Planning an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Next Event - AIME 2012


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Social media is a natural fit for nearly every facet of event planning but, all too often, an ad-hoc approach reduces its effectiveness. A sound strategy for managing all social media activity increases attendance, enhances the conference experience for delegates, and improves the overall return on the event. Incorporating a case study from a major USA conference, this presentation addresses the need for a comprehensive social media strategy using several different tools including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Designed for people with experience in social networking, the session will include practical advice, hints, tips and traps to help you manage your next conference from promotion right through to wrap-up.

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Planning an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Next Event - AIME 2012

  1. 1. Planning an EffectiveSocial Media Strategyfor Your Next EventSarah Mitchell
  2. 2. IntroductionGoal for Today Provide an introduction on what to consider when developing a social media strategy Dispel hype and confusion
  3. 3. Importance of PlanningAd-hoc approach leads to:  Infrequent activity  Inconsistent messagingFirm strategy promotes:  Better attendance  Interactive experience for delegates  Overall return on investment
  4. 4. Turning Point:Consumers Do Their Own ResearchOnline Publishers – Internet Activity IndexMonthly “Time Spent” in Internet Activity Table
  5. 5. Game Changer –Google Panda  Google Panda makes social media connections a bigger part of their algorithm.  Social media activity = better search engine results
  6. 6. What Social Media Won’t Do It won’t close deals with sponsors It won’t generate a delegate base if your conference sucks Probably won’t replace your current marketing strategy.
  7. 7. What Social Media Can Do Promote your conference to a wider (even global) audience Establish your Authority Expose negative aspects of your business
  8. 8. Two Thingsto Remember• It’s “social” media• You are representing your brand
  9. 9. Considerationsbefore you start
  10. 10. What do you want to achieve? Listening Broadcasting Engaging
  11. 11. What are you going to say? You should have a content strategy, not a social media strategy  Quality  Consistency  Frequency
  12. 12. Who’s going to own yoursocial media activity?  Focus on your marketing strategy – not the tools  Hint: It shouldn’t be the youngsters in your organisation
  13. 13. How are you going tohandle criticism? It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ The upside of a healthy network
  14. 14. Are you prepared toinvest the time required?“Those with more years of socialmedia experience spend moretime each week conductingsocial media activities.”2011 Social Media Marketing IndustryReport
  15. 15. Percentage of Companies UsingSpecific Social Media Channelsand/or Blogs Who Have Acquireda Customer From That Channel
  16. 16. Usage of Tools for Business100 90 92 80 87 88 84 70 79.3 77.2 78 75.3 68 70 71 68 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Social Media Success Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Summit Report 2009 Industry Report 2010 Industry Report 2011 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogs
  17. 17. Twitter Users by Age Credit: Ignite Social Media based on Google
  18. 18. How are yougoing to manage it? Beware of integrating tools Recommended aids:  Tweetdeck  Sendible
  19. 19. Interesting FactsPeople aged 30 to 39 yearsare most likely to use socialmedia for business. (Stelzner) More women, than men, engage in social media activities. (55% vs. 45%) People love to look at pictures. 70% of all actions are related to Women say more. photos or video. (HBS) Men reference links. (HBS)
  20. 20. Measurementsuccess/failure Analytics Engagement Indicators
  21. 21. Measuring Influence
  22. 22. Recommendations: Before you Start Pick a hashtag WiFi Bloggers Graphic Designer Photographer
  23. 23.  Live tweet streams Social media Q&A
  24. 24. players Core team of 4 people
  25. 25. authentic
  26. 26. blog strategyComment Reply to comments
  27. 27. go big Multiplecontent / multipleplatforms
  28. 28. ask for feedback
  29. 29. building networksAttend and speak Leverage personal at other events relationships
  30. 30. power of partnersMore than 17 major partners didemail blasts including:  Social Media Examiner  MarketingProfsContra and more contra
  31. 31. keep it simple Make it easy Pre-craft everything, leave nothing to chance
  32. 32. the results
  33. 33. the day after
  34. 34. Be Aware Social Media is an asset. Don’t shut it downwhen your event ends.
  35. 35. Sarah Mitchell, Director – Site Content