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Mindshare Weekly Report 29th April 2011


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Mindshare Weekly Report 29th April 2011

  1. 1. Irish Media Agency 2011 29th April 2011This week: The blog: What’s Average? Targeting Families The latest insights and analysis of search A few words from Rebecca The latest TV and search information What’s Average? Targeting Families by Rachel Ray When it comes to media and who we are targeting, it is crucial we understand just who our target market is. Too often agencies base this their thinking on ‘common sense’, perceptions and presumptions but at Mindshare we know better! The latest data from the CSO has hit the papers and the radio stations this week, so the research team thought we’d give an overview of the the key stats and just what they mean in terms of advertising and media.Education52% of Irish women are aged 25-34  have a  level education in comparison to just 39% of Irish men. However while womenaccounted for the majority of graduates in the arts, education and social studies; men still account for 84% of graduatingengineers and – crucially – 59% of science graduates. Given that science and technology are currently said to be thestrongest sectors in Ireland, it stands to reason that the employment prospects may fair better for recent male graduates thanfemale. Are young singles in science and tech going to be the ones with cash to splash? And what does this mean in terms ofthe family? There still seems to exist an outdated preconception that the most ‘traditionally’ educated member of a family is theman. This needs to be reconsidered.The WorkforceOK so we already know that women earn a good bit less (70%) of what menmake on average in the workforce however…This rises to 90%  if the time worked from the blogis taken into account. Men, on average, work an extra day per week in We’ve moved...comparison to the working woman. In terms of media targeting, men are working Find us at blog.mindshare.ielonger hours and therefore on average not home as early as women. - much easier to remember and toRead more here. interact with. See you there.
  2. 2. The Royal Wedding Hitler House INSIGHTS & ANALYSIS GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 29TH APRIL This week in search we have been 2011 interested in the slowly unraveling story of Playstation’s hacking disaster. Lovers of irony will be pleased to see that we’ve also been googling ‘earth day’ (when we are supposed to ‘switch off’), thanks to Google Dr. Who Doodles. We’re not too sure why Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco are all topping the rising searches but it may have something to do both with price comparison (link here)and jobs - Tesco has promised 200 new onesRising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and this week. trends of information people are The royal wedding has been on the tips21st - 28th April ’11 searching for over certain time periods. of people tongues and the top of their searches as we searched for details about the day. Kate Middleton has also been earth day Breakout 4000% our searches and both BBC and Sky toppingplaystation network 3300% sites crashed. But not everyone was loving it - see picture above. psn 1150% In image searches we’ve been googling playstation 700% a balance of super sweet (easter bunnies) and super evil (a house that looks like Hitler, snooker 190% pictured above). In entertainment, aside from those already mentioned, we’ve been sainsburys 120% googling Dr. Who (his 11th reincarnation is asda 80% back on the BBC) and the movie Thor (brought to us from the guys that made kate middleton 70% Ironman). royal wedding 70% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a base volume seven days ago. When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, tesco 70% the base figure was too low to record them.Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Image Searches (last 30 days)29th March - 28th April 2011 29th March - 28th April 2011 easter eggs easter tom humphries humphries leinster journalist easter bunny jennifer lopez masters kate middleton royal wedding imogen thomas pokemon grand national hitler hitler house grand national 2011 kate middleton
  3. 3. Rebecca Duffy: Reception/PA Rising in Arts over the last 12 MonthsWhat is your role in Mindshare?I’m the receptionist and PA in 1 eliza doolittle BreakoutMindshare, Dublin. 2 spartacus +350% 3 channel 131 +180%What’s your favourite currentcampaign? 4 grand canal theatre+170%I love T Mobile Royal wedding advert. 5 narnia +140%The ad celebrates the marriage of 6 robin hood +70%William and Kate with the help of ahost of royal look-a-likes and music 7 national theatre +60%from East 17. Even today it’s ranked 8 banksy +50%9th on Google if you search ‘royal 9 harry potter +50%wedding’. It now has 14 and half million views on YouTube. You canwatch it here. 10 vampire diaries +50%Any changes in Media you are keeping an eye on? Top Dublin Searches Last 7 DaysThe development of brands social media sites and the increased 1. playstation network 6. premier leagueinvolvement of companies with them. 2. psn 7. tv guide 3. royal wedding 8.bus eireannTwitter or Facebook? Daddy or Chips? 4. kate middleton 9.dublin weatherFacebook! 5.met eireann 10. lotto jimmy carr Rising Entertainment thor Breakout last 7 days vs. previous 7 days ultimate guitar +60% vin diesel earth day +70% +350% Breakout doctor who +80% fb +90% psn Breakout jennifer hudson BreakoutThe Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes accordingto Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access.For more information contact Finian Murphy ( or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. 822 Top TV Advertisers 4th -10th April TV News 812The Royal Wedding was watched worldwide 569 460today by over 2 billion people. 65% of all related 398 396 330 280 272 264social media came from the U.S.RTE welcomes a new makeover programme At ve r G al er ar i 2 A B o ile P& re kis Sp Vh O RS ES ndYour Service hosted by Francis and John Brennan. Un L’O nc nt e e Ni kitt B c ReStarts on RTE on 1st May at 7:30pm Top TV Brands 4th - 10th AprilHighlights of Leinster facing Toulouse in the 396 380Heineken Cup on RTE2, Saturday at 10:15pm 330 284 282 280 279 272 266 264RTE present Killer:Sisters, a documentary on theScissor Sisters on Monday 2nd May at 9:30pm i s Vh gu O 2 lds UP C RS A Ire ES B nn es on Lin na of ke m r o nk Du Po Ae cD Ba MTop Rated ProgrammesHW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Desperate Housewives 24.0 Desperate Housewives 14.2 Coronation Street 18.6 Eastenders 10.6 Roomers 17.4 Fair city 9.1 RTE 9 News 17.3 Coronation Street 20 8.8 Eastenders 16.3 UEFA 8.2 The Late Late 16.2 The Late Late 8.1 Fair city 14.9 Roomers 8.0 Dragons Den 13.1 RTE 9 News 8.0 Wagon’s Den 13.0 Dragons Den 7.6 Room to Improve 11.9 Emmerdale 7.0 Sponsorship Availability The Simpsons is up for Sponsorship on Sky1 from June 2011. An exciting sponsorship opportunity has arrived for Off the Rails from 1st July 2011 The Royal Wedding Wagon’s Den The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson ( or +353 1 415 0300