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2012 5 22 mindshare digital article social by plan


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2012 5 22 mindshare digital article social by plan

  1. 1. SOCIAL73 By Norm Johnston
  2. 2. SOCIAL 73Somewhere on Madison Avenue packaging to your stores. Earned media - youthere is a large vat of Kool-Aid that a fair guessed it, the E - is arguably the new kid onportion of the industry has been sipping for the block. We used to call it PR and word-of-the past year. You can recognize those who mouth, but it now takes shape in a variety ofhave imbibed by their hundred-mile vacant ways, most notably Likes and +’s. Brands can’tstare and endless incantations featuring control earned media but they can certainlyPOE. Not Edgar Allen, but the media variety - help create, influence, mitigate, harness, andspecifically paid, owned, and earned. POE and distribute it.its endless variations have become the topicdu jour for countless industry conferences Now you may have noticed that the E hasand articles. In fact, I don’t think a day has received a disproportionate share of thegone by in the last year without someone industry chatter. Poor P and O often get leftmentioning it to me. I swear my six year old behind, but they are important and do playwhispered “POE” when I put him to bed the a critical role; more on that later. The reasonother night. earned media gets so much attention these PAID OWNED EARNED Fans are 41% more likely than Paid media will spark discoverable Owned media shareable Earned media will build advocacy non-fans to recommend a fanned product. interest and ensure drives engagement and favourability, your owned content and understanding loyalty and is discoverable recommendation days is primarily down to the 900-million (and growing) gorilla in the room. In a very short time, Facebook has created the ultimate ubiquitous global platform for consumers to share content and opinions on everythingTo those who haven’t indulged in the Kool-Aid from friends to movies to brands. In effect,let me briefly explain. Paid media - the P - is Facebook has become the ultimate vehiclethe historical inventory brands have bought for word-of-mouth…positive or negative. Ifsuch as TV spots, print ads, and online display you get it right, you can create an army ofbanners. It’s the stuff we’ve always done, advocates that will help your brand grow upjust now more digital and on more devices. to 2.5 times more than the category averageOwned media - the O - includes the content (Bain, 2010). According to Syncapse, fans areand experiences that a brand largely controls, 41% more likely than non-fans to recommendeverything from your Web site to your product a fanned product to friends. Once these based on aggregate across all brands % buying having become 47% 62% 59% 58% aware via family friends % buying having become 22% 31% 25% 29% aware via advertising Index WOM to advertising 216 202 239 199 word of mouth is two times more powerful in driving trial than awareness created by advertising Source: TNS 1
  3. 3. SOCIAL 73folks become a fan, they spend on average in driving Facebook fan acquisition; just askan additional $71.84 more than a non-fan. Old Spice. These days, it’s not uncommonRecent TNS research found that word-of- to see some sort of social component nowmouth is twice as powerful as advertising baked into all advertising: QR codes on print,in driving trial. All of this goes some way to Facebook addresses on TV spots, Like andexplaining Facebook’s recent IPO evaluation: + buttons on Yahoo display ads. Paid andin a world of frictionless sharing, advocacy earned media can happily coexist and thrive(or the opposite) is more widespread and together.more important than ever in building brandequity and sales. A significant side benefit of Confused? You’re not the only one. Frankly, itthis earned media is that it increases visits may be easier getting to grips with quantumto your owned destinations, whether it’s your physics or David Hasselhoff’s enduringstore, your official YouTube channel or your popularity in Germany. In a world of frictionless I think there are two simple conclusions you can reach from this increasingly complex andsharing, advocacy is more connected media landscape. First, positive earned media not only leads to more sales,important than ever. it also helps boost your owned media and focuses your paid media on where it canbrand Web site, which creates a positive ripple make a real difference. Second, all three formseffect throughout your marketing efforts. For of media are increasingly dependent on eachexample, the more folks who visit your Web other. Mixing and managing them togethersite, the higher your Google search rankings, in the right way will simply give you betterwhich accounts for over 60% of all clicks results. At Mindshare we’ve taken these twoon the search results page. And of course core beliefs to heart and re-engineered ourthe better your “natural” performance in entire process to weave social and ownedsearch, the less you need to pay Google for media throughout our way of working fromsearch keywords, thus freeing up precious the beginning. It’s required many changes.paid media to help generate more advocacyelsewhere. In fact, recent Nielsen research However, there are two specific and simplefound that an intelligent combination of steps worth highlighting as they in particularpaid and earned media within Facebook has help brands easily configure and optimize alla higher incremental impact on multiple of their POE activity.brand metrics. Even TV can play a huge role TV Campaign with Facebook Call To Action 2
  4. 4. SOCIAL 73First, our Connections Architecture processis a simple, intuitive, and highly-visual Think information architectureapplied to your entire marketingecosystemway for all stakeholders - clients, agencies,and publishers - to map out the role,interdependencies, and the ideal consumerjourney(s) through all of their paid, owned, Connections Plannerand earned media, assets, and initiatives.Think information architecture applied to overshadowed by that big, historical “P” of soyour entire marketing ecosystem, both offline many traditional media plans. It’s not onlyand online. In short, it connects all the dots a new way of planning your media mix, ourand ensures everyone is on the same page. approach also redefines and broadens mediaSecond, our Connections Planner enables to include things like packaging and Facebookour planning teams to use specific historical fans. It’s why initiatives like Nike’s recentmarket and brand data to run through various #MAKEITCOUNT have been so successful.POE scenarios to determine what levels of For Nike, Mindshare architected an extensive and integrated POE program that used a Twitter hashtag across paid and owned media to generate significant amounts of earned media. Furthermore, we turned #MAKEITCOUNT tweets from professional and amateur athletes into an advocacy program, featuring their handles and responses in the advertising itself, thus creating a virtuous circle. In the end, Nike simply put advocacy and earned media right at the forefront of the planning process. When talking about creative, Facebook call this social by design. Connections Architecture In the media world, we prefer to think of it asactivity and investment should generate the social by plan.highest levels of reach and results. It putsscience behind all of the POE theory, and alevel of predictability and accountability tothat former wild child of earned media. Italso ensures you are squeezing every assetavailable to you, and it’s all based on realdata, including industry norms and modelssuch as Millward Brown’s viral predictabilityresearch.Both tools go a long way to ensuring that“E” and “O” are optimized and baked into abrand’s plans from the beginning, and not Nike #MAKEITCOUNT Campaign 3