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Mindshare 21 Apr 2011

  1. 1. Irish Media Agency 2011 21st April 2011This week: The blog: Adprentice The latest insights and analysis of search twitter.com/MindshareIRL m-insights.blogspot.com A few words from Hazel Bollard The latest TV and search information youtube.com/MindshareIRL Mindshare Adprentice by Finian Murphy At Mindshare, we love a bit of competition, as demonstrated by our recent win as Media Agency 2011. We also like solving problems - big and small. No bigger problem right now in Ireland is how to sell Ireland as a nation back to the Irish people. This is the brief which six internal teams have been working on as part of Mindshare Adprentice.With so much doom and gloom, these teams have been working on researching the sentiment of the Irish people,the role of media, creating a media solution and utilising our Consumer Journey model to provide a clear strategyfor success.With all competition, there can only be one winner. On Friday 14 April,Mindshare teams were pitched against each other to a panel of Senior from the blogManagement to present why their solution is better than the rest. While My Big Fat April 29ththe Irish problem is wide and varied, we intend to share some of our by Ken Nolansolutions with clients on how we can turn the country around. Read here.Congratulations to Motion Media made up of Fiona Gallagher, Oliver More issues with... the Death of the Coupon? by Jack GilliganSmith, Jack Gilligan, Gemma Morris, Rhona Dineen and mentor Gillian Read here.Jordan. All teams demonstrated their great expertise in communicatinghow Ireland can be great.
  2. 2. INSIGHTS & Garden Party Time The U.S. Masters ANALYSIS GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 21ST APRIL 2011 This week in search we have been googling Imogen Thomas - the woman who was dealt a gagging order from court to stop her telling the media which football player and well known family man had a seven month long affair with her. aviators Golf (yes, golf) has had us searching online as the final day of the U.S. Masters saw Tiger Woods find his game again and Rory McIlroy loose his. In product searches, it seems we are all Rising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and eagerly awaiting summer with items such as aviator sunglasses, flip flops and garden trends of information people are furniture on our search lists. In news, 14th - 21st April ’11 searching for over certain time periods. Obama is starting to make an appearance - most likely down to his upcoming visit to these shores. charlie chaplin Breakout 1700% Top of the rising food searches over the imogen thomas Breakout 1700% months was Jamie Oliver’s 30 past 12 minute meals, pancakes, rice, cupcakeslondon marathon 700% and... lobster? Someone somewhere mustn’t fa 130% be feeling the ‘pinch’. The last trending treats have been cupcakes, then macaroons. tom humphries 120% Google Insights says next up it’s doughnuts... Guess we’ll just have to wait holly wiloughby 80% and see. liverpool fc 60% As for Charlie Chaplin? You guessed it - Google Doodles. arsenal 40% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a bus eireann 40% base volume seven days ago. When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, cineworld 40% the base figure was too low to record them. Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Image Searches (last 30 days) 23rd March - 21st April 2011 23rd March - 21st April 2011 quinn insurance london yuri gagarin tom humphries notebook computers us masters masters flip flops speakers masterskate middleton garden furniture heater grand national computer backpack leinster aviator sunglasses grand national 2011 computer speakers
  3. 3. Hazel Bollard, Media Buyer Rising in Food over theWhat is your role in Mindshare? last 12 MonthsI’m a media buyer. 1 30 minute meals +850%What’s your favourite current campaign? 2 pancake recipes +500%I’m currently loving the T Mobile Royal weddingadvert. It celebrates the marriage of William and 3 special fried rice +450%Kate with the help of a host of royal look-a-likes 4 pancake tuesday +190%and music from East 17. It really shows how theuse of social media around national events can 5 nandos +150%engage consumers and prompt them to associate 6 yorkshire pudding +130%a brand with positive values. I love the hilariousand innovative Royal Wedding Dance viral - already had over 4 million views 7 nigel slater +120%after only 2 days! 8 pancake tuesday +100%Twitter or Facebook? Daddy or Chips? 9 cupcakes +70%Facebook is my favourite form of social media as many of my friends liveabroad I love the fact we can keep in touch so easily. I do think Twitter is much 10 lobster +70%better in terms of finding out news, sharing information and generally seeingwhat people are up to. Top Homeware Retailer Searches for 2010Any changes in Media you are keeping an eye on? 1.ikea 5. dysonMobile advertising is increasingly important, as mobile phone adoption rates, 2. argos 6. habitatespecially smartphone adoption rates, soar. With a range of mobileadvertising options, including SMS, WAP, mobile app display ads, search ads, 3. woodiesrich media, video and push notifications, there are limitless opportunities toreach the consumers. 4.john lewis Rising Entertainment coachella scream Breakout last 7 days vs. previous 7 days cinema listings +90% +70% charlie chaplin glastonbury Breakout +250% scream 4 +140% britians got talent +400% glastonbury 2011 +200% amir khan +400%The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes accordingto Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access.For more information contact Finian Murphy (finian.murphy@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. 918 Top TV Advertisers 4th -10th April TV News 656 639 565RTÉ Player: 483 406 405 385 376 343RTÉ’s online catch-up and live TV streamingservice, celebrates its second birthday onThursday (21 April 2011) with the P& G kis er ile ve r stl e SK Y va lu gu s ke n RS A UP C nc Un Ne pe r r lin ine e Ae He tt B Suannouncement of a record-breaking number Re c kiof video requests from the previous month. Top TV Brands 4th - 10th AprilMarch boasted 2.7 million requests. Thisbreaks down as an average of 86,000 per 406 405 385 376 343 340day, and recorded the largest single day of 283 277 271 268traffic for 2011 on St. Patrick’s Day (17March) with over 117,000 streams delivered. s i ar va lu gu ke n A UP C lds sc o Ike a Vh r lin ine RS na Te Sp pe r He cD o Su Ae M Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Desperate Housewives 26.0 Desperate Housewives 14.8 Coronation Street 24.3 Coronation Street 10.4 Weather 17.9 Greys Anatomy 9.8 Eastenders 17.9 RTE News 8.8 RTE News 17.8 Eastenders 8.7 Roomers 17.2 Roomers 8.4 Greys Anatomy 17.1 Republic of Telly 8.2 Monday Millions 17.0 Anonymous 7.9 The Late Late 14.7 Fair City 7.6 Fair city 14.7 Champions League 7.4The Saturday Night Show 12.9 Emmerdale 7.3 Sponsorship Availability An exciting sponsorship opportunity has arrived on RTE1 for TV3 Media Sales are currently seeking a sponsor for Friday Off the Rails this Summer from the 1st July for four episodes. Late With Vincent Brown. A new sponsorship opportunity has arrived for Celebrity Salon 2 on TV3. Off the Rails RTE Player The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson (jill.robinson@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300