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About city of Setubal


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A Presenation about Setubal

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About city of Setubal

  1. 1. Our Costa Azul is one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, on the western side of the European continent.
  2. 2. …Setúbal ▲ DIVISION ►
  3. 3. …Our History Man has occupied Setúbal since pre-historic times; These gave it the name of Caetóbriga; Setúbal was an extremely important industrial centre, connected to the fish salting business, which extended along the river banks of the lower Sado;
  4. 4. …Our History Later Caetóbriga received the name of Xetrubre; In the XIX century, this region became one of the most important commercial and industrial centres in the country; Later the city’s name was changed to Setúbal, its present name; Setúbal was promoted to District Capital in 1926.
  5. 5. Igreja de S. Julião / S. Julião Church ...XIII Century.
  6. 6. Mosteiro de Jesus / Jesus Monastery … …is one of the first buildings in the Manueline style.
  7. 7. Museu do Barroco / Baroque Museum... ... built at 1714 and has a collection of baroque tile.
  8. 8. Largo de Jesus / Jesus Square... ... It’s a place for the younger's. Normally they come here to graffiti or to skateboarding.
  9. 9. Museu do Trabalho / Work Museum…
  10. 10. Igreja de Santa Maria da Graça / Santa Maria da Graça Church... ... XIII century, is Setúbal cathedral.
  11. 11. Castelo de Palmela / Palmela Castle... ...IX century.
  12. 12. Castelo de Sesimbra / Sesimbra Castle... ... classified as a National Monument.
  13. 13. Castelo de Sines / Sines Castle … …1424.
  14. 14. Galeria Municipal / Municipal Gallery … …Located on Avenida Luisa Todi, has a collection of 14 paintings of Jesus Church.
  15. 15. Mercado do Livramento / Livramento Market
  16. 16. Baixa / DownTown…
  17. 17. Largo José Afonso / José Afonso Square… … Auditorium for party's and festivities.
  18. 18. Jardim do Bonfim / Bonfim Garden...
  19. 19. Our Nature... ... We have a beautiful coast, with amazing beaches, wonderful sights and our mountain that have a variety of fauna and flora.
  20. 20. Portinho da Arrábida Beach
  21. 21. Figueirinha Beach
  22. 22. California Beach
  23. 23. Albarquel Beach
  24. 24. Carvalhal Beach
  25. 25. Tróia Mar Beach
  26. 26. Flora Parque Natural da Serra da Arrábida / Serra da Arrábida Natural Park... ... Located next to the sea. … One of the main attraction of the Park is the wealth of its indigenous vegetation. … There are also various companies that organize radical activities, such as speleology, diving and mountain climbing. … Great and variety of fauna and flora.
  27. 27. Fauna Mammals: Meles Genetta
  28. 28. Fauna Birds: Buteo buteo Falco tinunculus
  29. 29. Estuário do Sado / Sado Estuary ... ...27 dolphins.
  30. 30. Our festivities... Carnaval / Carnival… …Our carnival, is very funny. Normally we make a parade with masked people in Setúbal avenue. Our Carnival takes place in February.
  31. 31. Marchas Populares / Popular Marches … ... are realized every year and count with the participation of hundreds of people.
  32. 32. Feira de Santiago / Sant‘iago Fair... … has about 400,000 annual visitors. This fair is realized in June and August.
  33. 33. Moinho da Maré da Mourisca Festivities … ... This is one of the first exhibitions of the county to promote the local food. In this place we can see musical performances, dances, play activities, such as traditional games.
  34. 34. Feast of Our Saint of the Rosary of Troia … ...In this party, realized in Troia, people camp in the beach and coexist with each other.
  35. 35. Best restaurats to eat... ...Our restaurantes are basically about fish.
  36. 36. Novo 10 ... ... Is located at Luísa Todi Avenue; ... Serves fish and delicious snacks anytime!
  37. 37. Choco Museum... ... This restaurant has as specialty our famous ‘Choco ’.
  38. 38. Casa do Mar ... … This restaurant serves fish.
  39. 39. Ribeirinha do Sado... ...One more restaurante about fish.