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World Cup 2014 Predictions using social media


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Can you predict the winner of the World Cup 2014 using social media? We have!

Using social media we have compiled rankings for each team and predicted outcomes for each stage of the competition.

The full report is available to download at

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World Cup 2014 Predictions using social media

  1. 1. Group A: Brazil (W), Mexico Group B: Spain (W), Netherlands Group C: Colombia (W), Greece Group D: Italy (W), England Group E: France (W), Ecuador Group F: Argentina (W), Nigeria Group G: Germany (W), USA Group H: Belgium (W), Russia Group stage Brazil v Netherlands Colombia v England Germany v Russia France v Nigeria Final 16 Spain v Mexico Italy v Greece Argentina v Ecuador Belgium v USA Final 16 Brazil v England France v Germany Quarter fINALS Brazil v Germany SEmi-finals Brazil v Spain FINAL Spain v USA SEmi-finals Spain v Italy Ecuador v USA qUARTER fINALS Germany v USA 3rd Place Penalties The resultsWorld cup predictions using social media Download the full report now at