Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Urban Garden Program Presentation


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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Urban Garden Program Presentation

  1. 1. ArboretumUrban Garden Outreach Purpose•Provide access to ArboretumPrograms and Experiences forunderserved urban audiences•Use the Garden as a LivingLaboratory for children to experienceHands-on Growing Science andDiscovery•Use the garden as a tool for youthemployment and development.
  2. 2. Urban Garden Outreach Program History1988 The Children’s Garden in Residence1996 Urban Garden Youth Employment • CityFresh Entrepreneurs • Common Good & Leadership2009 Growing For Good2009 Growing to College & Career
  3. 3. Children’s Garden in Residence 2012• 5 Garden Sites• Capacity to serve up to 230 children• 7 weeks hands on science, in the garden, in the city• Revised standards based curriculum
  4. 4. Children’s Garden in Residence
  5. 5. Sites with poor, contaminated, and/or compacted soil
  6. 6. Traditional, in ground gardensEarly Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . After Planting
  7. 7. The Curriculum• Hands-on 7 week curriculum – Aligns with state science standards – Includes lessons/tasting in healthy eating and nutrition – Teaches basic horticulture• Each child has their own garden plot to plant, nurture, and harvest.• Picking patches are maintained for children to experience plants that are not in their personal plots
  8. 8. Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  9. 9. Science in the Garden
  10. 10. Horticulture:In the Garden!
  11. 11. Celebration!!!
  12. 12. Urban Garden Youth Employment TeamsCityFresh Entrepreneurs CityFresh Veges CityFresh New Product DevelopmentCommon Good & Leadership Growing For Good
  13. 13. CityFresh Entrepreneurs CityFresh Veges CityFresh New Product Development
  14. 14. Common Good & Leadership Growing For Good
  15. 15. Planting Date - July 2This Photo - August 12
  16. 16. Growing for Good 2012“Eat Yourself Healthy” Gardens
  17. 17. Growing to College & Career
  18. 18. Growing for Good 2013-? Big Bag Garden 50”X12”
  19. 19. Smart Snack Pop-Up Garden Summary of Benefits• Employment and Youth Development for Urban Teens in their Community• Community Interest Project that promotes human and natural systems health and wellness.• Project that engages businesses and non- profits in urban communities with a youth employment program.
  20. 20. 3 each at 20 sites
  21. 21. Smart Snack Pop-Up Garden Components for Each Site– 2 Tomato/Basil big bags– 1 Pop-up Pollinator big bag– Educational signage– Links to online information: QR code to Blog, YouTube Videos, presentation dates.– Youth facilitated presentation/demonstration– Non-profit/business tour and meeting for youth to meet professionals and learn about the organization mission, goals, career opportunities.
  22. 22. Pop-up Pollinator GardenPlanted full with flowers this will be a Smart Snack Buffet for Pollinators
  23. 23. Tomato/basil gardensBrimming with basil and cherry tomatoes for fresh, flavorful, savory, simple, smart snacking
  24. 24. Smart Snack Pop-Up Garden Outcomes• For Youth – Summer jobs for 12 teens – Opportunity for community leadership – Build upon skills and knowledge from previous summer work experiences. – Opportunity to work with community non- profits and businesses – Opportunity to mentor with Wells Fargo Professionals
  25. 25. Smart Snack Pop-Up Garden Outcomes• For Community – Gardens will serve as living models for growing plants in urban spaces. – Will provide access to information about healthy eating, simple fresh snacks, and the vital role pollinators play in food production. – Will beautify urban hardscape with the installation of green and growing gardens. – Will connect the mission and vision of host non-profits and businesses with a community wellness project.
  26. 26. Wells Fargo Engagement1. Provide funding for this community engagement project.2. Wells Fargo professional staff meet and work with youth3. Wells Fargo Green Team opportunities for Hands-on Participation: Pop-Up Garden installation day, summer celebration day, and post summer maintenance (adopt a garden site), and Pop-Down Day.4. Help identify host sites for the project
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Thank You!