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  • Welcome Massive potential - present and future development - we will cover some of that today Aims for you to leave knowing more, understand what can be achieved by embracing mobile marketing into your business and being able to take the first planning steps together with some strategies and ideas to use nowAppreciate the value mobile marketing will bring to your business if you embrace it - understand mobile sites sms marketing and qr codes, touch more briefly on other aspects of mobile marketing So what is mobile marketing ? 2009 Mobile Marketing association declared - Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.Now please do not be scared,i promise things will be a lot easier to take in and understand than that last statement, you can always rely on an industry association or trade body to manage to confuse the hell out of everyone!
  • Win – some businesses that have embrace mobile have seen an 85% inc profits! increase mobile users , local searches, be found over competitionCustserv – appointment rem, site available to all int users Inc conv – more accessible, instant grat, appeal to ready to buy Positioning – above competitors, only 17% of UK business have a mobile optimised site!! more advanced biz Monetise exist client base – relation, mcommerce
  • Mobile ads 400% in 4 yrs! , when youre out and about how do you use your mobile? YP, Local paper, Internet, Mobile Why? Searches Bristol – Hotels 30k cardiff 36k rest 18k 16khairdr 4300 4k dent 2300 2500 florist 1100 1300accounta 400 350 What could winning just 1% of these clients do for your business short and long term ?
  • The multi nationals massive brands are onboard User friendly layout very text heavy menus hard to use
  • The upcoming brands are onboard …………………….where is your brand/ company/business?
  • Content - No flash , few graphics, smaller files , quick load times , consider end user, what will they want to know quickly , click to call, maps etc spendUsability - shrink to fit, large menus, accordian menus SEO Google confirm mobile optimised better SEO , mobile SEO will increase importance , be found by ready to spend will they retrieve info, make purchases, redeem coupons, opt in to list, make contact, pass on info, join social media programme
  • Google conf SEODrive people to your mobile friendly site relevant to wanting the information now instant gratification Instant grat, local clients, visit your bricks and mortar biz, spend money , repeat, referals
  • Create a magnetic offer to win sign up, offer value in sms messages, relationship, rewards, viral Example London Opera house opt in , when in radius SMS message spare tickets for show within ½ hour, text or visit to purchase What incentive ? Coupon or discount on product/service Free info of value to target audience, voting /polling , text 2 win SMS messages? Promo offers, special opt in list offers (v powerful to position opt in list members as platinum members etc) , event announcements, appointment reminders.How promote? flyers, table tents, post cards, newspaper ads, all printed and viewable materials, presentations!
  • What are they (simple terms) branded, customisedInfo availableExample – Hong kong group spots in animals download viral Who do you want to scan your codes? New prospects , existing clients, both Where QR codes placed? In store, website, biz cards, flyers, receipts, signs, printed ads, store windows/ displays, menus, car sales info, estate agent boards, MUST LINK TO MOBILE SITEWhere sent? Online directory listing (Google Places etc) to leave review, opt in form , mobile site, coupon or promo offer, menu, FB fan page, video (You Tube page) , contact details, other social (Linked In, twitter etc) , auto SMS opt in
  • NFC eg Sweden NFC tags for a lunch time rewards programme each time purchase auto adds a stamp into their app, once 5 collected they get one free meal. Apps branded related games, highstreetsavings.com , reward loyalty, ease of access, is it really worth the expense? Consider carefullyMobile ads/ search cost effective, A/R Lego, BMW car is circles, side street view,
  • 75% of mobile shoppers purchase as a direct result of influence from mobile marketingEg for a B2c retail, car dealers, city sightseeing, restaurant, hotel. B2B accountant Site click to call, map, content time sensitive? Appealing to people on the go. Products, services, menu, rooms, trips, timetable, download App? , experience to draw them into bricks and mortar businessSMS opt in for a deal shortcodebizdeal to 12345, messages building relationships, offers, coupons, interaction, social media, invite recommends and Google Places etc QR on all promo materials driving them to mobile site &/or sms opt in , opportunites are endless What can you do now? Collect emails and mobile numbers from all contacts in return for valuable return.Costs mobile site from £297 that’s the starting point
  • If you are serious about your business growth, you need to embrace mobile marketing
  • Come visit us Mike or Lin at stand 100
  • What mobile marketing can do for your business

    1. 1. How Mobile Marketing Will Help Grow Your Business Delivered by Mike Bailey www.m.ThePlatinumMarketingGroup.com www.m.PlatinumMobileDesign.com
    2. 2. Monetise The Massive Win New Existing Potential of ClientsClientbase Mobile MarketingPosition Your Deliver Business ExcellentAhead Of The Customer Increase your Competition conversion rates Service
    3. 3. Let the Stats do the talking! Mobile advertising to go from £6.1 million last year to £28.8 million in 2015 UK mobile search soars nearly 200% in Q1 of 2011 7.3 million mobile phone users shop via mobile monthly Mobile shopping will balloon to £74B by 2015 6.8 m own a Mobile only 4.2 m own a toothbrush
    4. 4. Mobile Optimised Sites
    5. 5. Mobile Optimised Sites
    6. 6. Mobile Optimised Sites Content Usability SEO
    7. 7. What’s the point of Mobile Websites?Mobile websites receive improved search engine rankingsAttract on the move clients and prospects, opens up all other mobile marketing elements 70% of mobile searches are acted upon within 1 hour compared to 30% for traditional PC searches Over 50% of all internet searches for LOCAL products and services are performed via mobile devices
    8. 8. SMS Text Messaging Short codes Relationships Low cost ‘free’ communication methodExamples (text to win, voting/polling, subscribe, coupons/discount, Info , reminders/appointments etc)
    9. 9. The Numbers!Mobile coupons generate a 30% betterresponse rate than that of traditionalcoupons (updated)90% of consumers read their mobile textmessages within minutesSMS response rates 20% , 10 times morethan traditional methods such asemail, direct mail, newspaper ads whichonly get 2-3% generallyPromotions can go viral as subscribers sharethe ‘deals’ with their friends etc
    10. 10. 2D Marketing Codes (QR Codes, MS Tag) Think Creatively Adds tremendous value and expansion to printed promotional materials Examples – Instant gratification
    11. 11. QR / MS Tag StatisticsMajor brands are using them (Pepsi, Starbucks, Harrods, Tesco) to promote their offers From Jan 2010 –Dec 2010 the number of people who scanned QR codes increased 13 fold!No need to change your promotional materials, just change where the QR code directs toThe QR code stays on the users phone, an easy reminder of your business
    12. 12. What Else is There? NFC Location based, Two way communication and easy to edit info Apps Add value to existing customers , talking points decide if truly necessary Mobile Ads & Low competition , cost effective , highly Paid Search targeted Augmented Impressive , eye catching, valuable or Reality just flash and whizz?
    13. 13. What the future holds:By 2016 10b devices shared between 7.3b peopleMobile data traffic will grow by almost 80% a year 90% of mobile data will be viewed through Smartphones, tablets and other portable gadgets
    14. 14. Getting in on the Action Mobile is the fastest growing medium , Google is doingeverything mobile first , the number of mobile users and surfers is rapidly increasing week by week. Realise the potential it has, the money you are leaving on thetable by not having a mobile marketing strategy, you don’t have to understand it, just make sure youre using a company thatdoes understand it, text the number below or scan the QR code. Or send ‘87NEC’ to 60777 now
    15. 15. Scan this QR Code Now
    16. 16. Grow Your Business with Mobile Marketingwww.m.ThePlatinumMarketingGroup.com www.m.PlatinumMobileDesign.com