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  1. 1. Minhhue Khuu | (206)‐235‐9118    EDUCATION  UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON  Seattle, WA | 2013 – 2016  B.S. in Electrical Computer Engineering   General GPA = 3.39/4.00  EE GPA = 3.57/4.00  Concentration: Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing NORTH SEATTLE COLLEGE  Seattle, WA | 2011 – 2013  Associates of Science   GPA = 3.78/4.00  Running Start, graduated simultaneously with high school COURSE WORK   Analog Devices and Circuits  C and Java Programming  Circuit Theory  Computer Architecture  Data Structures  Databases  Digital Circuits and Systems  Digital Filters  Digital Image Processing  Digital Signal Processing  Electromagnetics  Microcomputer Systems  Web Programming SKILLS  SOFTWARE AND LANGUAGES  •C •Java •Python •MATLAB •Bash/Batch •Assembly (MIPS & x86) •Web programming (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax, and CSS) •Database (Azure, SQL, XML, and JSON) HARDWARE  •Verilog •Oscilloscope •Multi-meters •Function Generators •Soldering • I2C •RS232 •UART TOOLS  •Git •Model Sim • Multisim •Quartus •Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) PERSONAL  •Public Speaking Skills •Technical Writing •Teamwork •Leadership ADDITIONAL INFO     EXPERIENCE  PAE ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FIRM  IT Analyst | Seattle, WA | June 2014 – June 2016   Constructed over 30 (75% of office) new workstations.  Migrated office from 6th floor to 3rd floor.  Conducted IT orientations to new employees. NORTH SEATTLE COLLEGE  Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutor | Seattle, WA | 2012 – 2013    PROJECTS  HOME SECURITY SYSTEM (CAPSTONE PROJECT)  April 2016 – June 2016   Implemented in C and C++ on a PIC and Raspberry Pi 3, respectively.  Uses a camera to retrieve color information to point a laser on target to alert.  User is alerted if a target is found, and images are documented on encounter. AIRPLANE BOOKING SERVICE AND SHORTEST AIRPLANE PATH  May 2016 – June 2016   Implemented in Java and SQL using Microsoft Azure cloud services.  Made a database application that utilizes Microsoft Azure to book airplane flights with ACID transaction management.  Shortest path uses Djikstra’s algorithm with priority queue to find the shortest path from one point to an end point using graphs with vertices and edges. PHYTANK AND BEAGLEBONE PROJECTS  January 2016 – March 2016   Implemented C in both user space and kernel space in a Debian environment.  Created Piano, Calculator, Tug of War, and Space Shooter applications.  Made an autonomous driving car, using sensors and interrupt handlers.  Made a manual driving car, using Bluetooth UART input from phone app. 2‐PLAYER BATTLESHIP USING UART AND VGA DISPLAY  January 2016 – March 2016   Implemented in Verilog, created all hardware and software.  Plays Battleship using two DE1_SoC board communicating with each other.  Utilizes interrupts handlers and VGA output to monitor display. AUDIO AMPLIFIER  June 2015   Three stage design: (1) Differential Amplifier, (2) Gain Control using Common- Emitter BJT with potentiometer, and (3) Complementary Class AB output stage.  Output power 0 to 1 W, no audio distortion, idling power less than 0.5 W. 32 BIT MIPS FIVE STAGE PIPE LINED PROCESSOR  February 2015 – March 2015   Implemented in Verilog.  Structural and behavioral design.  Supports accelerated branches and forwarding.  Supported assembly operations: add, subtract, xori, shift left, load, save, jump, and branch.