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Bountiful blooms: bouquet trends 2014


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Next to the dress and the cake, your flowers will probably be the thing you are obsessing about the most when it comes to your special day. While it's easy to overlook the bouquet and go with a classic look, don't underestimate the power of going with the trends. We are so excited about the new up and comers for a whole new year of wedded bliss!

Shabby Chic
We all remember when "shabby chic" was everywhere and while it never really left the scene florists are forecasting a major return of its widespread popularity in 2014. Think open-faced roses with muted pinks, beiges and light olive colored greenery.

There is just something very Steel Magnolias about hydrangeas and best of all -- they pack a punch. Bold, big and bright, if you are planning your nuptials for warmer weather you'll want to keep these beauties in mind.

Free Flowing Bouquets
Think messy, wild and right off the vine, if you are an avantgarde kind of girl you will appreciate this fashion forward approach to normally such a predictable tidy wedding day classic.

Salt of the Earth
Daisies are so understated and many florists are taking notice of them, helping them to come out of their shell in 2014. Wrapped in ribbon and framed in feathers (where greenery would normally be), this trend adds the perfect amount of interest to groomsman boutonnieres . . . if your lineup has the swag to pull them off.

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Bountiful blooms: bouquet trends 2014

  1. 1. Bountiful Blooms Bouquet Trends for 2014
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