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2012 1 16 mindshare digital report ces 2012 report


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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas attracted over 150,000 industry professionals, eager to see what over 2,700 technology companies had to offer.

So if you were not at the show this year, here’s a quick overview.

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2012 1 16 mindshare digital report ces 2012 report

  1. 1. CES 2012 Mindshare Conference Review By Ricky ChopraNulla facilisi:Pellentesque eu aliquet. Vitae vehicula lobo rtis. Ultricies mole stie libero dignissim idmauris, mus nec What happened in Vegas hasn’t stayed in Vegas!This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas attracted over 150,000 industryprofessionals, eager to see what over 2,700 technology companies had to offer.So if you were not at the show this year, here’s a quick overview.Mindshare were able to obtain three This provided us with a rare raging debate over apps vs. the Web.very unique perspectives on this year‟s opportunity to engage with key opinion The consensus seems to be thatConsumer Electronics Show. makers from sites such as Federated brands need to provide the information Media, Venture Beat, The Next Web, their customer‟s desire via any and allIrwin Gotleib, the global CEO of Cult of Mac, The Wire Cutter, and devices consumers are using.GroupM, provided the first of these Anandtech. Currently the best way to do this is viaunique perspectives. Irwin led Web Standards technologies. TheMindshares staff and attending clients Bloggers are vital in our digital world. game changer is how do you alertthrough a fascinating floor tour, The overwhelming amount of consumers to the fact there is newcomplete with commentary on all key information available online has content. Windows looked to havehighlights of the show. His unique created a demand for content curators. solved this with their Metro Tiles.perspective provided a deep and These bloggers filter a huge amount ofuncanny knowledge of the devices with content and provide a unique Similar to last year the connecteda long history of media expertise. perspective on the digital landscape. house continues to be the most hotly contested area. However, with multipleThe second perspective came from We were able to probe the bloggers on companies fighting for consumerCNETs editor Brian Cooley, who gave many relevant topics. Several key attention arguably those that canMindshare a sneak peak at this year‟s themes emerged. deliver an integrated and connectedbest „Best in Show‟ nominees. We ecosystem will prevail. In fact, much ofwere privileged to have this private One primary theme was the the conference‟s rumour mill wasviewing, and a truly unique opportunity importance of mobile and in particular fixated on a brand notably absent into engage with Brian. He provided us the current race between various Vegas: Apple.with a fascinating take on why operating systems, including the newtechnologies win or lose in this fast Windows OS. Controversially, the However, even with Apple there‟sdeveloping device landscape. opinion in the room was that Metro plenty of opportunity, and with prices might be a strong contender to going down and the range ofThe third perspective came from a challenge the well-established players. compelling connected devices going„Made-for-Mindshare‟ breakfast with up look for greater consumer adoption.over 50 of the industry‟s top bloggers. Another key theme was the continued . [1]
  2. 2. The Smart TV Wars It was clear that the big story of this iOS device, very cool. the potential of their new advertisingIyear‟s show was IP-enabled TV, which Want One :-) platform. enables consumers to access online For me though the best in class wasXYBOTYX has developed a robotic iPhone docking station that turns your iPhone into a smart robot that can navigate mazes,recognize faces and responds to vocal commands. Their 3D TV‟s were packed with content and services (YouTube, LG. Whist at CES I meet with Google, and Netflix) via their TV. features. The ability to play multiplayer talked to their TV development team games without having to split the about advertising opportunities. It was Apple, Google TV, and Xbox were screen was a pretty nifty trick. clear they had not yet considered rich some of the first to give us a glimpse media advertising to be a key feature of the future, now it seems all the Surprisingly many of the Smart TV of their TV platform. Currently, it looks manufacturers have jumped on the platforms did no cater for advertisers. like paid search will remain as the only bandwagon. In fact Samsung were the only way to reach consumers on the company to feature paid advertising on Google TV platform. However, I think Samsung and Panasonic have their “home page” / EPG. this restriction will be rectified in a decided to build their own eco- subsequent version. systems, while Sony and LG have Samsung‟s platform features two chosen to license Google TV. advertising placements. Just like All the manufacturers I spoke to display advertising these can be assured me that Web Standards Personally I thought the Panasonic clicked on, and can drive consumers to technology would work with their Viera Connect platform was very hosted apps or optimized web pages. platforms. So my advice is to build impressive. Panasonic had the most your entire web content in HTML5, intuitive control device, a small Finger I met with at Samsung and LG and CSS3 and Java. Mouse. In addition Viera Connect can they both said they would be happy to also be controlled by any Andriod and work with early adopters to show off [2]
  3. 3. Microsoft consumers stay engaged with your content. BEAUTIFUL WEB Pinning HTML 5 SHOWCASE Another key development is Windows Explorer 9, which maximizes the potential Their Hopes of standards based web development. Microsoft were keen to show off a few HTML5 Web sites in which they had been Being a lover of all things Apple, I was involved; the Tron and KEXP sites were quite skeptical about Microsoft‟s new quite possibly the best thing I have seen operating system. However, having built in HTML5. visited their stand and meeting with their head of development I have to admit that What makes Web Standard technology so it‟s very impressive. important for our industry is that sites built using them will work on nearly all Windows 8, also known as Metro, is a tile connected devices. In addition they can based operating system, which you mayTron be packaged up as Apps for Android, iOS have seen on Windows Phone 7 and Rim. This will save us time and Xbox. Windows have done away with the money, and also ensures a seamless task bar and now all your applications, experience for the consumer. favorite Web sites and content are displayed as tiles on your desktop. Just before leaving the Microsoft stand the Kinetic team told me that their new What is really standout about Metro is SDK release will let developers build when you add a Web site to your tile, Kinetic applications for PCs. This provides (pinning) the tile notifies you when the an interesting, innovative opportunity for content is updated and the latest news brands to leverage the technology. can be displayed within the tile. This represents a potential opportunity for brands, as the act of pinning will ensureKEXP Mind The [3]
  4. 4. Connected Cars Ford, Audi, Kia, Mercedes and Dodge were keen to show off their new connected cars. These are cars with tablet PCs mounted in the dash. The most impressive system was In the Dodge STR, which featured a fuel comparison app, that helps you find the cheapest fuel prices in your local area.Cars are about to get smart, so what will this mean for advertisers?We spend on average eight years of our life in our cars, and upuntil now the only way to reach consumers in their cars was via At present head units are only being mounted in theradio and billboards. dashboards, and for safety reasons animations and video content is suspended during motion. However I spoke to DodgeConnected cars can provide us with new innovative ways to and they told me they were planning to install units in the backreach consumers. The most exciting area is the new range of seats for the kids.apps built for cars. I spoke to the Fords Sync services teamabout their Sync Apps. They told me they were keen to work Personally I think we are quite a few years away from this beingwith third parties to develop apps for their new cars. mass market. However luxury brands may want to luxury automotive brands to explore niche opportunities for specificBranded apps for drivers and their passengers is an exciting audiences.proposition for advertisers if it delivers some relevant need forconsumers. Potential apps could include forecourt finders forfuel brands or geo-location games for kids from confectionarybrands. .INDUSTRY GOSSIP APPLE MICROSOFT GOOGLE YAHOO Apple were not at Lots of speculation I was shown a Yahoo have signed this year‟s CES, that Microsoft may brand new a deal with Tom however the word not be returning to prototype of Hanks to feature in on the grapevine is CES next year. If Google Goggles six Web-only they will launch the true this is a major with video shows to air on iPad 3 this March blow for CES as recognition, which Yahoo this year. to celebrate Steve they had one of the could detect Jobs Birthday. best stands this popular TV shows. year. [4]
  5. 5. COOL AND SMARTLG’s new fridge is so well connected, I should have asked it to getme on the guest list for last night’s party!You may be thinking why do I need a connected fridge? That‟s what I thoughtwhen I was first introduced to this product at CES.But after being shown what it can do, I was very impressed. LG have justgiven the consumer electronics world a master class in connected technology.This thing is so smart I will now refer to it as HAL (The name of the computerin 2001 A Space Odyssey). Like HAL this fridge knows exactly what‟s inside itshuge body by scanning your shopping receipts.It knows what the expiry dates are for your food, and can even order popularitems when your supplies have run out.You can access this data on the move via your mobile, which is very useful ifyou are at the shops and not sure what you have to cook that evening. Youcan also access this information through your Smart TV.HAL is also able to recommend power saving modes based on the currentcontents. This is done using LG‟s SmartThin Q technology, which allows youto control any device in your home from the cloud.Many interesting opportunities for food and beverage brands! Intel Get Their Toys Out Split Screens Paint By Numbers Home Jeeves Intel demoed a Laptop with a tablet I have seen digital pens before, but o Can‟t afford a chauffeur, don‟t worry style touch panel built in. Now you never a digital paint brush. When Intel will drive you home. Their Driver can play Angry Birds in the office used with ArtRange Pro this nifty y Assistance can spot obstacles in the without anyone noticing (not that I brush will enable you to become a o road and take control of your car if it would ever do that!) great master, or not in my case. u thinks your driving is not up to ‟ scratch. r e [5]
  6. 6. Apple Apple is likely scoping out designs and features of many of these products, BLUE SKYNo Show looking for devices that are potential threats to its business or even infringe on the company‟s patents. With a more robust Apple TV rumored on the horizon, Apple may be closely monitoring televisions, as manyApple didnt have a booth at this year‟s companies unveil their new technologyConsumer Electronics Show, but many of during the show. Vizio showed off superits employees were scouting the widescreen sets that feature a 21:9competition on the show floor. viewing ratio, Samsung lifted the curtain on new Super OLED models and 4KThe Cupertino, CA-based company had technologies were also present at themore than 250 employees registered for show.attendance at CES, including vicepresident Greg Joswiak, according to Many analysts believe Apple could jumpPaidContent‟s Tom Krazit. Joswiak had into the TV market as early as this year, Mind Controlhis name badge cleverly hidden to avoid making what other companies are doing Haier has developed a TV that isbeing spotted as he checked out the with new TV sets an area of particular controlled by brain waves.products and presentations of interest.competitors. The Cupertino-based company‟s stealthAlthough Apple was not presenting at presence at the show serves as aCES, the company is keeping its finger on message to the rest of the tech world:the pulse of what is going on at the show. Apple isn‟t making a splash at CES, butMany of the companies making waves at that doesn‟t mean it‟s sitting on its hands.this year‟s CES are taking aim at Appleand its products. Smartphones, tabletsand laptops featuring ultra-slim designssimilar to the MacBook Air are all beingintroduced as alternatives to some of thecompany‟s trademark devices. Printed Photos Polaroid has developed a digital I Want One :-) camera, which features an ink free printer. XYBOTYX have developed a robotic iPhone docking station that turns you iPhone in to a smart robot that can navigate mazes, recognize faces and responds to vocal commands. creating the world‟s most Powered Paper Fulton Innovation has developed wireless power that can transform the humble cereal box in to a glowing box of magic. Well I was impressed! [6]
  7. 7. Trend WatchThis is the best of the restGracenote powerful gamer network. Tablets for EveryoneGracenote launched their Automatic Social TV Nearly all the major manufactures had aContent Recognition (ACR) system that tablet or two on show. However, call me aenables developers to build apps that can cynic but nothing felt as well polished asrecognize audio and video content. Increasingly, social TV has viewers using the iPad. I am not the only person who platforms like Twitter to comment on and feels this was as you could fill a stadiumThis means we can soon develop apps discuss their favorite shows. HBO‟s True with the number of iPad accessories onthat will enable consumers to launch Blood, Oxygen‟s Bad Girls Club and show at this year‟s CES.exclusive content, get mobile coupons, Nickelodeon‟s SpongeBob SquarePants,rewards and even interact with branded or landmark events such as presidentialcontent by simply scanning adverts. debates generate thousands of comments, and in some cases, hundreds Apple Accessories Bloody of thousands. As social TV gains EverywhereTransparent TV momentum, savvy networks like Bravo, MTV and The CW are poised to take Although Apple was not exhibiting at thisWow, Haier showed off their transparent advantage by engaging their audiences in year‟s show, it didn‟t mean their presenceTVs; this technology could revolutionizeadvertising and POS. Check out new and compelling ways. wasn‟t felt on the floor. for more information accessories for iPhones, iPods and iPads has become big business, and at CES Miniature Video Effect 2012 plenty of creative device makersMashable announced clever add-ons for your Apple Have you seen the video effect that gadgets. In fact if you kick out all the makes the real world look like a miniature Apple accessory companies, CES wouldMashable is the largest independent news model? Well up until now this could only be a tenth of the size.source dedicated to covering digital be achieved by geniuses with anculture, social media and technology. expensive tilt shift lense. The newMashable‟s 20 million monthly unique Panasonic Lumix Gf3 features thisvisitors and 4 million social media And Finally, My Award for function for a $400 price tag. I want one!followers have become one of the most Best Bit of Kit Goes To...engaged online news communities. To see it for yourself check this out.Numerous studies and leading The most impressive thing I saw at CESpublications have declared Mashable the WZhlBe4 this year was Panasonics Home fuel cellmost influential online news outlet and a system. These power plants can powermust-read site. your home and car using salt water. They WiDi can even produce enough electricity toMashable syndicates its content to top WiDi is a new technology that lets you sell back to the grid. Think Panasonicpublications including ABC News, CNN, share video content from your may have just saved the planet.Forbes, Metro, USA Today and Yahoo! smartphone, tablet or laptop with your TV.News, amplifying its reach to many This new technology will bring alive themillions of additional readers each month. consumers second screen.They also throw good parties. Mobile Digital Broadcast Mobile data costs money, a lot of money!Machinima That‟s why MCV and Fox are planning to broadcast TV to mobile devices on the soon to be defunct analogue broadcastMachinima is the next generation video signal. This means you will be able toentertainment network for video gamers, watch TV on your phone for free, in theproviding comprehensive gaming-focused same way you current receive digital TV.editorial and community programming to To make this possible MCV are workingthe hard-to-reach core 18 – 34 year old on a new Video Codec that is said to bemale demographic. Across their global up to ten times more efficient than H264network, over 116 million unique gamers with no visible loss in quality.viewed in excess of 1.11 billion videos inNovember 2011,* making them thenumber one all-time EntertainmentChannel on YouTube.In addition to producing expansive[7]