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Mindshare Weekly Report June 17th 2011


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Mindshare Weekly Report June 17th 2011

  1. 1. Irish Media Agency 2011 17th June 2011This week: The blog: Raindrops onanalysisandsearch on... The latest insights and Roses of Whiskers Blog News: Media Mini-bites Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens by Rachel Ray Something I’ve noticed in my short experience of advertising so far, is how desperately hard a lot of brands try to be ‘cool’. I realise how much of a benefit it is to get team cool on board with your product - especially if they will be blagging to their presumably less cool friends over the likes of Facebook. A snapshot of the ice queen of cool – Kate Moss – wearing or using your product, can pretty much guarantee its catapult into the coolness stratosphere. That’s all well and good, but I’ve a bit of a problem…First of all, brands seem to make the mistake that Cool = Young (think Mary Kate and Ashley).The second mistake they make is that Cool = Risky (think model with a possible class 3 drug habit, or a footballer that hitsthe clubs a little too hard).I’ve already blogged about how people over 40-50 are overlooked far too much by advertisers and brands. This time Iwould like to draw attention to a 57 year old brand  ambassador,  who has done more for making any of the ‘cool’ brandscool than a Middleton could do for Reiss. Her ‘favourites’ list is better known than any other celebrity. Forget about the LateLate Toy Show, the ultimate ‘freebie’ show is her My Favourite Things…May 25th marked the end of an era – the ‘Opracalypse’. It was the final Oprah Winfrey show.Nielsen estimate that on average 7.4 million people tuned in to the Oprah Show daily in the U.S. That breaks down to 3% ofall Americans and 4% of all American women every day. When it came to a core audience though, it will come asno surprise that between 7-11% of all women over 50 in the U.S. tuned in every day*.Why does this matter?Read the rest of this blog post here.
  2. 2. INSIGHTS & Taste of Dublin Brian Lenihan ANALYSIS GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 16TH JUNE This week , t he news of Br ian 2011 Lenihan’s death lead Google search. Lenihan took over as finance minister in May 2008, at the cusp of the economic storm. Despite it all, he was the only Fianna Fail TD in Dublin to keep his seat Lily Allen this year - which says a good deal about the man. Also topping the Google searches was the latest google doodle (a tribute to Les Paul) and Lily Allen (who recently got married). In sports, we’ve been googlingRising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and Queen’s Tennis and the Formula1 (after a trends of information people are very dramatic race last Sunday).9th June - 16th June 2011 searching for over certain time periods. In news, searches of Ryan Giggs’ Breakout continue as further stories of his infidelity unfold. Meanwhile in image searches, it brian lenihan Breakout 1500% seems we have been googling the google guitar Breakout characters of Geordie Shore. We’ll be 1500% keeping an eye on how the show does les paul Breakout 1500% In entertainment, we’ve been here. searching the Taste of Dublin Festival, lily allen 1250% sponsored by Superquinn, that took place queens tennis 450% last weekend. This week we took a look at searches f1 200% for car brands. There was a significant taste of dublin 100% increase in searches in 2011, compared to 2010. The top three most searched brands breaking news 70% of the past 12 months are BMW, Audi and Ford. facebook 70% debenhams 50% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a base volume seven days ago. When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, the base figure was too low to record them.Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Image Searches (last 30 days)18th May - 16th June 2011 18th May - 16th June 2011 ash cloud barack obama queen elizabeth imogen thomasbrian lenihan ryan giggs blake lively lenihan imogen ryan giggs obama ireland geordie shore lady gaga barack obama justin bieber 2011 obama ryan giggs sunday herald
  3. 3. Rising in Car Brands Blog News: Media Mini-bites in the last 12 Months From next week we will be sharing are understanding and insights into 1 green hornet Breakout particular media partners through media profile posts. These posts will 2 hissan juke Breakout give a bite-sized look into the world of Irish media - from newspapers to T-sides, we’ll be covering them all over the next few months. 3 audi a1 +550% 4 audi a7 +500% This will provide key stats on who consumes the media, the key bmw 1 series 5 +250% benefits and any developments. 6 fiat 500 +90% 7 range rover +80% As always, keep visiting the blog for all the latest news. We’ve had over 8 range rover sport +60% 8,000 unique visitors since our 9 audi t6 +50% launch and we’d love to hear 10 done deal cars +50% your feedback. Top car brand Searches in the last 12 bmw toyota audi renault ford nissan vw mercedesdone deal google cars peugeot+50% +110% glastonbury 2011 Rising Entertainment +80% last 7 days vs. previous 7 days rte guide google guitar les paul +60% Breakout +650% jennifer lopez +80% south park lily allen +60% +140%The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes accordingto Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access.For more information contact Finian Murphy ( or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. TV News Top TV Advertisers 16th - 22nd May 1,750 Former X Factor star, Mary Byrne will be amongst the guests this week on Saturday Night with Miriam. 829 733 650 529 504 501 490 The Munster Hurling - Tipperary vs. Clare will take 411 403 place this weekend and covered exclusively by TV3. r lt t er l ve G au Po s UP C a eo m la ile P& n kis re ag co Co Un Re An enc L’O Di Eir c a The final of Come Dine with Me and Celebrity Salon tt B Co c ki Re are both on TV3 tonight. Top TV Brands 16th - 22nd May 393 375 367 The TV Team of Mindshare attended the Saorview 353 317 306 information launch in RTE this week. The Saorview 246 239 228 226 (free to air digital television) message will be increasingly broadcasted with public. st C or i y er y k e lt Po UP Vh Sk is ter an Lif au ete we ot rb sh n An M d L e Iri Re Bu nal lst tio U Na Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Desperate Housewives 27.2 Desperate Housewives 14.4 Coronation Street 19.9 Six One News 12.7 RTE News 19.0 RTE News 12.0 The Late Late 18.3 Eastenders 9.0 Six One News 16.6 The Late Late 8.5 Fair City 15.1 Champions League 8.5 Greys Anatomy 14.7 Magners League 8.1 Eastenders 14.1 Coronation Street 20 8.1 Dont Tell the Bride 13.1 Greys Anatomy 7.4 Emmerdale 5.6 Dont Tell the Bride 7.3Sponsorship AvailabilityBondi Rescue, is coming to TV3 on the 8th of July and it’s available for Xposé - the highly popular fashion and gossip show - is now available forsponsorship. sponsorship from TV3 from July 1st.TV3 are offering special discounted rate on June weekend takeovers. This The 6 part series Farmers is available for sponsorship on TV3.incorporates sponsoring all available programming across the weekend (fromFriday to Sunday) and also 3 homepage takeovers on Saturday Night with Miriam Xposé The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson ( or +353 1 415 0300