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Effective content marketing strategies

Content marketing is now a core component of digital strategy, and is integral to other areas such as SEO, PR and email marketing.

A successful content marketing strategy engages new and existing audiences, and helps you have better conversations with them leading to more loyal customers, sales and profit.

Our presentation looks at:
- The importance of content marketing’s role in the marketing mix and strategy
- How content marketing works in the owned, paid and earned media model
- The impact on SEO
- How to create a content plan
- Measuring content marketing’s success and value

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Effective content marketing strategies

  1. 1.  The importance of content marketing in the marketing mix and strategy  The owned, paid and earned model  The impact on SEO  Creating a content plan  How to measure effectively
  2. 2. Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
  3. 3.  The Furrow has been published by John Deere since 1895.  Jello published recipe books to encourage use of their products.  Michelin tyres produced a 400-page guide to car maintenance in the 1900s.
  4. 4.  Builds trust  Not about selling  Helpful, informative, passes on knowledge  Positions you as an authority on a topic  Shared by people that your audience trusts  Drives audience back to your site  Enhances and supports SEO strategies
  5. 5. Content Marketing Place Price Promotion PeopleProcess Physical Product
  6. 6. Is there a clear plan in place for its execution? Do online and offline work well together? Is content a defined part of your existing strategies?
  7. 7.  Content needs to be strategic, valued by the audience and profitable  Content comes in many forms, not just the written word  Builds trust and authority  Needs to be considered in all aspects of the marketing mix
  8. 8. Systems and networks you control for promotion Activities you pay for to promote content Your content that people share
  9. 9.  Websites  Blogs  Social networks  Email lists  Reposting  Mentions  Shares  Reviews  PPC  Social  Retargeting  Promotion platforms
  10. 10. Make content native to these assets:  Images and infographics for social media – highly shareable  Website copy formatted for the web  Raise awareness of content through email Social media promotion – Increase engagement Use social analytics to understand reach and engagement Content promotion platforms to spread further online, e.g. Outbrain Hardest to achieve Third parties sharing your content - needs to be discovered Helps SEO by building backlinks and social signals Aggregator sites such as Reddit and Stumbleupon will drive traffic
  11. 11.  All three elements work best when they work together  Develop content for each element that works best  Paid promotion is becoming more important for driving earned and owned media
  12. 12. Require different website structure At odds with keywords Build poor backlinks
  13. 13. “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.” Webmaster Tools Guidelines I firmly support the idea that people should have a diversified way of reaching their audience. So if you rely only on Google, that might not be as strong of an approach compared to having a wide variety of different avenues by which you can reach people and drive them to your website or whatever your objective is. Head of Webspam, Google
  14. 14. Well-structured page:  Content is a good length – min.300 words, blog articles 700 words+  How pages are linked together  Use of headings – H1s, H2s  Is it unique?  How fresh is it? Site metrics:  Do users spend a lot of time on the site?  Do they find it engaging?
  15. 15. Hummingbird update in 2013 meant Google uses social signals as a ranking factor Look at keyword and content strategy should go hand-in-hand Make sure titles, headlines and metadata are completed and make sense for audiences and searchengines Categorise your content – this helps everyone
  16. 16.  SEO and content marketing strategy should be mutually beneficial to each other  Search engines want high-quality, relevant and easy-to-find content  Keyword research should always consider content requirements  Keep your website up-to-date so content is shareable, accurate and well organised.
  17. 17.  Who wants to contribute?  Meet with them regularly to discuss ideas  Talk to people around your company  Generate lots of ideas for a “content bucket”  What to produce?  Consider the time of year - what events are happening?  How can one piece of content be repurposed into other content?
  18. 18. Not reinventing the wheel Can drip the content out over time Optimise for the medium
  19. 19.  Who will produce it  When it is due  Keywords it relates to  Circulate it to all authors  Social networks  Paid promotion  Email newsletter  Send to relevant clients
  20. 20.  Find people who are truly going to commit to producing content  Regularly share content ideas  Create a plan with clear deadlines  Actively promote content – putting it on one or two social networks is not enough
  21. 21. Ways to measure content:  Brand health  Marketing optimisation  Revenue generation  Operational efficiency  Customer experience  Innovation Report: marketing-performance-report.html
  22. 22. BRAND HEALTH  Engagement  Audience growth  Sentiment  Content performance  Share of voice  Influencers OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY  Call deflection  Cost per post MARKETING OPTIMISATION  Referrers  Email sign-ups  Dwell time on site  Cost savings  Loyalty  Sentiment  Influencers REVENUE GENERATION  Channel traffic  Basket size  Time to purchase  Popularity CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE  Call deflection  Popularity  Potential issues INNOVATION  Top earners  Productivity  Popularity
  23. 23. Domino’s Australia – Pizza Mogul:!/home  Customers create a pizza and share it  Earn money from sales – option to donate to charity
  24. 24. BUSINESS GOAL BUSINESS METRICS & INSIGHTS RAW METRICS Marketing optimisation  Increased content output  Time to publish  Reduction in cost per post  ROI: Revenue, conversions, leads per £ spent compared to traditional programmes  ROI: Revenue conversions, leads by content unit  Time-of-day trends; best time to post  Top content influencers  Which topics, brands, platforms are most successful  Most active/followed by campaign, channel, content unit  Revenue, conversions, leads by channel  Sentiment by channel  Sentiment by influencer  Sentiment, re-tweets, likes, fans, followers, pins by content unit  Visit loyalty by content  Visit loyalty/view/CTR by channel
  25. 25. THE INVESTMENT  Hours taken to create content  Other costs,  Overhead costs Hours + Other costs +Overhead = True investment THE RETURN  Average customer lifetime value  Averageprofit margin Converted leads x (ACLV xAPM) = True return
  26. 26.  There is no one tool that will do it all for you (sorry…)  Pick a few – too many and you’ll be overwhelmed with data  Set-up automatic reports where you can to reduceadmin
  27. 27.  Create a content metrics dashboard based on business objectives  Assign internal values to help calculate ROI  Balance between conversion , quality and customer lifetime value
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