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Infographic: MOTIVATE SHOPPERS who research online TO BUY


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81% of shoppers research online to collect information about products and prices before making a purchase. Find out what stops them from buying online and what online stores can do to motivate them to buy.

Published in: Retail
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Infographic: MOTIVATE SHOPPERS who research online TO BUY

  1. 1. 2.7 WAYS TO ea/ mé :9»/ z/Z/ ze How do shoppers research online? OF SHOPPERS RESEARCH ONLINE BEFORE BUYING _ _ _ (RETAILINGTODAY) “ I< . ®. l.. ~T" "'§“. ,’_, Y‘€' —a; fffI~iii77?’T“: :3il; :2;= w ll 0 O ’ O A of consumers I start their research on a "I" I $3? search engine before ll ‘ ” .3": E3 of 'I; _% heading to a specific shoppers read website (retailingtoday) 1 product reviews before ha‘ ~~—s—~ra_- "I *: making a purchase %’. ‘f; (econsultancy) ' On average, consumers visited at least 3 online stores '1}! before making their [- ‘ purchase if‘ ; (retailingtoday) "I ¢ W ; :. Shoppers search for the following while they are in an online store (retailingtoday) Warranty information (6 6%) Pricing (52%) Model information (51%) «:53. Payment information (4 7%) Sales/ Discounts Availability Shipping information what stops shoppers from buying onhne? ’ I. I’ RETURNING PRODUCTS ’ A NOT HAVING A “REAL” I’ 69% of shoppers feel that I BUYING EXPERIENCE returning items purchased online 54% shoppers want to actually see is a complicated process H the product before purchase V II? ‘ SHIPPING COSTS DELIVERY OPTIONS ll» 61% of shoppers would 51% of shoppers don't leave a website if it want to wait to receive IR? ‘ ‘*3; didn't offer free shipping V their item ‘L iTr_. r': ‘HI. D3_E_ l/ _._: . A I CREDIT CARD FRAUD I ‘I’-‘I I5: 6 out of 10 online shoppers are concerned about online security ‘. ‘>. >_ V, —~’5‘ t —" T Wu‘: ‘ O I-: , ‘ ‘A41-" I‘, N r- Fgzz‘ -55 F F ‘I1 ' ( . :, : -. I; 1 Iv —¢. .A_ T" V T -—r. -:"3+. _ V I TR, "A": ,_A_ _ in - ': r-" .31.; :7" . :?’-? a {»_. ;A. ,__*~A ___fi_fi__fi. How to motivate researchers to purchase online? ATTRACT RESEARCHERS WHO SEARCH FOR PRODUCT PRICE «; :’1~: ~ Highlight discounted prices if any *~”’f"« Provide free shipping rfrr’ CREATE A FULFILLING BUYING EXPERIENCE Provide high quality product images Iifi; Include a video as often as you can Create a sense of scale in your images $7; Show multiple product images in multiple angles -iii» Enable zoom for a closer look at product images LOOK CREDIBLE AND PROFESSIONAL I133 Create a clear, well defined shipping and return policy ’7 Make it easy to return/ exchange rV4___rA_fi products ‘ «i? :_, ; Offer same/ next day delivery / IT‘: ._ _ . . 1 if? Display a security certificate “ ~* - 2 Offer multiple payment options (COD if possible) ei. T’if. : Offer excellent support and make your contact number prominent SGJRCES hm)! /wwuetaIIingtoday1:o~I/ aficle/ atudr5lerewach-or"no-nouno-big-purchcnes hm: r// www11noroup. com/ articIes/ eco'rmevce-shoppers! hfl;7J/ wuw. do1o-chorlxcom/ what-do-shoppers-seadv-ononline-websites-Illne-oooob ond-o-1cIzon/ hflp/ /Movslideshorenal/ neouove/ irIfIuenclno-otfllne-the-new-diollol-front‘ev? reIoIed-l Imp/ /ecor wevoeuxde sfiaxcom/ product-page-I “rages! Imp/ /wwv. sIop‘fy, com/ blog/5896807-seo—lor-oco'I~Ierce-oet-vanl-get-lound-oat-custoreu Ifxiimewimr If} _‘i& Product Analytics for eCommerce