2011 3 21 Mindshare Transformers by Norm Johnston


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2011 3 21 Mindshare Transformers by Norm Johnston

  1. 1. by Norm Johnston ntjohnston
  2. 2. More Than Just Advertising As UsualIs it possible that sneakers are atthe forefront of Internet marketing? Judgingby Nike’s recent online success trainers maybe to the Internet what soap and laundrydetergent were to the early days of TV. ForNike has boldly embraced the full spectrumof opportunities enabled by the ever-growingCloud, that ubiquitous, always-on digitalrepository of content and applications. In short, Nike andother brands are Nike iDtransforming their and functionality outside of their core competency in order to create these newadvertising from mashed-up experiences. For example, Nikepassive, intrusive has combined forces with Apple to create Nike+, an online experience that enablesmessages to consumers to sync their trainers with their iPod to monitor their exercise performanceinteractive, rewarding and share their progress with a wider Nike +experiences community. To date thousands of runners have signed up to and regularly use Nike+Brands like Nike are transforming their to compete with, compare, and coachadvertising by mashing-up content and code themselves and their friends.in new innovative ways previously not feasibleor practical in an analogue, short-tail world.In fact, this transformed advertising is often Nike is also smartso helpful or so entertaining it doesn’t even enough to partnerfeel like advertising, which makes consumerswant to search, share, and spend more time with other brandswith it. In short, Nike and other brands are to source contenttransforming their advertising from passive,intrusive messages to interactive, rewarding and functionalityexperiences. outside of their coreTake Nike ID, which enables consumers to competencysnap a photo of any colour and pattern andhave a pair of bespoke sneakers deliveredto them. My kids had a field day capturing Yes, Nike still runs 30” TV spots and goodimages with their mobile phone and creating old display banners. However, these brandedtheir own personalized Nike trainers. My signposts are increasingly leading consumersboys spent quality time engaged with the to online Nike hubs where consumers can findbrand and never once considered it intrusive, useful online utilities and brand experiencesinterruptive, or indeed advertising. rather than another dreaded micro-site. Furthermore, these branded experiences andNike is also smart enough to partner applications are often integrated into andwith other brands to source content distributed as Nike advertising, thus bringing
  3. 3. More Than Just Advertising As Usualthe brand and some real utility immediately product. Couch potatoes in India now have ato the consumer. rich source of fitness and healthy eating help while Quaker Oats sells more of its products,Nike is not the only transformer in the which are weaved throughout every dietindustry. Pepsi has had remarkable success and recipe. Quaker Oats even has a mobilewith their Quaker Oats Heart Healthy initiative application bringing all of this utility right toin India. Similar to Nike, Quaker Oats found your phone.a key consumer need and leveraged theCloud to blend professional and consumer- In fact, mobile in particular brings enormousgenerated content and applications into a opportunities for brands to create usefulhighly compelling online destination, whichnow has over 300,000 consumers activelychecking on and improving their healthnot to mention over 25,000 Facebook fans.Mindshare worked with Quaker Oats todevelop and promote Goodmorningheart.com,a one-stop destination for health diagnostics,healthy cooking recipes, nutritionists’ advice,calorie counters, and fitness tips brought to Quaker Oatsyou in variety of ways including online video, applications. For example, Benjamincrowd-sourced content, and sophisticated Moore’s iPhone application enables you toapplications. Similar to Nike, Quaker Oats also simply snap a photo of any colour to getpartnered in this case with Apollo Hospitals the matching paint colour code for you toto leverage professional and credible content purchase. Toilet paper is even getting into thefor the program. We also helped Quaker act. Charmin sponsored Sit or Squat, a mobileOats deploy these useful health utilities application that enables you to find localthroughout the Internet via paid and earned toilets based on your location. Via this mobilemedia, while still using the Good MorningHeart site as central brand hub for all of thefeatured assets.Quaker Oats has gone from passive 30” TVspots simply promoting the product to usefulonline applications beneficially featuring the Quaker Oats hasgone from passive30” TV spots simplypromoting the Benjamin Mooreproduct to useful utility, Charmin gives you directions to the toilet, a photo, as well as consumer reviewsonline applications and ratings to guide your choice.beneficially featuring Transformers are also expanding beyond justthe product utilities and applications into entertainment, which has previously been constrained by
  4. 4. More Than Just Advertising As Usuallimited distribution channels and fixed enable consumers to not only choose betweenviewing schedules. Companies like Unilever today’s prime time programs but also neware developing branded content and plugging branded content like In the Motherhood fromit into the Cloud where it is viewable to the likes of Unilever and other transformers.everyone, playable anytime, and accessible Now some financially-challenged clientson any IP-enabled device. may be intimidated by the scale, ambition, and possible budgets of some of theseUnilever’s In the Motherhood remains one initiatives. Marketers should be reassuredof the industry’s best known examples. that not every transformer idea needs to beMindshare worked with the Suave brand big and expensive. We worked with Unilever’steam to produce short, online episodes Axe brand in Japan to help them launch andfeaturing humorous stories of moms and promote their rather erotic Axe Wake-uptheir kids. The key to the program’s success service mobile application. Axe’s challengewas that these filmed stories were real-life was to get young guys to use the producttales submitted by real moms, voted on by a on an everyday basis rather than just as a “special occasion” cologne. Meanwhile, Axe’s research found that over 80% of young Japanese guys used their mobile phone as an alarm clock. The Axe Wake-up service is a simple, small, and brilliant means to provide the target audience with a useful utility – an alarm clock – that also provided tremendous entertainment. And of course it reminded In The Motherhoodcommunity, and later professionally filmedin Hollywood. The Cloud enabled Unilever tomash-up consumer-generated content with Companieslike Unilever aredeveloping branded Axecontent and plugging each individual to use the Axe product on ait into the Cloud daily basis. The results were outstanding withwhere it is viewable over 20,000 participants downloading and using the mobile application to-date.to everyone, playable We live in a time of exciting new possibilities. The Cloud enables today’s marketers toanytime, and experiment with new forms of contentaccessible on any IP- unimaginable in the constrained channels and formats of yesteryear. Music, video,enabled device functionality, applications, and even brands are being mashed-up to create valuable andcommunity management technology into innovative experiences for consumers. It’sa ground-breaking online video series. In definitely more than just advertising as usual.the not so distant future IP-enabled TV will