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The Twitter practices of top Bigcommerce stores


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It's positive vibes all around: love, happy and free were the most commonly tweeted words. We discovered this and more in a study on the twitter practices of the top stores on BigCommerce, read on for more

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The Twitter practices of top Bigcommerce stores

  1. 1. Follower distribution Almost a third of the top BigCommerce stores have only 1 - 4K followers on twitter 7.5% stores 3.3% stores "CG"? ??-I: so-22:: '- Z2..5Z stores I j <1 K 2.0% stores 'I 0-»: ‘SK 3 31.7% st 15X stores . l_1 ‘rores 5-2:: Did you I(i1OW that stores have the most followers and have the most engaged audiences? Timing While a majority of stores tweet in the morning, most users seem to be engaging with content only much later in the day 7;’ 7% of stores tvveet between 10.00 Am ~ 12.00 rm / 5% of the users i'etwee't between 8.30 PM - 10.30 PM ‘ 9 71% of the users favorite between 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM Engagement . ‘ I’ ‘ I I Success on twitter is truly about building a tweet at them and tweet often. Stores that tweet 25 to 35 times a day get thrice the traffic to their stores as people who tweet less than 20 times. I I C0n'l‘6l1‘l . I Its positive vibes all arounol were the most ooininonlg tweetecl worols. Interestingly, adding media or links in a tweet had no effect on engagement! Z A study conducted by l/ I I n e W h at 6 Product Analytics for eCommerce.