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Blog batx april 2013

  1. 1. April 2013FUTURE TECHNOLOGYVOCABULARYTechnologyA. Complete the definitions with the correct word.1. G _ _ g _ e: To look for a piece of information using a well-knownsearch engine.2. B _ _ g g _ _ : A person who writes kind of diary on the Internet.3. T _ e _ t : To send a message on Twitter.4. G _ m _ r : A person who plays online games.5. L _ _ e : To give a favourable opinion of something on Facebook.6. W_ b _ s _ d _ : An episode of an Internet-based drama.7. T _ _ t : To send someone an SMS.8. C _ b _ _ b _ _ _ y : An Internet user who uses aggressive behaviour tointimidate other Internet users.9. T _ _ _ d _ n _ : A subject which everyone is talking about on socialnetworking sites.10. U _ f _ _ _ _ _ : To remove someone from your list of friends onFacebook.11. W _ b _ _ a _ : A seminar given using the Internet.
  2. 2. 12. T _ g : To put someone’s name on a photo on Facebook.13. C _ _ _ r _ _ m : A virtual room where Internet users talk to each other.New words in EnglishA. Every year new words enter the English dictionary. Below are some newwords from 2012. Write the words next to their definitions. Then check youranswers at: _______________: A situation that has been comprehensivelymismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.2. _______________: A volunteer responsible for helping the public at anOlympic venue during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.medal (verb) YOLO Games MakerMobot omnishambles second screening
  3. 3. 3. _______________: To win a medal in a sporting event or competition byfinishing first, second, or third.4. _______________: the practice or activity of watching television whilesimultaneously using a smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, or otherscreen device, typically in order to read about the programme beingwatched or post about it on a social media site.5. _______________: A characteristic gesture as performed by the Britishlong-distance runner Mo Farah on winning the 5,000 and 10,000 metresevents at the 2012 Olympics, in which both arms are arched above thehead with the hands pointing down to the top of the head to form adistinctive ’M’ shape.6. _______________: ‘You only live once’, typically used as a rationale orendorsement for impulsive or irresponsible behaviour.VOCABULARYPhrasal verbsA. Complete the sentences using the words in the up back down out after off x 2
  4. 4. 1. We hired a car when we arrived at the airport but it broke _____ on theway to the hotel.2. My mum always feels nervous just as the plane is taking _____ andlanding.3. I set _____ at six o’clock so that I would arrive at the hostel before theother travellers.4. Phone me from the airport after you’ve checked _____.5. I hate sleeping in a tent because I can’t put _____ with the mosquitoesand other insects.6. The taxi had to turn _____ when it reached the mountain road because atree had fallen and was blocking the way.7. Would you mind looking _____ my cat while I’m on holiday next week?8. We are planning to travel for six months but if we run _____ of money,we’ll be back sooner!
  5. 5. LISTENINGA. You are going to watch and listen to a guide to an area ofLondon. Listen carefully and tick the London neighbourhoodsthat are mentioned. Covent Garden ____2. Brick Lane ____3. Whitechapel ____4. Oxford Street ____5. London Docklands ____6. Hyde Park ____7. Canary Wharf ____8. Notting Hill ____9. Stratford ____B. Watch and listen again. Match the neighbourhood with what it isfamous for.1. Brick Lane a. Bombed during WW II2. Whitechapel b. 2012 Olympics
  6. 6. Stadium3. London Docklands c. Bangladesh community4. Canary Wharf d. Jack the Ripper5. Stratford e. London City AirportC. Complete the sentences. Write one word in each gap.1. Brick lane is famous for __________ restaurants.2. You can go on a __________ tour to see where Jack the Ripper carriedout his attacks.3. In the 1980s the docklands transformed into a ‘mini __________’.4. East London has its own airport which is popular with __________travellers.5. The Excel Centre is an important conference and __________ centre.6. Next door to the 2012 Olympic Site there is a huge __________ centre.SPEAKINGTalk about your last holiday. Think about these questions.1. Where did you go and why? Describe the place.2. Who did you go with?3. When did you go and how long did you stay?
  7. 7. 4. What was the weather like?5. Did you have any special food?6. Did you visit any monuments?7. Did you do any kind of sightseeing?8. Did you do any sunbathing?9. Did you take many photos?10. Did you buy any souvenirs?11. How did you travel? Was it a long trip?12. Did you take a rucksack or a suitcase? What things did you take?13. What is your best memory of the holiday?14. Were you glad to get home?15. Would you recommend the place you went for a holiday?16. Would you consider going there again?