[Mintigo Webinar] How DocuSign Built A World-Class Lead Nurturing Program


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In 2012, DocuSign doubled its pipeline and far exceeded its sales targets. The company achieved these results because of the commitment and partnership of its marketing and sales team, led by VP of Demand Generation Meagen Eisenberg, to build out a world class lead nurturing and demand generation program. With over a dozen personas to target, 80,000 engaged leads to process each quarter, and more than 50 different nurture tracks, the DocuSign team is clearly doing something right.

Hear the secrets behind the success of DocuSign’s lead nurturing program in this must-attend webinar. Both marketing automation novices and veterans will walk away from this session amazed and inspired by the best practices for accelerating your leads through the funnel.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

- Focus on the right Personas based on interests
- Create a lead scoring system that works
- Map content according to Persona interests, buying stage & lead score
- Measure success & optimize

Guest Speaker: Meagen Eisenberg
VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign

Meagen has spent over 18 years in high-tech. In 2012 she received the SuperNova Award in Matrix Commerce and in 2011 the Marketing Visionary Markie award within the marketing automation field. Before joining DocuSign, she was Director of WW Demand Generation at ArcSight, an HP Company, and prior to that she led worldwide programs and events at TRIRIGA (acquired by IBM) for integrated workplace management systems. She has an MBA from Yale School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS with a minor in CSC from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

About Mintigo

The Mintigo marketing intelligence platform continuously searches the big data of the web and social profiles to help marketers find and engage their best prospects. Mintigo analyzes the needs and interests of 30 million B2B prospects, so marketers and sales reps can engage each prospect with the right message and product. Companies like Box, BMC, Cloudera, DocuSign, and Edmunds use Mintigo to get more clicks, more shares, and more pipeline. To learn more follow @mintigo and visit www.mintigo.com.

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[Mintigo Webinar] How DocuSign Built A World-Class Lead Nurturing Program

  1. 1. How  DocuSign  Built  A  World-­‐ Class  Lead  Nurturing  Program   Host:   Jason  Garou*e   CMO,  Min1go   @jgarou*e   Guest  Presenter:   Meagen  Eisenberg   VP  of  Demand  Genera1on,  DocuSign   @meisenberg  !
  2. 2. About  Min@go  
  3. 3. Meagen  Eisenberg   VP  of  Demand  Genera1on  at  DocuSign   •  Award-­‐winning  marketer  &  thought  leader  on   marke1ng  technology   •  19  years  in  high  tech:  HP,  Pos1ni,  IBM  &  Cisco   Systems   !
  4. 4. About  DocuSign   Our  Vision     Empower  anyone  to  sign   anything,  anywhere,   any1me.   60K  New  Unique  Users   Every  Day,  40M  Thus  Far  
  5. 5. Our  prospects  are  everywhere!   C-­‐Level   Finance   Marke@ng   Sales   HR   Procurement   Facili@es   Legal   Support   IT   Opera@ons  
  6. 6. The  next  40  minutes  –  The  DocuSign  Story   •  Sales  pipeline  landscape  and  funnel  mix   •  What  do  you  need  to  build  a  world-­‐class  lead  nurturing  program?   –  The  Right  People   –  The  Right  Technology   –  The  Right  Process   •  Nurture  content  development  cycle   •  Demo  nurture  program   •  Measure  of  success   •  Results  
  7. 7. h*p://www.pardot.com/infographic/the-­‐roi-­‐of-­‐marke1ng-­‐automa1on-­‐infographic/   50% more sales read leads at 33% lower cost 20% more sales opportunities
  8. 8. What  does  your  funnel  mix  look  like?     Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement Advocate (Trial  starts  here  à)   Deliver  the  appropriate  marke1ng  mix  at  the  correct  buying  stage  to  accelerate  revenue  
  9. 9. What  do  you  need  to  build     your  world-­‐class  lead  nurture   program?  
  10. 10. People   •  Marke1ng   –  Web  team   •  Sales   •  Customer  success  &  support   •  Analysts   •  Thought-­‐leaders   •  Partners   People Technology Process
  11. 11. Syndicate  targeted  content  at  the  right  stages   •  Marke1ng  Automa1on     PlaXorm  (MAP)     •  Marke1ng  database   •  Email  plaXorm  and  response  tracking   •  Lead  scoring  and  nurturing     •  Sales  enablement  tools   •  Website-­‐ac1vity  for  website  triggered   nurturing         •  Targe1ng  and     personaliza1on  plaXorm   •  Web  form  op1miza1on   •  Website  op1miza1on   •  Customer  DNA  and  Interest   analysis  –  harness  big  data  technology   to  locate  new     prospects  on     the  web   People Technology Process
  12. 12. Are  your  forms  collec@ng  the  correct  informa@on   for  targeted  content  delivery  and  nurturing?   •  SiriusDecisions  says  5  or  less   •  What  are  the  key  fields?   •  Name   •  Title   •  Email   •  Phone   •  Company   •  What  are  the  necessary  hidden  fields?   •  Industry   •  Company  size   •  Loca1on  info  (City,  State,  Country)   People Technology Process
  13. 13. You  loaded  the  leads,  now  what?  
  14. 14. Lead  scoring:    A  quick  way  to  assess  the   quality  of  the  lead  to  priori@ze  who  to  contact   Score   Descrip@on   Marke@ng  Ac@on   A4   The  right  prospect,  but  no  interest.   Priority,  but  may  need  specific   "why  now"  messaging.   B1   Good  fit  and  very  interested.   Send  to  sales  queue  for  follow-­‐up.   C1   Not  the  ideal  prospect,  but  very   interested.   Will  they  ever  be  a  good  fit?     Con1nue  to  nurture.   D4   Wrong  fit.    No  interest.   Fulfill  request  and  segment  out.   Explicit  =  Profile  fit   Of  Prospect     Scale:    A,  B,  C  or  D   Implicit  =  Level  of     Engagement  or  Interest   Scale:  1  -­‐  4   People Technology Process
  15. 15. Why  nurture?   •  Align  sales  cycle  with  buy  cycle   •  Reduce  “lead  wastage”  –  plug  the   leak!   •  No1fy  sales  when  prospect  exhibits   “ready  to  buy”  signals   •  Move  from  trial  to  buy   •  Cul1vate  prospects  with  longer  term   buying  horizons   •  Align  resources  to  lead  value   People Technology Process
  16. 16. Content  design  and  delivery  is     art  wrapped  in  technology.  
  17. 17. Rows 1.  Buyer’s journey 2.  Lead score and stage (A -> D, pre-qual, attempt, qualified, etc.) 3.  Definition of your agreed stages with sales 4.  Gates to get through for buyer 5.  Content and tools to achieve next stage 6.  Existing content, tools & resources 7.  Identify content gaps Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement Advocate People Technology Process Understand  your  content  needs  -­‐  map  your  buyer’s   journey  to  your  sales  cycle  
  18. 18. Mind  the  gap.  
  19. 19. Content  development  cycles   •  How  do  you  get  content?   •  Create  vs.  curate   •  How  do  you  use  content?  The  Solu1on  Sale   •  Top  of  funnel  –  focus  on  buyer’s  interest  and  thought-­‐leadership  such  as  third-­‐ party  whitepapers,  videos  verses  your  product  content   •  Middle  of  funnel  –  case  studies,  peer  reviews,  demo/experience,  differen1a1on   (ex.  security),  how-­‐to  videos  and  whitepapers  for  trial   •  Late-­‐stage  funnel  –  product  briefs,  house  whitepapers,  why  you  are  the  best   solu1on   •  How  oken  do  you  refresh  it?  
  20. 20. Perfection is attained, not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed. -Antoine de Saint Exupéry 1900-1944
  21. 21. Show  me.  
  22. 22. Business  trial  nurture  experience   Forrester  Wave:  E-­‐signatures  –  complimentary  whitepaper                                                                    
  23. 23. I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time -Blaise Pascal 1623-1662
  24. 24. Nurture  system  to  accelerate  the  sales  pipeline   24   Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement Advocate Default Default EMEA (Trial  and  demo  starts  here  à)   ProTrial NARTrial BizTrial Biz Customer Welcome DS Ink Usage Rewards Low usage Credit Unions Insurance Education Industry:   Marketplace/Connector:   DS for Salesforce MS Dynamics SugarCRM Box Google Drive Google Ent Apps Alfresco Foxit BizTrial EMEA Biz Customer Welcome EMEA CC Expiration An@-­‐churn:   Web-activity triggered Connector base (EMEA) Developer Mobile NAR Pro Free RE/NAR Pro Web Customer Rate  +  Review   HiTech Banking No usage Healthcare DocuSign  Confiden1al   Reengagement Department:   Lost to Competitor Marketing C-Level HR
  25. 25. Measure  what  ma*ers  –     you  can’t  manage  what     you  don’t  measure.  
  26. 26. Measure  of  success  –  what’s  working  and  not?   •  It’s  NOT  just  Email  analysis  (A/B  tes1ng  and  email  /   content  engagement)   •  Opens,  clickthroughs,  form  submissions,  forwards   •  Unsubscribes   •  Was  end  goal  of  content/nurture  program  obtained?   •  Did  you  increase  trial  conversions  to  buy?  And  reduce  1me  to  buy   from  trial?   •  Did  you  reduce  churn?   •  Did  you  reduce  the  sales  cycle  by  leveraging  content?   •  What  opportuni1es  were  influenced  by  your  content   assets?   •  Measure  opportunity  revenue  with  campaign  tracking   •  Blind  form  submits  
  27. 27. Results:   Lead  and  deal  accelera@on  machine     •  35k  leads/quarter  to  80k  YoY     Marke@ng  efficiencies  –  small  group  can   operate  at  large  scale     Growth  in  business  -­‐  Increase  in  conversion   rates,  pipeline  and  revenue,  reduc1on  in   churn   •  Tripled  pipeline  within  two  quarters   •  Reduced  churn  65%  across  the  business     Strong  partnership  between  sales  and   marke1ng     Marke1ng  execu1on  and  input  valued  at  the   execu@ve  level  
  28. 28. Experience the DocuSign nurture system Sign up for a trial or Download the DocuSign Ink app
  29. 29. Q&A  And  Next  Steps   Follow  To  Learn  More  B2B   Marke1ng  Best  Prac1ces     •  Meagen:    @meisenberg   •  Jason:      @jgarou*e   •  Min1go:      @min1go   Live  demo  of  Min1go   www.min1go.com