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도전! Golden bell 연구수업


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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도전! Golden bell 연구수업

  1. 1. 도전도전 ! Golden Bell~~~! Golden Bell~~~
  2. 2. • Listening to the questions. • Write down the answers on the board. • Raise your board when a teacher say “Raise your board.” The group gets the most correct answers will be the winner.
  3. 3. What kinds of physicalWhat kinds of physical contact did the school bancontact did the school ban between students?between students? Hug, Shake-hands, High-fiveHug, Shake-hands, High-five
  4. 4. According to theAccording to the passage, what problemspassage, what problems physical contact mightphysical contact might cause?cause? Poor behavior, bullying, fightingPoor behavior, bullying, fighting
  5. 5. Is this sentence true orIs this sentence true or false?false? ““The government banned studentsThe government banned students high – fives.high – fives. FalseFalse
  6. 6. What is the thing thatWhat is the thing that Obama didn’t do whenObama didn’t do when visiting the school?visiting the school? 1.1.He played table tennis with students.He played table tennis with students. 2.2.He did high-fives with students.He did high-fives with students. 3.3.He slapped students’ cheeks.He slapped students’ cheeks.He slapped students’ cheeks.
  7. 7. After your teacher countsAfter your teacher counts three, all group membersthree, all group members show ‘up in arms’ feelingshow ‘up in arms’ feeling with your facialwith your facial expression.expression.
  8. 8. Why did a studentWhy did a student named ‘named ‘Dayna ChongDayna Chong’’ get punishment?get punishment? For cuddling her female friendFor cuddling her female friend
  9. 9. Why did the school makeWhy did the school make the law?the law? 신체적 접촉을 하면서 서로 괴롭힐신체적 접촉을 하면서 서로 괴롭힐 수도 있고수도 있고 ,, 싸움으로 번질 수도 있어서싸움으로 번질 수도 있어서 서로 존중하며 학습하는 교육환경을서로 존중하며 학습하는 교육환경을 만들기 위해서만들기 위해서 ..
  10. 10. Summarize the opinionsSummarize the opinions against the law that bansagainst the law that bans all kinds of physicalall kinds of physical contact betweencontact between students.students. Write down in KoreanWrite down in Korean 학생들이 사회적으로 서로 상호작용학생들이 사회적으로 서로 상호작용 하는 방법을 배울 수 없을 것이다하는 방법을 배울 수 없을 것이다 ..