Mindshare Weekly Report 3rd june 2011


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Mindshare Weekly Report 3rd june 2011

  1. 1. Irish Media Agency 2011 3rd June 2011This week: The blog: To ReadandE-Read? of search The latest insights or analysis twitter.com/MindshareIRL blog.mindshare.ie A few words from Keith Wallace youtube.com/MindshareIRL To Read or to E-Read? by Mark James I’m currently reading the novel ‘Super Sad True Love Story‘ by Gary Shteyngart (on my Kindle). In this inventive, nostalgic, immigrant novel set in the near future, the hero or anti-hero clings on to an old-fashioned love for books. The kind of books that are made of paper that you pick up and put down, independent of batter y power or wireless connection.  Most of the rest of the people in the world of this novel don’t seem to share this book-love, however. In fact, to them books  ’smell’ and carry an anti-social status.People in the novel instead prefer to consult, or read from, their ‘äppäräts’, devices which can live-stream their owners’thoughts and conversations, as well as, amongst other things, broadcast their “hotness” to others. This would appear to beenough for them and their reading or data consuming interest.So,with this electronic reading future beckoning, or some other version of it, Ithought it was time to review my own electronic book reading experience to date. from the blogTwo months in to exclusively reading from a kindle, and like the novel’s (anti-) Come Dine with Me Comes to Irelandhero,I’m definitely suffering from a bit of book nostalgia. I’m missing the   books by Jill Robinsonthat we’ve all been reading from since…well since books were invented. Read it here.But leaving aside the nostalgia for a few moments, how would I sum up the Another Victory for Mindsharedifference between a book read and an e-book (Kindle) read? by Ciaran Norris Read it here.I’ll start with what I see as the pro-kindle party position.   What are the goodthings about reading from the world’s best-selling e-reader? Social Media: What’s the Point? by Finian MurphyRead the rest of this article here. Read it here.
  2. 2. INSIGHTS & Oprah Geordie Shore ANALYSIS GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 1ST JUNE 2011 This week has been a busy one for entertainment. We had Cheryl Cole being given her P45 from the U.S. - after she tried and failed to ‘break’ the States again. We had Kings of Leon playing Slane Castle - an event that seems to have come and gone Cheryl Cole without much fuss. There was a lot of buzz about The Hangover 2, despite it received a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. They describe it as a “crueler, darker, raunchier carbon copy of the first installment”. Something theRising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and trailer more than hints at (view here). trends of information people are Nonetheless, the success of the first film means the sequel is guaranteed to sell the24th May - 31st May 2011 searching for over certain time periods. same amount of tickets, if not more. Breakout The UK’s answer to Jersey Shore - Geordie cheryle cole 800% Shore - has appeared in the entertainment saorview 750% searches, as has the producer MTV. Despite the success of shows such as The weather forecast 80% Breakout Osbournes, Jackass, Punk’d , My Super Sweet Sixteen and Jersey Shore, the 365 60% Breakout ‘situation’ for MTV is that it actually has aib 40% been in a steady decline since at least 2004.aib internet banking 40% Finally, we had ‘The Opracalypse’ as the banking 365 40% queen of daytime TV and tutting housewives worldwide - Oprah - presented her last daily mail 40% show (view here). Somehow though, one gets the feeling that we haven’t seen the last met eireann 40% of her. paddy power 40% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a base volume seven days ago. When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, the base figure was too low to record them.Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Product Searches1st May - 31st May 2011 (last 30 days) eurovision 2011 la noire ps3 queen dr dre beats ipad2 bin laden jedward la noire xbox brink eurovision giggs smartphone obama ireland htc desire osama obama la noire
  3. 3. Keith Wallace, Account Planner Top Rising Gaming Terms in the last 12 Months What is your role in Mindshare? I’m a media planner for Heineken and Ubisoft. 1 football manager Breakout 2 minecraft Breakout What’s your favourite campaign recently? I liked a recent outdoor ad for Mars. It depicts one 3 black ops +4,400% guy standing alone on a beach getting ready to 4 fallout new vegas +1,050% surf.  He has the surfboard gripped in his whilst watching the waves break. The surfboard is the 5 jailbreak +450% main focus and has obviously seen better days with 6 halo reach +350% numerous shark bites taken out of it. It’s for their ad campaign ‘Get Back on Track’. It’s obviously very lad orientated, gives Mars an 7 red dead redemption +300% edgier side and stands out from the crowd. 8 playstation network+250% Twitter or Facebook? 9 mortal combat +200% Facebook at the moment. It is great for keeping in touch with all my friends that have 10 game fudge +60% emigrated in recent years to countries such as Canada and Australia.  It also comes in very handy when meeting up with up with friends while traveling. I have a twitter account but am slowly beginning to use it. Top Rising Accessories Searches in the last 12 months mulberry longchamp Any changes in media you are keeping an eye on? mulberry bag rolex I’m really interested in the integration of all areas of media and to see how the biggest and most successful campaigns will use and innovate it in the coming years. michael kors cartier g shock new era ioffer kings of leon Rising Entertainment mtv house of fraser +120% +90% +250% last 7 days vs. previous 7 days Cheryl Cole Sacked oprah Breakout kim kardashianamerican idol +200% Cheryl Cole +250%+150% +1,350% hangover 2 +300% geordie shore +550% The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes according to Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access. For more information contact Finian Murphy (finian.murphy@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. TV News Top TV Advertisers 16th - 22nd May 1,584 After much anticipation Come Dine with Me Ireland will finally be hitting our screens on TV3 on Monday at 9PM. 835 732 648 597 542 529 518 516 468 There is live coverage of the Republic of Irelands 2012 Euro Qualifier against Macedonia on RTE2 at er l s e i ve r G a od n m UP C eo Vh P& kis re r fo no co ag ile nc LO Da Eir Di from 8:20PM on Saturday. Un e as te kitt B M c Re After weeks of highs and lows, Ant and Dec will 518 Top TV Brands 16th - 22nd May 468 416 388 388 finally be crowning the winner of Britains Got Talent 361 312 262 247 243 on TV3 at 7PM on Saturday. Celebrity Salon will be returning to our screens on i C Vh en or y is er 2 co s UP ek ete Sk Ga is O Te s ald in M rd we on TV3 at 9PM on Monday He Bo Bu d M cD Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Desperate Housewives 20.2 Desperate Housewives 12.2 RTE News 19.8 Prime Time 9.8 Coronation Street 19.0 RTE News 9.6 Prime Times 17.6 Coronation Street 9.3 Eastenders 16.8 Britains Got Talent 8.6 Queen Elizabeth II in Ireland 16.3 Queen Elizabeth II in Ireland 8.6 Blood of the Travellers 15.1 Greys Anatomy 8.4 The Late Late 15.0 Fair city 8.4 Fair City 15.0 Eastenders 8.1 Feargal Quinns Retail Therapy 14.8 Feargal Quinns Retail Therapy 7.1Sponsorship Availability Master Chef comes to Ireland and it’s up for sponsorship from September on RTEAn Idiot Abroad: Things To Do Before You Die is potentially up for An exciting sponsorship opportunity has arrived for Charity ICAsponsorship on SKY1. TBC next week. Boot Camp on RTE1 in August Queen Elizabeth II in Ireland Londis sponsors Come Dine with Me The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson (jill.robinson@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300