UPDATED AGENDA AND EXHIBITION FLOORPLAN                                                                                   ...
GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE           Monday 18 March 2013                                  on prices and market ri...
GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE   14:50 Ausgold                                                                        ...
GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE                  CHINA OUTLOOK   16:35 Panel discussion: Chinese outbound              ...
GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE           Mining company spotlights                               Mining company spotli...
MINES AND MONEY HONG KONG 2013 SOCIAL CALENDAR   Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 will feature a whole week of social events...
GLOBAL MEDIA COVERAGE Through extensive media and industry association partnerships Mines and Money Hong Kong provides int...
SHOWCASING GLOBAL MINING TO ASIA’S CAPITAL PROVIDERS             Spotlight speakers and exhibitors                   Exhib...
THE DEAL-MAKING FORUM FOR MINERS AND INVESTORSMines and Money Hong Kong is a place where relationships are born and deals ...
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Mines and Money Hong Kong Conference Agenda


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Mines and Money Hong Kong
18-22 March 2013
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Mines and Money Hong Kong Conference Agenda

  1. 1. UPDATED AGENDA AND EXHIBITION FLOORPLAN RE JA P T 18 E U SA GI NU O U V ST AR S ER Y $50 Mines and Money Hong Kong has become a must attend mining conference…“ BY TO 0 and will serve as a key gateway between global exploration / mining and Asian investment capital” Jay Roberge, CEO, Equitas Resources Corp and Associate Partner, Zimtu Capital Corp KEYNOTES FROM LEADERS IN INTERNATIONAL MINING AND INVESTMENT FROM: Eric Sprott Charles A Jeannes Nev Power Greg Robinson Tony Jensen Grant Williams CEO, CIO and Senior President and CEO CEO Managing Director CEO Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager GoldCorp Fortescue Metals and CEO Royal Gold Vulpes Investment Sprott Asset Group Newcrest Mining Management Management Author Things That Make You Go Hmm… MARKET ANALYSIS AND INVESTMENT EXPERTISE FROM: Amy Cheng Ken Hoffman Warwick Grigor Dr Allan Trench Richard Karn Mickey Fulp Managing Director, Sector Head, Executive Chairman Regional Director Author The Mercenary Vice Chairman, Metals and Mining Canaccord Genuity Australasia The Emerging Geologist Investment Banking Bloomberg Australia CRU Strategies Trends Report Division Research Bank of China International Andrew Ferguson Bhagyesh Dash Warren Gilman Dr. Kong Qingying James Passin Alex Williams CEO and Founding Partner Chairman and CEO Managing Director Co-Founder Managing Director Executive Director Bromius Capital CEF Holdings of Research and Manager First Reserve APAC Resources Department Firebird International CICC Management Dr. Keith Barron, David Rohanna Mason Hills Alisher Ali Juerg Kiener Blake Olafson President and CEO, Executive Director Partner Managing Partner Managing Director Managing Director Aurania Resources QAsia Holding Resource Capital Silk Road and CIO Whiterock Capital Funds Management Swiss Asia Capital Shaun Browne Wang Anjian Dr. Alex Cowie Andrew Vigar Leo Chang Tim Goldsmith Chairman Director of Global Author Director Founder Partner – Global AME Group Mineral Resources Diggers and Mining Associates and President Mining Leader Strategy Drillers Prosperity Silver PwC Chinese Academy Bullion Coin of Geological Company Sciences REGISTER NOW FOR MINES AND MONEY HONG KONG 2013 TO ENJOY: WHAT’S NEW IN 2013? A soon to be SOLD OUT exhibition showcasing over 320 mining companies Online 1-on-1 meeting planner Keynotes from leading figures in mining and investment Dedicated investor invitation and vetting team 200 leading mining and investment speakers over five action-packed days Expanded exhibition and conference programme 140 project spotlight presentations from around the world 1-on-1 meeting zone Superb networking opportunities with over 3500 decision-makers at the Larger venue for the black tie Mines and Money Hong Kong highest level 2013 Asia Mining Awards Gala Dinner (sold out in 2012) PLATINUM SPONSORS GOLD SPONSORS TAKE A LOOK INSIDE FOR THE LIST OF MINING COMPANIES ALREADY CONFIRMED TO PRESENT AT ASIA’S FAVOURITE MINING INVESTMENT EVENT Register now: WWW.MINESANDMONEY.COM/HONGKONG
  2. 2. YOUR FIRST CHOICE FOR MINING INVESTMENT IN ASIAMINES AND MONEY HONG KONG 2013Mines and Money Hong Kong is where mining companies from around the world come to raise capital inAsia – and where investors and resource buyers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and the APACregion come to find mining investment opportunities.Now a major fixture on the global mining investment circuit, Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 will bringtogether over 3500 institutional investors, mining entrepreneurs, brokers and investment analysts for fivedays of high-value networking, investment analysis and deal-making.WHAT’S NEW IN 2013?We asked our 2854 delegates in 2012, for ideas to make Asia’s favourite mining investmentshow even better. Based on their responses we are delighted to announce some innovationsfor 2013. New online 1-on-1 meeting planner, backed up by a team of dedicated meeting coordinators both pre-event and onsite to help you set up meetings and connect with your fellow delegates More in-show meeting rooms (sold out in 2012) and a new meeting zone to facilitate 1-on-1 meetings onsite Dedicated investor invitation and vetting team to ensure maximum attendance from high-quality mining investors Expanded exhibition to provide space for 320+ mining companies to showcase their projects and growth prospects (sold out in 2012) New larger venue for the Mines and Money Hong Kong Gala Dinner and Asia Mining Awards 2013 (sold out in 2012)Register early to take advantage of the pre-event networking and meeting planner facilities.Visit www.MinesandMoney.com/HongKong and click on Register Now.WHAT DELEGATES SAY ABOUT MINES AND MONEY HONG KONG “Mines and Money Hong Kong is very well organised “In my view, this is the best conference of its kind globally. and now one of the world’s leading resource The meeting of the source and destination of capital at a conferences at a great venue. The unique mix of time of dramatic change in the global economy provides ainformed and knowledgeable participants from Australia, unique opportunity for mining companies and investors.” Asia and United Kingdom presents an opportunity Chris Ryan, Contango Asset Management to present your business to a wide audience and the format creates a positive atmosphere to develop new “I believe Mines and Money Hong Kong is probably business opportunities.” the best run, most interesting and best managed Alan J Eggers, Manhattan Corporation mining conference of all I have attended since the early 90s. I believe it will become the premiere “must- “For companies that are looking for Chinese investment, attend” mining conference in the world. So having Mines and Money Hong Kong is the place to exhibit.” maintained and supported and financed so many early Terry Bates, Meritus stage mining companies that have become some of the largest in the interim, this has become a key “Mines and Money Hong Kong has risen above its conference on my calendar.” competition in China, as evidenced by an ever growing Gerard Farley, Founder, Principal & MD, number of companies and investors who have travelled Empire Securities/Empire Funds Management to Hong Kong to attend this year. From the Canaccord BGF perspective, it is the most important gathering in “My team found your conference to be the best the Asian/Australian time zone, making it an essential conference they have attended in the past two years opportunity to bring companies together to access the in what increasingly seems like a sea of conferences. I strongest growth region in the world.” am not surprised your attendance was up as the days Warwick Grigor, Canaccord BGF spent at the conference were the best investment in time investment professionals could make.” “I would say the event is a “must-go” for all those Graham Bibby, Chief Investment Officer & CEO, engaged in the industry.” Richmond Asset Management Kenneth Wong, Project Manager, CITIC United Asia Investments For programme information and presentation submissions, please contact: Leo Stemp,Conference Director, Mines and Money – leo.stemp@minesandmoney.com +852 2531 6130
  3. 3. GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE NEW EXTENDED FIVE-DAY CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 features an intensive five-day conference programme featuring major keynotes, lively investor panels and in-depth market analysis. The week at a glance is as follows: Specialist co-located Date Plenary sessions Evening events summits and masterclassesMon 18 March Bulks, Base and Industrial Minerals Day Mining in a Day Networking Drinks Valuation and Due DiligenceTues 19 March Gold and Precious Metals Day Masterclass (AM) Networking Drinks Stock Exchange Listing I (PM) Keynotes and Exhibition Day 1 (AM) The state of global mining Markets and mining financeWed 20 March Networking Drinks Asia Mining Summit (PM) Keynotes and Exhibition Day 1 (PM) Asia mining keynote China outlook Focus on Mongolia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Costs, margins and feasibility PNG, China and more Keynotes and Exhibition Day 2 (AM) Stock Exchange Listing Royalty and stream finance Masterclass II (AM) Private equity Black Tie Gala DinnerThurs 21 March and Awards Keynotes and Exhibition Day 2 (PM) Capital markets focus Money Mining Masterclass (PM) M&A Explorers Day Fri 22 March Investing in high growth opportunities Networking Drinks Financing new discoveries Keynotes, analyst presentations, investor Workshops and masterclasses Social events panels and 140 company spotlight sessions SPECIALIST CO-LOCATED MASTERCLASSES AND WORKSHOPS Tuesday 19 March 2013 – 9:30-12:30 Monday 18 March 2013 – Mining in a Day Valuation and Due Diligence MasterclassA guide to mining industry fundamentals for non-mining professionals Key tools for the mining investorFrom geology, exploration and extraction to mining costs, economics and profitability Learn the key methodology for valuing a– A guide to the mining business for non-mining professionals mining development project. Understand theWorkshop leaders: techniques for conducting due diligence on a potential investment. Andrew Gaballa, John Ellis, Workshop leaders include: Jacky Chan Deputy General Manager, Investment Manager, Sik-Lap, CEO & President, Dragon Mining Global Mining Corporate APAC Resources Consulting Finance Samsung C&T Tuesday 19 March 2013 – 14:00-17:0008:00 Registration and morning coffee 14:00 Processing and delivery and Thursday 21 March – 09:30-12:3009:00 Industry overview Stock Exchange 14:40 Life of mine and mine closure Listing Workshops09:40 Guide to basic mineral 15:00 Refreshment break geology Understand the rules, regulations and 15:20 processes for undertaking a listing on two of10:20 Exploration and discovery 16:00 Mining investment basics the world’s key mining exchanges.11:00 Refreshments break 16:40 Questions and discussion11:20 Preparing to mine Thursday 21 March 14:30-16:00 – development and 17:00 Close Money Mining Masterclass construction11:40 Mining and extraction How mining companies succeed and fail to turn mineral resources into economic value.12:40 Q&A Led by: Gerald Whittle, Managing Director,13:00 Lunch break Whittle Consulting To register please visit www.minesandmoney.com/hongkong or call us on +852 2219 0111
  4. 4. GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE Monday 18 March 2013 on prices and market risk Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 Bulk, Base and Industrial Minerals Day support copper prices long-term and how stocks, gold royalty company’s, ETFs KEYNOTE can an investor benefit? etc.? Examining investment options to08:00 Registration and morning coffee Dr. Kong Qingying, Managing Director of most benefit from an increasing gold Research Department, CICC price09:00 Chairman’s opening remarks and business card exchange Grant Williams, Portfolio Manager, Mining company spotlights Vulpes Investment Management09:10 Market themes and commodity prices 2013–17 – Towards a mining boom ‘Third 14:10 Alara Resources 09:30 Strategies for building a successful Wave’? 14:20 Noront Resources mining stock portfolio 14:30 Ironbark Zinc demand 14:40 Ironclad Mining 14:50 Centrex Metals the physical gold price? China-long or China-short? 15:00 Moly Mines stock prices to catch up easy tonnes gone in bulks? 15:10 Q&A rising gold prices 15:20 Strategic minerals – To what extent are demand and supply constraints creating Copper, energy, specialty metals over or are we approaching criticality? Dr Allan Trench, Regional Director, potential mining investment Australasia, CRU Strategies Mickey Fulp, The Mercenary Geologist Professor, University of Western Australia with growing demand and supply-side constraints Mining company spotlights Mining company spotlights supply chains for key minor metals and 10:00 Gold Resource Corp 09:40 Talga Resources minerals 10:10 Focus Minerals 09:50 Tiger Resources 10:20 Gold Road Resources 10:00 Base Resources investing into commodities characterised 10:30 10:10 by small volumes 10:40 10:20 Panoramic Resources 10:50 Crusader Resources 10:30 Venturex Resources projects to watch 11:00 Mundoro Capital Richard Karn, Author, 11:10 Minco Silver & Gold Corporation10:40 Morning refreshments and networking The Emerging Trends Report 11:10 Exeter Resources11:00 Iron ore – Identifying the winners Mining company spotlights emerging from challenging market 11:30 conditions 15:50 Smiibaw Resources 16:00 TNG sector at a time of record gold prices demand for steelmaking raw materials 16:10 Western Potash 16:20 Rum Jungle Resources production which producers can benefit 16:30 Globe Metals and Mining 16:40 Intex Resources projects: Cyclical or structural and implications for the long-term success of 16:50 Q&A key catalysts for success in a gold mining the sector project 17:00 Panel discussion: Examining stock and profitability and risk across different mining projects from the supply-side create commodity price drivers to identify regions – implications for investors opportunities for the sector value investment opportunities Shaun Browne, Chairman, AME Group Dr. Alex Cowie, Author, Diggers and Drillers11:30 Coal and iron ore outlook – Pricing, supply and demand trends and underlying assets Mining company spotlights implications for project viability investors in shaping commodities 11:50 Manas Resources pricing 12:00 Renaissance Minerals markets and pricing 12:10 Mungana PANEL something closer to true value? 12:20 Vatukoula Gold across met coal, thermal coal, and iron ore 12:30 Bassari Resources projects are attracting the attention of 12:40 Predictive Discovery and prices our panellists? 12:50 One Asia Resources , Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie 17:45 Close of Mines and Money Commodities 13:00 Lunch and networking Mining company spotlights Summit – Bulks and Industrials Day and 13:40 Silver: Strategies to take advantage of a networking drinks bullish outlook for silver 11:50 Potash Ridge 12:00 YTC Resources 12:10 Bathurst Resources Tuesday 19 March 2013 2013 12:20 ENK Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 12:30 Stanmore Coal across bullion, jewellery and industrial uses 12:40 Ambre Energy Exploration Gold and Precious Metals Day 12:50 Orpheus Energy market on the future price 08:00 Registration and morning coffee to silver’s price gains: Physical vs mining13:00 Lunch and networking 08:45 Chairman’s opening remarks and business stocks card exchange13:40 Copper coming back strongly? Market Leo Chang, Founder and President, analysis and investment outlook Prosperity Silver Bullion Coin Company 09:00 Examining the state of the gold bull market cycle forecasts of stronger copper prices Mining company spotlights the copper price: The rise of the financial 14:00 Platina Resources investor in the copper market easy 14:10 Golden Valley Mines 14:20 Orbis Gold lending in China – Examining the impact on future fiscal and monetary policy 14:30 St Barbara 14:40 Blackham Resources For programme information and presentation submissions, please contact: Leo Stemp, Conference Director, Mines and Money – leo.stemp@minesandmoney.com +852 2531 6130
  5. 5. GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE 14:50 Ausgold 12:50 Investment panel: Asset allocation 15:00 Ampella Mining 09:30 Investment keynote: Mania. options and strategies as the mining 15:10 Bear Creek Mining Manipulation. MELTDOWN market looks towards recovery and growth15:20 Q&A and insight-filled guest keynote presentation, world-famous precious 201315:30 Platinum group metals outlook and metals and mining investment guru, investment potential Eric Sprott, examines the state of types of project are attractive to global markets and the forces driving investors? investment and industrial uses precious metals prices and mining stocks. individual mining stocks: Where is producers – Impact of industrial action on Eric Sprott, CEO, CIO and Senior capital being allocated? global PGM supply and price Portfolio Manager, Sprott Asset Management royalty and stream finance: risks and implications for investment opportunities for investors 10:10 Mining keynote: Strategies to thrive and grow in a challenging and re-attract investment dollars Mining company spotlights changing market Moderator: Andrew Ferguson, CEO and Executive 15:50 Stornoway Diamonds Director, APAC Resources 16:00 Pangolin Diamonds forces shaping the bulk commodities mining industry Panelists include: 16:10 ABM Resources Blake Olafson, Managing Director, 16:20 Chesser Resources success factors for negotiating Whiterock Capital 16:30 Ramelius Resources 16:40 Phoenix Gold challenging markets Juerg Kiener, Managing Director & 16:50 SantaCruz Silver Mining Chief Investment Officer, Swiss Asia Capital KEYNOTES 17:00 Rex Minerals maintain margins Mickey Fulp, The Mercenary PANEL projects Geologist17:10 Q&A Eric Sprott, CEO, CIO and Portfolio Nev Power, CEO, Manager, Sprott Asset Management Fortescue Metals Group 17:20 Panel discussion: Understanding and the implication for the investor Mining company spotlights Mining company spotlights 13:30 Tigers Realm Coal what are they buying and why? 10:40 Woulfe Mining 13:40 Cokal 10:50 Regis Resources 13:50 J Resources ETFs and gold royalty companies while 11:00 Hot Chili 14:00 Evolution Mining seemingly reluctant to invest directly in 11:10 Haranga Resources 14:10 Endeavour Silver Corp the underlying mining assets 11:20 Voyager Resources 14:20 Beadell Resources 11:30 Majestic Gold 14:30 OceanaGold to bring back the investors and spark a 11:40 Sharyn Gol boom in gold mining stocks 14:40 Q&A price in 2013-14 and beyond MARKETS AND MINING FINANCE 14:45 Examining the changing face of mine Panelists include: 11:50 Richard Karn, Author, The Emerging Trends Report new discoveries John Ellis, Investment Manager, changing the way mines are funded and APAC Resources commodities are bought?PANEL capital raising options and trends for Marino G. Pieterse, Author, mining companies: Goldletter International equity funding towards private equity and - Equity including choice of listing venues Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, alternative pools of capital - Debt Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee - Other sources of financing (SWFs, PE, and government-related capital sources strategic investors and more) in filling the mining funding gap 18:00 Close of Mines and Money Commodities Summit – Gold Day and networking drinks investors driving stock and commodities prices and Tim Goldsmith, Partner, Global Mining the impact on mining developers Leader, PwC Wednesday 20 March 2013 When might we shift a return to the old 12:10 Margins in mining: Where are they? Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 norms? Keynotes and Exhibition Day 1 , Sector Head, Metals and Mining, Bloomberg Research08:00 Registration and morning coffee core values08:45 Chairman’s opening remarks and business Mining company spotlights card exchange equal high margins 15:05 Sirius Resources THE STATE OF GLOBAL MINING Value waves 15:15 Western Areas 15:25 Andrew Vigar, Director, 09:00 Mining keynote: Growth strategies for 15:35 Kasbah Resources Mining Associates evolving market conditions 15:45 Canamex Resources 12:30 Taxation trends in the mining sector 15:55 IRC 16:05 DGR Global conditions shaping the industry: China, Euro and US debt implementation of new mining taxes 16:15 Technical reporting best practice to growth options in today’s market goal posts: Impact on foreign investor prepare for a listing in Hong Kong climate confidence introduce new mining taxes in Hong Kong Understanding the true drivers of costKEYNOTE and strategies to boost margins goose that lays the golden egg? minimise costs of a listing for exploration projects Warwick Grigor, Executive Chairman, Steven Hodson, Principal Geologist, Greg Robinson, Managing Director and Canaccord Genuity Australia ROMA Group CEO, Newcrest Mining To register please visit www.minesandmoney.com/hongkong or call us on +852 2219 0111
  6. 6. GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE CHINA OUTLOOK 16:35 Panel discussion: Chinese outbound and implications of the Foreign more mature domestic consumer-led investment trends: Evolving strategies Investment Law economy create demand opportunities to improve investment success rate Wang Anjian, Director of Global Mineral projects: Mongolia’s number one Resources Strategy, Chinese Academy priority? of Geological Sciences and impact on outbound investment Panelists include: PANEL James Passin, Co-Founder and 17:15 Indonesia’s evolving regulatory Manager, Firebird Management environment: Risks and opportunities Chinese outbound investment: Size, for the mining investor location, commodity, deal structure David Rohanna, Executive Director, QAsia Holding outbound investment failures and new Indonesia’s revamped Mining Law approaches to ensure success Mining company spotlights of domestic processing obligations enter JVs with Chinese investors and had on Indonesia’s natural resource 14:05 Wolf Petroleum exports assist with their outbound investments 14:15 Berkh Uul Intro presentation: Amy Cheng, 14:25 Aspire Mining Indonesia for mineral resources Managing Director, Vice Chairman, 14:35 Modun Resources Investment Banking Division, Bank of 14:45 Blackgold International Holdings a net exporter of mineral resources? China International Panelists include: 14:55 Myanmar: Exploring the natural 17:30 Close , Senior Analyst, resources investment potential of Wood Mackenzie Asia’s hottest frontier market 17:20 Panel roundtable: Next steps for Thursday 21 March 2013 realizing Hong Kong’s potential as a resources production history and Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 future potential Keynotes and Exhibition Day 2 investor community for mining IPOs implications for foreign investors and 08:00 Registration and morning coffee project developers 08:45 Chairman’s opening remarks and business Toronto, Sydney and London as a and financial services to local political card exchange market of choice for mining IPOs? risk: Understanding the challenges for KEY FINANCES IN MINING AND FINANCE need to do to boost the number of developing a project in Myanmar mining companies listing in Hong to Myanmar’s growth potential at this 09:00 Mining Keynote: Gold mining: Delivering Kong? early stage on the sector’s potential in 2013 acquisition of the LME on the growth Alisher Ali, Managing Partner, of Hong Kong as a mining finance Silk Road Management strong gold price centre 15:15 Exploration and discovery in Central cost containment to meet today’s Moderated by: Asia Warren Gilman, Chairman & CEO, challenging market conditions CEF HoldingsPANELS Panelists include: the “Stans” the current economic and political Bhagyesh Dash, Founding Partner, environment Bromius Capital the investor needs to know Representative, Blackstone Mining Associates Central Asia term ROI for our investors James Polson, CEO, AIDD Group Charles A. Jeannes, President & Chief Executive Officer, Goldcorp 18:00 Close and networking cocktail party Mining company spotlights 09:30 Investment Keynote: Exploring alternative funding models 15:30 Archipelago Resources for mining project developers Wednesday 20 March 2013 15:40 Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 15:50 Asia Mining Investment Summit 16:00 Monument Mining Benefits for lender and mine developer 16:10 Besra 13:10 Chairman’s opening remarks and 16:20 Matsa Resources grown so much as other sources of business card exchange 16:30 Goldminex Resources lending have tightened? investment KEYNOTES 13:15 Asia mining keynote: The state of 16:40 Papua New Guinea: Exploring PNG’s mining and mining investment into diverse mineral opportunities develop over the next few years? and out of Asia production and under development advantage of this trend? resources Tony Jensen, CEO, Royal Gold silver and copper from Asia’s rapid economic growth, geography and financial muscle MINING COSTS AND ECONOMICS Creating opportunities for the mining investor 10:00 The real cost of producing gold – whatKEYNOTE Philip Samar, Executive Manager – has to be spent to keep the “doors open” resource nationalism and domestic consumption of natural resources Development Coordination Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources including “soft costs” Peter Hayes, Head of Operations, Authority Blackstone Mining Associates uniformity in disclosure of costs 16:55 China outlook and demand for mining commodities cost structures in different sovereign 13:35 Panel discussion: Mongolian mining jurisdictions investment: Where next? Chinese demand for mined resources structural potential as a major mining centre targets of this marginal projects and the future shape of subject to further challenges? domestic minerals and metals the industry production: Where are there likely to be Charles Fear, Executive Chairman, Argonaut selection of partners for Tavan Tolgoi shortfalls? For sponsorship, exhibition and spotlight presentations please contact Pablo Martin, Sales Director, Mines and Money – pablo.martin@minesandmoney.com +44 20 7216 6063
  7. 7. GLOBAL MINING INVESTMENT EXPERTISE Mining company spotlights Mining company spotlights 10:30 IronRidge Resources 10:40 Waratah Resources 10:20 Lindian Resources 14:30 Orbite Aluminae 10:50 Stellar Resources 10:30 Indochine Mining 14:40 Nautilus Minerals 11:00 Morning refreshments and networking 10:40 Independence Group 14:50 Venture Minerals 10:50 Rio Alto Mining 15:00 Metminco 11:20 Investment Keynote Finding and 11:00 CGA Mining 15:10 Chinalco Yunnan Copper funding the next g:eneration of mining 11:10 Gryphon Minerals 15:20 Baobab Resources discoveries 11:20 Silver Lake Resources 15:30 Peninsula Energy11:30 Q&A 15:20 Outlook for M&A and implications mineral exploration and discovery PRIVATE EQUITY AND MINING for investors emerging regions for mineral discovery KEYNOTE 11:35 Panel discussion: A good year for PE? strategies for today’s market conditions success factors Examining the growing role of private finance to fund M&A discovery into a mine in production David Rohanna, Executive Director, can we expect? managed to take advantage of recent QAsia Holding weakness in public capital markets to take a greater share of the mining consolidation mean for the future shape of the industry? Mining company spotlights finance market? ENERGY FOCUS 11:50 Azure Minerals from taking the PE funding approach? 12:00 Enterprise Uranium Mining company spotlights 12:10 Macusani Yellowcake funding needs of the mining industry? 12:20 Bullabulling Gold 15:50 12:30 Ventnor Resources interest of mining-focused PE funds? 16:00 Bannerman Resources 12:40 Panelists include: 16:10 Laramide Resources 12:50 Matamec Explorations Alex Williams, Director, 16:20 Northern Minerals 13:00 Lunch and networking First Reserve International 16:30 Forsys Metals Louis Rozman, Director, 16:40 Armour Energy 13:45 Chairman’s opening remarks 16:50 Toro Energy 13:50 The state of investment and capitalPANEL Mason Hills, Partner, 17:00 Uranium outlook: Investment raising for exploration projects Resource Capital Funds opportunities and market risks Andrew Pullar, Investment Director, projects The Sentient Group the tsunami? debt and alternative funding steams Mining company spotlights demand for uranium: Is Chinese demand picking up? and royalty companies: Where is the 12:10 Kingsrose Mining money coming from in 2013 12:20 Equatorial Resources 12:30 Iron Ore Holdings Key success factors best ROI for you and your investors 12:40 12:50 Metals X 17:20 Shale gas: Time to invest, or bubble Mining company spotlights 13:00 MacPhersons Resources about to burst? 14:20 White Rock Minerals 13:10 Q&A 14:30 Volta Mining CAPITAL MARKETS & INVESTMENT FOCUS the key markets for shale gas 14:40 Siburan Resources 14:50 Atrum Coal 13:20 Panel discussion: Examining the state in the North American market 15:00 of the world’s mining-focused stock 15:10 markets 15:20 Refreshments break curve for shale gas? 17:40 Closing panel Q&A Mining company spotlights 18:00 Close companies select one exchange over 15:40 another 19:00 Asia Mining Awards and Gala Dinner 15:50 16:00 exchanges are doing to help their listed Friday 22 March 2013 16:10 companies gain access to Asian pools Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 16:20 of capital 16:30 Explorers Day 16:40 Valuation and due diligence for to do to fulfil its promise as a major 08:00 Registration and morning coffee exploration projectsPANEL centre for mining IPOs? Panelists include: 09:00 Chairman’s opening remarks challenge of valuing estimated resources Anthony Milewski, Principal, and reserves Black Vulcan Resources 09:10 Exploration Keynote: Peak Gold? estimated resources has created investment13:50 Current themes in funding resource opportunities in undervalued companies projects discoveries? an exploration project A new imperative for the industry 17:00 Panel discussion: The future of exploration – Finding the resources to support Asia’s future growth KEYNOTE mineral exploration and discovery Alex Passmore, Director, Corporate Finance, Patersons Securities emerging regions for mineral discovery shortage of mining geologists in Asia?14:10 Who can you trust? Doing due diligence Keith Barron, President and CEO, on the competent persons report of new discoveries to meet future Aurania Resources metals and mineral resource needs PANEL report in investment decision-making Mining company spotlights side constraints provide investors into exploration companies? persons reports 09:40 Forbes West Management Corp 09:50 Red Mountain Mining boom likely as the supply fails to resources: Due diligence best practice 10:00 Carpentaria Exploration meet demand? James Hogg, Head of EMEA, Micromine 10:10 Realm Resources 10:20 OGL Resources 17:30 Close and farewell drinks For programme information and presentation submissions, please contact: Leo Stemp, Conference Director, Mines and Money – leo.stemp@minesandmoney.com +852 2531 6130
  8. 8. MINES AND MONEY HONG KONG 2013 SOCIAL CALENDAR Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 will feature a whole week of social events to help you maximise your networking opportunities in Hong Kong. There will be networking drinks receptions each evening and on Thursday 21 March we will be holding the black tie Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 Asia Mining Awards Gala Dinner (sold out in 2012) ABOUT THE 2013 ASIA MINING AWARDS GALA DINNER Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Capacity: Limited to 800 (sells out early – so book your tickets soon) Table bookings: To secure a branded table of ten for your company email pablo.martin@minesandmoney.com for prices and availability ASIA MINING AWARDS 2013 NOMINATIONS: Add your social function to the calendar of events taking place alongside MinesNominated by the industry and shortlisted by theeditorial team at Mining Journal and Resource Stocks, and Money Hong Kong 2013the Asia Mining Awards celebrate the best and Mines and Money Hong Kong providesbrightest from across Asia’s diverse mining industry. the ideal occasion to hold mining-relatedAward categories include: networking events in Hong Kong. If you would like to advertise your social Discovery of the Year function on the Mines and Money Project Development of the Year Hong Kong website please contact Deal of the Year Charlie Hastings, Marketing Director, Mines and Money on Mining Country of the Year charlie.hastings@minesandmoney.com Social, Community or Environmental Project of the Year Please note, priority for listing will be Mining Personality of the Year given to event sponsors and supportersWe are currently accepting nominations for the Asia of Mines and Money.Mining Awards 2013. Nominations must be received bymidnight on 31 January 2013.Visit www.MinesandMoney.com/HongKong to submityour nominations. To register please visit www.minesandmoney.com/hongkong or call us on +852 2219 0111
  9. 9. GLOBAL MEDIA COVERAGE Through extensive media and industry association partnerships Mines and Money Hong Kong provides international exposure to those taking part. Over the course of ten years delivering industry-leading mining investment and finance shows, the Mines and Money series is honoured to receive the support of an international line-up of respected industry publications, websites, newsletters and trade associations, now augmented by an extensive social media strategy. OFFICIAL PR PARTNER OFFICIAL MEDIA , and the INCORPORATING SUPPORTING ASSOCIATIONS SUPPORTING MEDIAFREE MINES AND MONEY DOWNLOADSSTREAMING & ROYALTY FINANCE INSIGHTS INVESTMENT PERSPECTIVE STAY UP TO DATE Video Presentation by Podcast with Podcast with Grant Williams, Follow us at David Harquail, President & CEO, Nolan Watson, President & CEO, Vulpes Investment @MinesandMoney Franco-Nevada Sandstorm Gold Management Bookmark the Downloads page on the Mines and Money Hong Kong website Join our LinkedIn Group at for more updates as the event gets closer. tinyurl.com/MinesandMoney WWW.MINESANDMONEY.COM/HONGKONG/DOWNLOADS For marketing and PR enquiries please contact Charlie Hastings – charlie.hastings@minesandmoney.com +44 1932 269 777
  10. 10. SHOWCASING GLOBAL MINING TO ASIA’S CAPITAL PROVIDERS Spotlight speakers and exhibitors ExhibitorsABM Resources Hunter Dickinson Inc Nautilus Minerals Sirius MineralsAfrican Consolidated Cauldron Energy Independence Group NexGen Energy Sirius Resources Resources Centaurus Metals Indochine Mining Noront Resources Smiibaw ResourcesAfrican Energy Resources Centrex Metals Intertek Northern Minerals SNL Metals Economics GroupAIDD Group CGA Mining Intex Resources OceanaGold SnowdenAlara Resources Challenger Deep Resources Intierra Resource Intelligence OGL Resources Spanish Mountain GoldAlliance Mining Commodities Chesser Resources IRC Olympus NDT Spectro Analytical InstrumentsAltan Nevada Minerals Chinalco Yunnan Copper Iron Ore Holdings One Asia Resources SRK ConsultingAmarillo Gold Iron Ridge Orbis Gold St. Augustine Gold and CopperAmbre Energy Ironbark Zinc Orbite Aluminae Stanmore CoalAME Cokal IronClad Mining Orko Silver St BarbaraAmpella Mining Crusader Resources Ivanhoe Australia Orpheus Energy Stellar ResourcesAnglo Asian Mining CSA Global J Resources Pangolin Diamonds Stornoway DiamondsApollo Minerals DGR Global Jameson Resources Panoramic Resources Sumatra Copper & GoldAQM Copper Discovery Metals Kasbah Resources Papillon Resources Sunset Cove MiningArchipelago Resources Dragon Mining Consulting Kincora Copper Talga ResourcesArgentex Mining Corporation Drake Resources Kingsrose Mining Passport Potash Tetra Tech WardropArgonaut Duluth Metals Kogi Iron Patersons Securities Tiger ResourcesArmour Energy Ecuador Gold Kryso Resources Peninsula Energy Tigers Realm GroupAspire Mining Emerging Asia Capital Kupang Resources Perilya Tigris GoldASX Emmerson Resources Laramide Resources Phoenix Gold TNGAtrum Coal Empire Securities Lehman Lee & Xu Mongolia Platform Communications Toro EnergyAuminco Resources Encounter Resources Limestreet Capital Platina Resources TrampusAura Energy Endeavour Silver Corp Lindian Resources PNG Mineral Resources Traverse Drilling InternationalAusgold ENK Lupaka Gold Authority Tungsten MiningAustralian Laboratory Services Enterprise Uranium Lydian International Potash Ridge Equatorial Resources MacPhersons Resources Potash West Unity MiningAzumah Resources Evolution Mining Macusani Yellowcake Predictive Discovery Vatukoula Gold MinesAzure Minerals Exeter Resource Majestic Gold PricewaterhouseCoopers Ventnor ResourcesBannerman Resources First Majestic Silver Corp Manas Resources Professional Public Relations Venture MineralsBaobab Resources Flinders Mines Manhattan Corporation PT SMG Consultants Venturex ResourcesBase Resources Focus Minerals Matamec Radar Iron Venus MetalsBassari Resources Forbes West Management Matsa Resources Ramelius Resources Volta MiningBatero Gold Corp Corp Merrex Gold Ravensgate Voyager ResourcesBathurst Resources Forsys Metals Metals X Realm Resources Waratah ResourcesBC Iron Fox Davies Capital Metminco Red Mountain Mining Western AreasBeadell Resources Fugro Micromine Regis Resources Western PotashBear Creek Mining Gemcom AustralAsia Middle Island Resources Renaissance Minerals White Rock MineralsBehre Dolbear Global Gem Milton Ellis Rawe Rex Minerals Wolf PetroleumBerkh Uul Global Strategic Metals Minco Silver & Gold Rio Alto Wood MackenzieBesra Globe Metals and Mining Corporation Rock People Woulfe MiningBlack Fire Minerals Gold Resource Corporation Mine RP ROMA Group Yildirim HoldingBlackgold International Gold Road Resources Minesonline.com Rox Resources YTC ResourcesBlackham Resources Golden Valley Mines Mining Associates Rum Jungle Zimtu Capital CorpBlackstone Mining Associates Goldminex Resources Mining Group Runge AsiaBloomberg Government of Western Minotaur Exploration Salva ResourcesBullabulling Gold Australia Department of Modun Resources Mines and PetroleumBulletin Resources Moly Mines Santacruz Silver Mining Gryphon MineralsCanaccord Genuity Monument Mining Sharyn Gol Haranga ResourcesCanamex Resources MRL Gold Phils Siburan ResourcesCannings Purple Mundoro Capital Sierra Rutile Hot ChiliCarpentaria Exploration Mungana Goldmines Silver Lake Resources MINES AND MONEY HONG KONG 2013 SPONSORS Mines and Money Hong Kong is the perfect location to showcase your brand and expertise to the mining and finance community. Contact pablo.martin@minesandmoney.com to join the list of leading companies already confirmed as sponsors for 2013 SILVER PLATINUM SPONSORS GOLD SPONSORS SPONSORS For sponsorship, exhibition and spotlight presentations please contact Pablo Martin, Sales Director, Mines and Money – pablo.martin@minesandmoney.com +44 20 7216 6063
  11. 11. THE DEAL-MAKING FORUM FOR MINERS AND INVESTORSMines and Money Hong Kong is a place where relationships are born and deals are struck. We are expecting more than 3500 participants at the 2013 event and the 320 stand exhibition is already filling up fast. NEW EXTENDED FLOORPLAN FOR 2013 Stream sessions Entrance/Exit Conference Conference Room B Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit Conference 1-on-1 Meeting Zone I would say the event is a “must-go” for all those engaged in the industry.”“ Kenneth Wong, Project Manager, CITIC United Asia Investments For sponsorship, exhibition and spotlight presentations please contact Pablo Martin, Sales Director, Mines and Money – pablo.martin@minesandmoney.com +44 20 7216 6063
  12. 12. 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