough: iPhone/iPad viewing features in read mode include:  tilt scrolling (my personal favorite viewing feature).  double tap to show/hide the top/bottom bars  single tap a photo to share or zoom/pinch
  12. 12.  Email to friends. Share with your social networks (Facebook/Twitter). Save to Evernote
  13. 13.  Use the Browse function to see your friends’ favorite articles and share your faves with them. Read the Instapaper communitys most saved stories.
  14. 14.  Export a cvs or html file of all your saved articles.  Export is limited to the most recent 2000.
  15. 15.  Instapaper is supported by over 150 other iPhone and iPad apps. Nice built in Dictionary (tap and hold – iPhone/iPad) iPhone/iPad viewing features in read mode:  tilt scrolling  double tap to show/hide the top/bottom bars  single tap a photo to share or zoom and pinch
  16. 16.  Filing folders takes patience.  There’s no drag/drop or easy sorting. Save to Kindle isn’t seamless yet. There’s no search feature therefore use of folders is key. Apparently you get this feature with a paid subscription. In the meantime you can export a cvs file and sort and search there. There’s no note taking or highlighting facility - this is Read-and-Share-Only. The link to an RSS feed (Google Reader) is no longer available.
  17. 17.  COST  Web app is free.  $4.95 for the iToys app (one time charge)  Support the developer with a $1 a month donation. This will surely speed up feature development. ARTICLE LIMITS  500 article limit on iPhone/iPad.  Unlimited on Web.
  18. 18.  m Once you have an account and are signed in click on Account (top right) to set up sharing options.
  19. 19.  Link Facebook, and Evernote in just a few quick minutes and Twitter, Tumblr and Pinboard if you use them!.
  20. 20.  Email a link directly from your mail box to Instapaper
  21. 21.  POSTBOX  MAIL
  22. 22.  Readability: Read it Later: Clearly: KlipMe:
  23. 23.  Marco Arment is the founder of Instapaper. He cofounded Tumblr and served as its lead developer for four years, scaling it from zero to thousands of requests per second. He is based in New York and writes about software, technology, and coffee at Instapaper Blog:
  24. 24.  Sharing articles with your Kindle is fiddly. http://david- kindle/