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Valtteri Kekki - Miradore and Cloud Delivery


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Valtteri Kekki, Product Manager, discusses Miradore's two products and how they can address the MSP pain points of today.

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Valtteri Kekki - Miradore and Cloud Delivery

  1. 1. Miradore and cloud delivery Valtteri Kekki Product Manager, Miradore Online Miradore User Seminar 24th November 2016, Helsinki
  2. 2. Miradore and cloud delivery What’s the deal Our products today and positioning tomorrow Addressing the MSP pain points of today Upcoming benefits and getting started Q&A
  3. 3. What’s the deal? • 2016 cloud infrastructure growth rate 15.5%[1] • By 2020, a corporate "No-Cloud" policy will be as rare as a "No-Internet" policy is today[2] • Cloud-first, and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance[2] • Mobile devices and apps integral part of business[3] [1] IDC: Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker (Jul 2016) [2] Gartner: Market Insight: Cloud Computing's Drive to Digital Business Creates Opportunities for Providers (May 2016) [3] Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites (Jun 2016)
  4. 4. Our products today Miradore Management Suite Miradore Online TWO PRODUCT LINES IT Systems Management Service Provider Hosting Mobile Device Management Cloud
  5. 5. Positioning tomorrow Keep the two product lines, but increase the functionality and deepen integration Delivered both onpremise and cloud Miradore Management Suite Miradore Online Mac, Windows, Linux, Network devices and Mobile Mobile devices + Windows 10 PCs
  6. 6. Miradore Management Suite Mac, Windows, Linux, Network devices and Mobile Starting from today
  7. 7. MSP pain points today • Installation needs hardware, for every on-premise rollout • For cloud deployments, a single server will do, but every rollout still consists of walking through the same manual steps, install, configure components, configure reports, configure packages, configure infrastructure • Whenever an update is needed, there’s many components to update, and when you have many customers, this creates a lot of manual work • Hard to manage all customers from a single place • Mobile platforms part of the business as well as traditional IT
  8. 8. How do we get there? From this To this
  9. 9. Scalable service delivery, both existing and future deployments • Single click cloud delivery, Miradore Online for Windows 10 and Mobile Devices, Management Suite for all IT assets. • Deepen the integration of the two product lines for a full fledged, simple to use UEM solution. • Bring the benefits and improvements also for existing deployments and enable scalable MSP operations.
  10. 10. Upcoming improvements, both for cloud and current deployments One click cloud delivery Select service templates Automatic Client deployment Done • Templates for import/export, enable services with a single click • Integration with Azure AD: automatic enrollment • Benefit also existing model deployments Single click update All components updated • Update everything with a single click • The server • Clients • Connectors • Installation points SINGLE CLICK DEPLOYMENT SINGLE CLICK UPDATE
  11. 11. A summary of next steps INTEGRATION AND CLOUD SIMPLICITY COMMUNICATIONS • Manage Windows 10 with Miradore Online, upgrade to full Management Suite • Deepen the integration between the two products for full UEM • Both Miradore Online and Management Suite available from the cloud • Automatic update of components and clients • Service templates to enable features, import/export configurations • Leverage Azure AD for automatic enrollment • Deploy components automatically through the client, or preconfigured installers • Clients connected through Websockets, no need for wakeup messages
  12. 12. How to get started? 1 Go to 2 Request a site 3 Automatic delivery And keep giving your account manager feedback, this is for you!
  13. 13. Thank you