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Here's the presentation from Thursday with some extra links added! Let me know if there's any more you need to know on LinkedIn here!

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  • Key decision makers –30% of fortune 500 companies CEOs are on it compared with 3.8% who use twitter and 7.6% who use Facebook. Users have an average household income of over $100kAnd 39% of users are in the top bracket of company hierarchy
  • According to Hubspot
  • (listening tool)
  • – this uses your email contact information through different email servers. A few people get funny about giving their contacts away to LinkedIn but with 225 million users remember that this isn’t just a fly by night way of selling email addresses, they really don’t need to do that! Email information is used to allow you to find your real life connections on this platform too. You’ll be surprised how many of them are on here trust me! If your email connections are yielding less results than you imagined, try just searching by name for your contacts or clients. Sometimes they’ll use an email address for LinkedIn that’s different to the one you have for example.
  • People You May Know function – click on the connect button on any of these people and you can instantly send a request without specifying how you know them. This is a very quick way of upping your numbers without much effort but I’d recommend you make contact with each of those who accept your connection invite. If you just collect connections with no interaction the number will be there without any rapport though and so these are a good deal less meaningful.
  • People You May Know function – click on the connect button on any of these people and you can instantly send a request without specifying how you know them. This is a very quick way of upping your numbers without much effort but I’d recommend you make contact with each of those who accept your connection invite. If you just collect connections with no interaction the number will be there without any rapport though and so these are a good deal less meaningful.
  • Adding people you don’t know – Have you found someone on LinkedIn or been referred on to someone that you’ve never actually met before? It is generally perfectly acceptable to send them an invitation to connect. You’d have to pick a category, perhaps friend/done business with is best? Whatever you prefer. I’d recommend sending a personal message with the connection request. For example, make sure you mention if a connection of yours has recommended them to you. You could also mention something interesting about their job that you’d like to be kept up-to-date with or if you work in similar industries just touch base and say that you’d like to find out more about what they do with a view to perhaps working together in future. It is most certainly a bad idea to try and sell them something right away!
  • The latest updates on LinkedIn mean that your ‘Contacts’ section (formerly ‘Connections) now has a lot more functionality. The main feature of these is the ‘Relationship’ section
  • Note: here you can add information to someone’s profile that only YOU can see. For example say you meet someone very briefly at a networking event, but then a workshop starts and you don’t manage to speak to them about everything you’d like to. To follow up, you can add them as a connection and then add a note as to what you’ve talked about or what they do in your own words. This way you can keep track of your leads more specifically.Next up you can also leave yourself a reminder. Say you need to send them some follow-up information after an initial conversation, just set a reminder with ‘send over report to jenny’ by a certain date.
  • This establishes you as ENGAGED with the business community and keeps your work infront of your connections as much as possible. You can also ask for recommendations if you’re looking for new suppliers, staff or agencies.
  • Groups are a great way of getting involved in your industry or finding and sharing information. From job searching groups where recruiters regularly post up vacancies to financial groups posting the latest news or discussing share prices. Discussions are where people can share ideas and post external links up. To interact with discussions you can post up comments giving you opinion on whatever the topic is. This is a good way of establishing yourself as a knowledgeable person in your field without directly being too salesy. It is against most group guidelines to post up a direct sell on discussions so instead use it as a listening tool or start your own discussion to hear ideas from other people. It will also increase the amount of incoming connection requests you’ll have.
  • Promotions: Here is where you can sell yourself! Get creative, don’t be boring and make sure you present your value proposition well. You need to make sure your title is dynamic enough for people to click on the thread below (and then hopefully go on to buy from you or connect). Depending on your settings you’ll also receive daily or weekly digests via email. Simple maths will tell you that if you’re a member of 50 groups (or more with sub-groups) and you’re getting all daily and weekly emails that isn’t a manageable amount to actually go through and read. When you’ve joined a new group, have a look at the content of the first emails and if it’s useful to you, great! If not, just unsubscribe from the emails. You can do this perfectly easily without leaving the group
  • Joe will go into this a little later as it’s an integral part of our lead generation
  • When you create your profile on LinkedIn people are getting to know YOU and your specific role in your company. Whilst this is great to sell your specific service, it’s essential that you also back it up with a credible page for your company. This way you can list out all your different products, show which staff is the point of contact for each, and keep people up-to-date with news using company updates.
  • Following a company – is there a particular client you’d like to know more about? Have a search for their company page so you can keep up to date with their news. Click the yellow ‘Follow button to receive these updates on your home feed.
  • LinkedIn Morning - 10th Oct

    1. 1. WHAT IS LINKEDIN? Control your professional identity online The world’s largest professional social network. Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals Network with 225 MILLION people
    2. 2. WHY DO I NEED TO BE ON IT? Managers Vice Presidents Directors It’s used by your KEY DECISION MAKERS Chief Officers Owners
    3. 3. MAIN B2B BENEFIT LinkedIn is 277% MORE effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook
    4. 4. B2C Suppliers Stockists Contractors Asking your network advice
    5. 5. FEATURES Profile Community building Follow tools Industry News Feeds Messaging Company pages
    6. 6. LEAD GENERATION Sell • the basics on how to sell yourself and your business Get found •Increase your search rankings instantly in our practical profiling session Convert •Turning connections into clients Network •Find people who already need your services and get straight to the decision makers Recruit •Finding the ideal talent for your team Learn •Keeping up-to-date with the latest news from your industry and groups and keep an eye on your competitors Save money •Investigating premium accounts and paid advertising Practice •Get your own take-away tailored action plan
    7. 7. GET FOUND Profile Optimisation Selling yourself Where do you want people to go from here?
    8. 8. 3 TOP TIPS FOR A FANTASTIC PROFILE Don’t have a boring job title… Write it ALL OUT (as you)! Don’t miss out sections, people WANT to know your previous experience or education because that’s what makes you GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO! USE KEYWORDS THROUGHOUT
    10. 10. CONNECTIONS How many do I need Getting to the magic 500+ What do I do now I have them…?
    11. 11. HOW MANY DO I NEED? What are you selling? Is your service or product mass market? Needs a large varied audience Or is it niche and high value? Needs a specific narrow audience
    12. 12. CONNECTING People you MAY know People you DO know People you don’t know… An active network to SELL your services to
    13. 13. PEOPLE YOU DO KNOW Ex-employees Current colleagues Friends Exemployers Ex-colleagues Does everyone you know, know what you do? Prospective clients CLIENTS Previous clients
    15. 15. HANDY LINKS FOR YOUR WEBSITE: Visit this link to find all the widgets and buttons to import into your website/email signature. s
    18. 18. FOLLOW UP YOUR CONNECTIONS! ‘Hi x, Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. Your work in <INDUSTRY> looks very <new and innovative> and I’d love to hear more about <subject> as I currently am doing <related subject> Touch base Recognition Interest in Industry If there’s anything I can help you with in the future please do just get in touch. Helpful Have a great weekend, Miranda Friendly (not too informal)
    19. 19. WRITING THE FIRST MESSAGE ‘Hi x, Great to meet you yesterday at the networking breakfast meeting. What did you think of the set-up? Would be great to connect with you on LinkedIn as I’m really interested in that new <training project> you were chatting about, let me know how it’s going! All the best, Miranda
    20. 20. PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW Referal? Potential client/customer Categorise Follow-up Establish common ground
    21. 21. EVERYONE IS ON LINKEDIN FOR A REASON! REMEMBER: Establishing themselves in their industry Looking for better offers, suppliers, staff or customers Networking
    22. 22. SO DON’T BE SHY! It’s SOCIAL networking!
    24. 24. RELATIONSHIP
    25. 25. RELATIONSHIP Tag to categorise into leads/referrals Add notes to yourself Add reminders of when to get in touch
    26. 26. ESTABLISHING YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT Company Updates Website links Groups Saved searches
    27. 27. UPDATES Post updates REGULARLY Make them industry specific Make them ENGAGING Include videos, photos or links to outside sites when you can
    28. 28. USING SEARCHES Use the search function of LinkedIn as an exercise in finding decision makers! Search by job title in the search box, On the left hand side choose ‘People’ Chose by location Target by specific company if there is a new company you want on your books.
    29. 29. GROUPS
    30. 30. PROMOTIONS
    31. 31. MEMBERS Local groups are great for keeping up to date with events etc Find NEW people to market to You can freely message anyone in the same group as you (provided they haven’t opted out of this function). Build new connections
    32. 32. COMPANY PAGES
    34. 34. FOLLOW INFLUENCERS Business news New equipment and innovation Industry leaders
    35. 35. CONCERTED LEAD GENERATION Building connections Updating your status Messages to your network Paid Advertising Company Updates Group Promotions Group Management InMail Using external companies
    36. 36. ACTION PLAN! Update and optimise your profile Follow 10 relevant companies Start (or update) your company page Think of 2-3 sets of key words or phrases Join 10 relevant groups Export your connections using the link below and send them some emails! Use 3 different search functions and test what works and what doesn’t Post one update per week with some engaging or valuable information on what you’re up to.