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Company short

  1. 1. THE COMPANY THE COMPANY Minteos was founded in 2005 in Turin. Minteos founders, visioning the fast growing world needs for continuous and distributed enviromnent monitoring, started their research to realize a new WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) architecture that would overcome existing technological limits. In the 2005 Minteos was admitted at I3P – Turin Politechnic incubator - and named « Best Wireless idea of the year – Torino Wireless ». After three years of investments and research, Minteos finally realized a unique and innovative WSN architecture, characterized by being far reaching, low cost, low power consumption, flexible in the integration with different sensors, internet based for distance control and alerting. Since then the company focused in the development of new applications, WSN based, for monitoring and alerting on Environment and Industrial risks, while improving the proprietary WSN architecture.
  2. 2. THE COMPANY THE COMPANY In 2008 Minteos owners decided to launch EnvEve in Lugano, Switzerland, to better exploit the international markets and have access to international research founding channels. EnvEve has soon been admitted at the « Tecnopolo di Lugano ». Since the foundation, EnvEve and Minteos have continuously invested in research,leveraging continuous collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, SUPSI, Universita’ Svizzera Italiana, Universita’ di Trento, Universita’ di Firenze. EnvEve and Minteos have been called to present at several national and international conferences, obtaining strong recognition for the WSN platform and for the innovative applications (i.e. British Chemical Royal Society, CNN Report, Forbes, IlSole24Ore). In parallel Enveve and Minteos have completed several industrial projects in Italy, Switzerland and Greece, and built a strong commercial backlog. EnvEve and Minteos operates abroad through local distributors, now present in various countries (Nederland, Spain, Israel, Greece, Brasil, Iran).
  3. 3. OUR WSN MODULAR TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Communication Channels Technology Architecture HW & SW Modules RF 433MHz Sentry Hardware Repeater Telecommunication Channels RF mesh 433MHz Gateway GPRS Wi-Fi Central Sw INTERNET INTERNET Software User Interfaces WWW (+ 3G) Console
  5. 5. OUR DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS OUR DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS Here the characteristics that make our solutions and modular technology unique and more effective compared to traditional systems: Wireless: it doesnt require wires, cables and power – it allows a fast, economical and reliable installation Low consumption: once installed, it lives and works without operation Online system: from your computer, you can see the status of sensors positioned in the fieldand the history of their signal Geo-referenced: each sensor tells us exactly where something is happening Proactive: when any sensor reaches an alert level, the system automatically notifies bySMS / phone / web that there is a danger or an alarm situation GATEWAY SENTRY GATEWAY RF : 433MHz / GPRS Communication RF : 433 MHz Communication range : 1,5km line of sight SENTRY Communication range : 1,5km line of sight Average power consumption: 50mW/h Typical power consumption : Power sources : solar power, back-up • Active mode : 2mA battery • Power-down mode : 4,5uA Status autocheck & notification • Transmission mode : 30mA Interference avoidance mechanisms Expected lifetime : 10 years Integrability : UMTS, HSDPS, Ethernet, WiFi Operating temperature : from 20°C to 80°C Configurable and updatable via Internet Expected lifetime: > 2 years NATURALERT SW Available via Internet NATURALERT SW 2 distinct locations for redundancy Login access 100% availability Real-time monitoring OPERATING Integrity test on each field message G.I.S Based OPERATING 100% data reliability Google-Earth Interface Data back-up : 5 years Historical database (5 years minimum) Autocheck modules on the whole hierarchy Customizable (interface, language) è Real-time notification in case of system anomaly Multichannel alerts (SMS, phone-call, email)
  6. 6. Minteos Installation in Dogliani - phytosanitary Sector Regione Piemonte Minteos Installation in Vinchio - phytosanitary Sector Regione PiemonteMinteos Installation of Gasalert - Chemistry Laboratories, Politecnico of Turin
  7. 7. OUR APPROACHOUR APPROACH WSN applications are in a highly innovative stage that impose a lot of research and test, especially for the sensors used to detect and collect the signals from the environment. For this reason in the concievement and development of new applications we selected an approach that involves from the very beginning and through all the development cycle both the final client and field experts, in order to get at the same time clear business requirements and the deepest knowhow on the subject. This approach requires strong collaboration with Research centers/Universities that are a key component of our strategy. Politecnico di Torino (IT), WSL (Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape- CH), CRESO (Consorzio Ricerca E Sperimentazione Ortofrutticultura-Piemonte-IT) are just some of the organizations we collaborate with on a continuous basis.
  8. 8. APPLICATION’S TARGET MARKET APPLICATION’S TARGET MARKET Environment Sustainability Environment sustainability is more and more of great importance in the world. Its measurement and monitoring can effectively be supported through WSN based applications, protecting valuable resources and collecting valuable information previously considered too difficult and too costly. Process Efficiency Improvements in Process Efficiency can reduce the needs and theconsumptions of the resources used in the specific industry (, water, chemical additives), increasing competitiveness and improving consumer welfare (i.e. 25% of commercial building energy reduction will be attributed to WSN in 2013, worth $7.4 billion in global energy savings). Industrial Safety The Industrial Sector is likely to undergo workflow churn as WSN applications increase safety, reliability and efficiency of industrial facilities.
  10. 10. APPLICATION’S TARGET MARKET Industrial Safety Process Efficiency
  11. 11. MINTEOS srl Via San Quintino 3 10121 Torino Italy Fax: +390114785226 Tel: +390110200466e-mail: P.IVA: 09244460011