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Mikko Hytönen - Miradore Roadmap Update


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Mikko Hytönen, Product Manager, discusses our latest development highlights and the three development themes for 2017.

Published in: Technology
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Mikko Hytönen - Miradore Roadmap Update

  1. 1. Miradore roadmap update Mikko Hytönen Product Manager, Miradore Management Suite Development Team lead Miradore User Seminar 24th November 2016, Helsinki
  2. 2. Miradore roadmap update Quick summary of our products Latest development highlights Three development themes for 2017 Each theme in more detail Q&A
  3. 3. Miradore Management Suite IT Systems Management (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) COLLECT all asset information in one centralized view AUTOMATE installations, configuration and license management MANAGE multiple customer instances in single platform and view INTEGRATE with other IT orchestration platforms Operating System and Software Deployment Patch Management Endpoint Backup Remote Assistance and Control Hardware & Software Asset Management
  4. 4. Miradore Online Mobile Device Management (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) SECURE protect sensitive data CONTROL cost and assets AUTOMATE install apps and settings remotely Business policies Restriction policies Location tracking Application deployment Security actions
  5. 5. Latest highlights Management Suite • Automation engine • Patch management scanning performance • More control for software distributions • Web service improvements Online • Android for Work • File upload (Android) • Browsing restrictions (iOS) • Chat support
  6. 6. DISCLAIMER: Future is subject to change
  7. 7. Three themes for 2017 ”Move automation to the top of the I&O strategic priorities list” Gartner: Robert Naegle & Vivek Bhalla (2016) Four Steps to Accelerate IT Automation in the Midmarket. ”Tools that streamline, automate and increase productivity plus optimize cost are necessary to enable agile environments.” Gartner: Laurie F. Wurster & Frederico De Silva (2016). Forecast Overview: IT Operations Management, Worldwide, 2016 Automation
  8. 8. Three themes for 2017 ”As organizations support a declining number of Win32 applications, they will increasingly use the EMM model to manage their windows PCs” Gartner: Terrence Cosgrove & Rich Doheny (2016). Market Guide for Client Management Tools. Windows 10 desktop from Online
  9. 9. Three themes for 2017 Automation Windows 10 desktop from Online Management Suite from the Cloud
  10. 10. Estimated schedule • During 2017+ What • Automating repetative tasks • Making usage easier Why • Save time • Quicker response • Less manual work • More reliable • Ease configuration sharing & reusability • Improve web service • Save a device’s settings as a business policy • Reporting and dashboards • Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment • Automation actions • Simplify & support processes • Implementation Templates Automation
  11. 11. Windows 10 desktop from Online Estimated schedule • Q2 2017 What • Support for desktop Windows 10 to Miradore Online Why • Easiest way to enroll and make inventory of devices • Azure AD & Automatic enrollment • Lightweight option for Windows 10 management • Possibility to run security actions like wipe or set password policy • Need more features? Automatic upgrade to Management Suite
  12. 12. Management Suite from the Cloud Estimated schedule • End of the year 2017 What • Make it easier to provide Management Suite from the cloud – like Miradore Online Why • Easy to start • Faster to production • Less infrastructure • Rebuilt instance manager from the cloud • Client communication improvements, wakeup • Welcome wizards&templates • Managing instance updates & instance components • Installation point caching
  13. 13. Three themes for 2017 Automation Windows 10 desktop from Online Management Suite from the Cloud
  14. 14. Thank you!
  15. 15. Long Term: Automation for endpoint management Reduce manual work Step 1 Improve automation • 2016-2017 • If a task is repetitative, it should be automatisized (maintenance, some of the basic approvals) Step 2 Smart data analysis • 2017-2018 • Identify patterns and suggest automation candidates Step 3 Autopilot • 2018-2020 • Possibility to set variable amount of AIOps