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Mintigo: The Savvy Marketer's Guide to B2B Segmentation


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Experts agree that segmentation will increase your clicks. So why do the majority of B2B marketers still not segment? It’s because there are infinite ways to slice and dice a list…and that’s overwhelming for anyone.

View this presentation to learn the new rules of segmentation. Rules that get you maximum clicks for minimum work. Whether you use Mintigo or not, these unique rules will boost your results before your next campaign. Learn:

-When you need a new segment and when you don’t

-The secret recipe you need for every segment

-How to validate and refine segments with every campaign

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Mintigo: The Savvy Marketer's Guide to B2B Segmentation

  1. 1. The Savvy Marketers Guide toB2B SegmentationJason Garoutte, CMO of Mintigo@jgaroutteMay 9, 2013
  2. 2. I Work with Great Marketers
  3. 3. Agenda1. Segmentation works2. New data for new segments3. Mintigo research: who clicks what?4. Best practices: the secret recipe5. Special offer: segmentation insights
  4. 4. Submit your questionsvia Citrix chat window
  5. 5. Segmentation is Pressing52% of marketers say they have a great needto improve email database segmentation.2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
  6. 6. Segmentation Works“Weve found that targeted and segmented leadnurturing emails generate an 8% click-throughrate compared to general email sends, whichgenerate just a 3% click-through rate.”
  7. 7. The Perils of Batch & Blast
  8. 8. Irrelevance Hurts4 out of 10 subscribers reported that theyvemarked emails as spam simply because theywere irrelevant.
  9. 9. Or You Could Beg??
  10. 10. A Bright Future for RelevanceNo Segments Micro-Segments1%3% 5%20%
  11. 11. Segmentation Works
  12. 12. Segmentation Works• Cut list by 96%• Regrew list 500%• Every subscriber identified a segment• 40% of all subscribers have purchased• Online sales have more than doubled
  13. 13. Gets 20% Lift• Analyze clickstream, IP address, time zone, device• Map each segment to best content in real-time• Conversion rate is 20% higher than control group
  14. 14. So is Segmentation So Rare?
  15. 15. CONFIDENTIALIt’s the Content!Challenges Faced byB2B Content Marketers64%52%
  16. 16. Fear of Infinite Segments• Geography• Industries• Title• Buying stage• Preferences• Behavior triggers• Content interestsInfinite permutations+ content burdenoverwhelming!
  17. 17. Focus Segments on “Whys”Find segments that shares a common “why”.Using what data?• Industry and SIC code?• Function (e.g. finance)?Dinosaur data:SIC codes established in 1937
  18. 18. New Data = Better Segments• Shared content• Social profiles• Followers and likes• Websites• News• Blogs• Press releases• Job boards• 3rd party databases“Dinosaur data”
  19. 19. Example #1Old segment Better segmentSoftware companies Why = waste time setting upcomplex demos• Many sales reps• Has sales engineers• Offers “demo” on website
  20. 20. Old segment Better segmentSoftware companies Why = hate setting up complexdemos• Many sales reps• Has sales engineers• Offers “demo” on websiteExample #2Old segment Better segmentBig companies,finance titlesWhy = struggle to get control overindirect spend• Has many employees in differentplaces (field & geographies)• Hires finance analysts• Uses a basic accounting app
  21. 21. Mintigo’s ExampleOld Segments Better Segment1. Software2. Technology3. Services4. High-growth5. Marketo users6. Eloqua usersCompanies that care aboutreducing cost per opportunity- Lead gen roles in org chart- Invest in mktg automation- Spend on PPC advertising
  22. 22. TOFU-MOFU-BOFU
  23. 23. Example of Track DesignLeadScoresGoal
  24. 24. Example of Track Design
  25. 25. Examples of TOFU ContentUngated Gated
  26. 26. The Secret RecipeTOFU(Awareness)7 pieces of content onblog, plus a cadenceof events• Infographics• Blog posts• eBook• WebinarsMOFU(Evaluation)4-6 pieces of contentto answer “why buynow” and “why buyyou”• Case studies• Analyst paper• Datasheets• Buying guide• Free trialBOFU(Purchasing)Support assets toemail (or at leastprovide to Sales)• Testimonials• ROI calculatorGateGate
  27. 27. Repeat for Each SegmentTOFU MOFU BOFUGateGateSegment 1TOFU MOFU BOFUGateGateSegment 2TOFU MOFU BOFUGateGateSegment 3
  28. 28. Match Offers to TitlesVice Presidents hatewebinars!Managers are 5Xmore likely toregister.
  29. 29. Variations on a ThemeWebinar• Blog post with 1 key chart• Post slides on Slideshare• 3 minute executive interview• Add chapter to our eBook“Different vehicles for different roles.”
  30. 30. Validate on Every CampaignAsk people ifthey’re in theright segment
  31. 31. Learn with Big DataRelative click-ratestell you who likesthe offer
  32. 32. What is the InterestBase?
  33. 33. 21 Days to Try Mintigo• Send us your last email campaign• We’ll show you who didn’t clickQualified prospects can geta free campaign insightsreport ($2000 value)Write to marketing@mintigo.comOffer expires May 30, 2013