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Fair and Handsome


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Brand Strategy to increase market share

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Fair and Handsome

  1. 1. Ad: FAir & HAndsome Brand Strategy
  2. 2. An Ad wHicH sells “dreAms”…..
  3. 3. Changing Lifestyle of Men Men specially “Youngsters” have started visiting Parlours quiet often. And those who can not afford it, search for alternative measures.
  4. 4. Emami: Fair and Handsome
  5. 5. Survey by Emami on Peoples Perception for a good looking Man • A survey was conducted by Emami, to know about a ‘Perception’ that girls like to have a Tall, Dark and Handsome Partner. • The Result showed that this concept is applicable only in foreign countries. • Indian girls prefer a Fair Partner or atleast a Man with similar complexion.
  6. 6. Boys • Young • Collage going • Dark Skin Target CB: Identify the segment of consumers that have these needs.
  7. 7. Why different creams for Men and Women??? (CB: Need Arousal) • Girls have Softer skin compared to boys • Boys have “Rough” skin compared to girls.
  8. 8. Differentiation • Girls fairness creams are ineffective on men's skin • This cream is suitable for men's rough skin CB: Positioning new products to meet the needs
  9. 9. Now the product comes into the picture….. • A Fairness Cream, Only for Men CB: Developing marketing strategies to ensure the communication.
  10. 10. And the Dream comes true… • Fair skin for men: only in 4 weeks CB: Delivery of product benefits
  11. 11. Happy Ending!!! CB: Satisfaction of Consumer Needs