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Every so often I have a Minority Report moment. You know, when today’s technology actually lives up to that film’s futuristic world. The most recent occurrence was in my living room shortly after I installed our new Xbox 360 Kinect. For those of you living in a bunker, Kinect is a marvellous device from Microsoft that enables you to play games without any remote control. Kind of like a Wii on steroids. Not only does it ditch the remote, it also scans you, recognizes you, and even listens to you. Before you know it you’ll find yourself jumping around and talking to your TV set. It’s cool, or as my kids would say, it’s totes amazeballs.

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2012 2 16 touchless

  1. 1. Every so often I have a Minority Microsoft is of course eager to capitalize and commercialize on the Kinect experience.Report moment. You know, when today’s Thus they are offering brands all kinds oftechnology actually lives up to that film’s opportunities to engage with their targetfuturistic world. The most recent occurrence audiences in ways simply not feasible withwas in my living room shortly after I installed the old hyperlinked Internet. For example,our new Xbox 360 Kinect. For those of you Mindshare worked with Nike to launch aliving in a bunker, Kinect is a marvellous motion-based version of their Chosen videodevice from Microsoft that enables you to contest. Users could use their hands toplay games without any remote control. Kind navigate through video footage and interactof like a Wii on steroids. Not only does it ditch with the content.the remote, it also scans you, recognizes you,and even listens to you. Before you knowit you’ll find yourself jumping around andtalking to your TV set. It’s cool, or as my kidswould say, it’s totes amazeballs. Microsoft is now arguablyleading the next great evolution ininteractivity Nike Xbox Chosen ContestKinect is just one example of new technologythat is changing the way we engage with Microsoft has also introduced a new ad formatdevices. Just in the last few years Apple has called NUAds, which uses voice recognition totaught us to swipe and touch rather than click let you simply command your Xbox to takeand type. Microsoft is now arguably leading some action with the content. For example,the next great evolution in interactivity via you can choose to like and share an Xbox adits motion sensor and voice recognition with your Facebook friends, tweet about yourtechnology. In essence, you don’t have branded gaming experience, or request moreto touch anything at all. It’s completely information on a particular product. Waittouchless. It’s also a major step-change until Microsoft’s recently acquired Skype getsin increasingly intelligent and responsive bundled into the device.objects of all kinds, not just gaming consoles. Xbox Kinect by Microsoft Microsoft’s NUAds voice command technology 1
  2. 2. Microsoft is also evolving the Kinect Microsoft is not the only game in town. Both Google and Apple are working on their ownsensors to identify products in your living voice recognition technology and services.room. At a minimum this data could be used Google now offers a voice search applicationto target consumers with related products. in its Android OS as well as an ingeniousImagine Kinect identifying some old Kia voice translation service essential for everycar keys in the room. Combine this with the global trotter. Apple is finally exploiting theirknowledge that you have three young kids acquisition of Siri, which enables you to carryand voila a new Ford Galaxy ad appears. on an intelligent conversation with yourBrands could also use Kinect to reward their iPhone 4S. Apple fanatics have developed aloyal customers. Imagine Kinect detecting virtual crush on Siri as she helps schedulethat you are drinking a Pepsi and promptly meetings, advise how to tie your bowtie, orrewarding you with some extra gaming points give you the weather forecast. While neitheror some free content. Google nor Apple has opened up code to mash-ups, you can imagine a day whenSeveral TV manufacturers have taken notice marketers will use the technology to createand are now integrating front-facing cameras useful Siri applications, everything from ainto their flat screens, thus enabling your virtual HSBC financial guru to a Nike trainingtelevision to immediately recognize who is in coach.the room and therefore what content to serveand which ads are being watched. Once thetechnology scales, savvy media agencies willbe able to negotiate pay-for-performance TVbuys based on whether someone has actuallyseen the ad.Of course this is only the beginning. Microsofthas wisely opened up the Kinect platform tolet consumers and brands come up with newinnovative uses of the platform. This Kinectsandbox has already produced some real Apple’s Siri Applicationgems, including Burger King’s mash-up with Other new technologies are emerging thatKinectimals that lets kids use a physical toy require even less work from the consumer.from the restaurant to unlock and control a Over the last few years companies like NEC,unique virtual version. Even more exciting was Microsoft, and Intel have been experimentingSteve Ballmer’s announcement at CES 2012 with facial recognition technology thatthat Microsoft will begin to bundle its killer identifies the gender and age of the people intechnology into more devices with the newly front of an outdoor billboard or poster. Whilelaunched Kinect for Windows. it can’t yet detect whether you’re thirsty for a beer, elements of these digital billboard ads can be adapted in real-time to make the message more relevant and impactful. Not satisfied with just facial recognition, some technicians are busy tinkering around with RFID recognition and retinal scanning. Other labs are busy building the Cognitive Internet, which involves embedding smart chips in to your body so you simply become one with the ubiquitous Internet all around you. I’m not making that up. The Matrix may actually Kinect for Windows become a reality. 2
  3. 3. However, right now there is a growingopportunity for smart brands to leveragethese new technologies to engage withconsumers in much more innovative andmeaningful ways. Many marketers havespent the last few years moving online andits interactivity – clicks and engagement –further up the creative ideation and mediaplanning process. Likewise, they will alsoneed to ensure their teams, when appropriate,are aware of the opportunities and potentialimportance of motion and voice. Even our metrics taxonomy Microsoft and Intel facial recognition technology Yes, many of us are still clicking and typing,will need to adapt to reflect or swiping and pointing with touchscreens.different and improved measures However, thanks to Microsoft we can now gesture to and talk with our devices. If youof advertising success don’t believe me go out and get yourself an Xbox 360 Kinect. I guarantee you’ll have your very own Minority Report moment.Even our metrics taxonomy will need to adaptto reflect different and improved measuresof advertising success; simply knowingwho is really in front of the TV during an adcampaign will be immensely helpful, notto mention the more accurate detection ofengagement and dwell time. For example,Cisco has developed a technology that canassess whether you are frowning or smiling atTV content, including ads. Talk about real-time panels. Have your own Minority Report moment Minority Report, 20th Century Fox (2002) 3