Bringing In The Cloud


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How Sharepoint is a both a version of the Internet within the corporate walls AND how it is not. Sharepoint projects can fail because of the miscconception that users have of it before it is implemented. I will list changes in users expectations that need to be managed and how Sharepoinnt implementations can fly if the ground is set beforehand.

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Bringing In The Cloud

  1. 1. Mike Riversdale: “Bringing In The Could”
  2. 2. Your “social media guru” for today
  3. 3. Westworld Barbie
  4. 4. Why are we here? Not this
  5. 5. Or this
  6. 6. Or these
  7. 7. Why are we here? For these
  8. 8. OK, for these
  9. 9. Actually, for her
  10. 10. How are we gonna get there? Me
  11. 11. Then you
  12. 12. And finally all of us
  13. 13. Death-star honeymoon
  14. 14. “Cloud” - huh?
  15. 15. List the geek terms Mike
  16. 16. Social this, social that … ?!?
  17. 17. Where did it all come from? Young 'uns
  18. 18. The walls of the corporate
  19. 19. Barbie in the Big House
  20. 20. But you aren't the Internet
  21. 21. Aha, our internal apps are a monopoly
  22. 22. Can we really use the “long tail”
  23. 23. Don't have time to waste on Facebook
  24. 24. Where is the “work is boring” law?
  25. 25. Old Barbie
  26. 26. Ah, the good “old” days
  27. 27. This IS a change
  28. 28. We are changing structures
  29. 29. We're going “open” everyone!
  30. 30. Barbies in fur coats
  31. 31. Put the humanity back into your apps
  32. 32. Everything must be actionable
  33. 33. Release early, learn, grow quickly
  34. 34. Fail quickly and often
  35. 35. Remember the focus – NOT this
  36. 36. Your “Polish Lady” is your focus
  37. 37. Right, over to you ...
  38. 38. A reminder ... 1: This is not the Internet 2: Change is difficult 3: Focus on people
  39. 39. [A little light relief ...] If you're seeing this Mike has forgotten to embed the video – tell him to go to:
  40. 40. Back to all of us
  41. 41. Flickr photo thanks, pt 1 “New Zealand, Clouds – 6.10pm” by EssjayNZ is back in NZ “Mike presenting an AWA” by Mike Riversdale “Westworld Barbie” by bogdog Dan “SharePoint” by TußiSh “I'm in ur sharepointz” by veo_ “Renae Mason - Team Australia blogger” by fullcodepress “Appreciative audience” by kozyndan “office worker” by gradiola “Business conference” by eivindfs “Agile Requirements workshop” by lassekoskela “Kiwifoo09” by Titine “Barbie In The Big House: 13 of 30” by Cade “Sky over Wellington” by Mike Riversdale “How's My Blogging” by Laughing Squid “Return Of The King Social Network” by Walter Rafelsberger
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  43. 43. Mike Riversdale: “Bringing In The Cloud” Chief bottle washer at and as well as a proud KnowledgeCue associate. Getting in touch could not be easier: +64 (0)21-169 1359 Run a widely read “cloud computing for real people” blog at All over the Internet as listed on my Google profile