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Buying pneumatic tools have a look at their vital properties


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Get learn about different types of pneumatic tools and their vital properties.

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Buying pneumatic tools have a look at their vital properties

  1. 1. Pneumatic Tools, as the name implies, are simple tools used for construction purposes. Workers prefer using them not only because they are light-weight, small in structure and safer to use. Each tool has individual properties put to separate use. Provided in the slides that follow are few properties of each.
  2. 2.  Light weight and capable of penetrating into hard rocks.  Counterfeits steel housings and offers long stroke  Simple design that allows interruption-free drilling.  Handling and carrying them is easy.
  3. 3.  Moderate weight allows manual handling.  One should be able to dismantle each part while servicing.  The design is slim and compact.  Available in various weight and power for operating comfort.
  4. 4.  Made with all-steel alloy with an oil chamber at its back.  The lapped mating surface should be leak proof.  They are heavy-duty tools available with majority of Pneumatic Tools Manufacturer in India.  Should have total control on frequency, blow and energy.
  5. 5.  Offer simple mechanism with a sole moving part.  Light weight and low maintenance cost.  The outer sleeve should be adjustable.  To maximize durability needles must be heat treated.
  6. 6.  The construction is simple to make maintenance easy.  The needles can be changed easily.  Available in various sizes and used according to the depth of drilling.  The raw material used in its construction should be hard.
  7. 7. Now that you are aware of the essential features of each, be wise enough to choose a manufacturer who has years of experience in this fielded. An ISO Certified company can provide you the best products with warranty. 70B, Lenin Sarani Kolkata – 700013. West Bengal, India 913322494439 913322644667 913322657629 Fax – 2227 6571