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Mindshare   14 feb2011
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Mindshare 14 feb2011


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Mindshare 14 feb2011

  1. 1. This week: From the blog: Upwardly Mobile Details from our Digital Conference A few words from Darren Bracken The latest TV and Search information 11th February 2011 Upwardly Mobile Finian Murphy, Consumer Insights Following our digital conference, we have published research which shows that Ireland’s smartphone owners use their mobiles more often and for more reasons than the average mobile owner. We have quantified that up to half of Irish consumers have a smartphone, but not all consumers make use of the smart features. The nationally represented research was conducted by Sponge It and measured the mobile ownership and behaviour of 1,007 Irish respondents. The research was sponsored by RTE Mobile, Kinetic Outdoor and Metro Herald.Ciaran Norris, Norm Johnston, Emma O’ Doherty, Bill Kinlay,Finian Murphy, Mindshare with Anton Savage, guest chair.The most popular smartphone features used on a daily basis are searching (46% of users), email (39%), socialnetworking (39%) and seeking news (36%). These activities peak from the blogtowards the end of the day and tend to be used in conjunction with asecondary medium.87% of mobiles have a web connection46% of mobile owners use the internet on their mobile16% of mobile owners clicked a mobile advert recently Superbowl, Super ads by Gillian Jordon1 in 5 listen to the radio on their mobile every day Read Here18% of smartphone owners watch videos on their mobile every day The info on Facebook Places and its roll-out from Maeve O’ GormanThe level of engagement with smartphones varies by demographic – Read Heremen aged 18-34 years old are twice as likely as their femalecounterpart to use their smartphones. Emailing is the most popular The latest news about the X Factor fromfeature for over 50 year olds, and social networking is the most Niamh Murphypopular for women aged 18-34 year old. Read HereRead more here.
  2. 2. INSIGHTS & ANALYSIS Amanda Holden Superbowl 2011 GOOGLE TRENDS Google This! 11TH FEB 2011 This week we’ve been googling the sad news that actress Amanda Holden has lost her baby, seven months into her pregnancy. Most of the top rising searches this week however have been related to sport and entertainment - such as the Six Nations rugby, football and Dancing on Ice. Rugby Six Nations The American Superbowl 2011 was also highly searched - whether you actually watched the game or were googling the adsRising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and like us media addicts! trends of information people are Michaela Harte news stories still pull4th Jan - 10th Feb 2011 searching for over certain time periods. high interest. The family have started a charity in her name this week. In computersamanda holden Breakout 2500% things tech, Mac has stolen the top and all gary moore Breakout 2500% from Microsoft this year on last searches year. jules verne Breakout 2500% Finally, in beauty, it seems that a lot ofsuperbowl 2011 800% us are looking for some radical new hair superbowl 700% styles for 2011 and are (very predictably) searching for information on slimming and six nations 140% exercise. Hmm... wonder how long that one 6 nations 110% will last? met eireann 90% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a the base volume seven days tv3 70% ago. Where ‘Breakout’ is recorded, the base dancing on ice 60% figure was too low to record from.Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Beauty Searches (last 30 days)12th January - 10th February 2011 12th January - 10th February 2011 egypt cowen avon slimming world exercise torres tattoo designs cheryl cole andy gray rugby michaele hairstyles 2011 michaela harte points calculator bodybuildingbrian cowen aer lingus harte weight watchers points
  3. 3. Trending in ComputersDarren Bracken, Account Manager Jan 2011 vs Jan 2010 Whats your role in Mindshare? I am an Account Manager in the planning department. 1 hotmail 0 Any media developments you’re keeping an eye on? The whole area of location based mobile marketing, 2 facebook 0 with the rise in popularity of smartphones, real-time 3 download NEW location marketing is really going to come to the fore. Location based marketing is unique because it allows 4 youtube 0 you to specifically target your consumers in terms of narrowing down your offering by geo-demographics. 5 apple NEW Maeve has written a great post on the launch of ‘Facebook Places’ (Facebook’s answer to Foursquare 6 mac +3 and eventually Groupon). Read it here. 7 converter NEWWhat was your favourite campaign of 2010?My favourite 2010 campaign has to be Old Spice campaign and the numerous spin-offs 8 ipod NEWfrom that campaign where even Sesame St did their own version of the ad. In relation toviral it totally embraced social media with the star of the ad posting his responses to 9 microsoft -4tweets on YouTube and the ad itself was extremely popular on Facebook in terms of 10 steve jobs NEWpeople posting it on each others Facebook pages. However, my favourite advert everhas to be Lays MC Hammer Ad Rising Searches ComputersWill you be using Facebook Places?Facebook places is an interesting development, although I dont think I will be using it pete postlethwaite microsoft officequite yet. I have Foursquare on my iPhone and I have never used it so for the time being steve jobs 2010the best way to find out where I am, will be to call or text! Although if Facebook Deals thomson minecraftmaterialises as Maeve discussed, this could change. exchange sap malwarebytes google docs sas Cinema Advertising Rising Entertainment There are a number of blockbusters available for advertising: last 7 days vs. previous 7 days Gnomeo and Juliet (Family) 11/02/2011 amanda holden Breakout Just Go with It (15A) 11/02/2011 Yogi Bear (Family) 11/02/2011 rihanna s&m +140% Rango (Family) 04/03/2011 jessie j Limitless (15A) 18/03/2011 +110% rte live Justin Beiber 01/04/2011 +110% nicki minaj +60% mila kunic It is now also possible to advertise in 3D. Contact us for more +50% information. rihanna megavideo +50%The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes according +40%to Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access.For more information contact Finian Murphy ( or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. 1,307 Top TV Advertisers 24th Jan - 1st Feb 2011 1,096 TV News 700 626 612 582 516 455 434 389Mrs Browns Boys (753,500 viewers - January averageaudience per episode)The Late Late Show (772,800 viewers - January average G d er m on ne d ns lu fa P& lan kis co ns no lan So va So Ire nc Eir oh Da Ire & pe r s er e J 2 d Su pluaudience per episode) lev kitt B so n& O or st Un i c hn yF Co Re Jo nr HeThe Saturday Night Show (577,600 viewers - Januaryaverage audiences, a 20% increase on the seasonaverage) 516 Top 10 Brands 24th Jan - 1st Feb 2011 331The All-Ireland Talent Show (586,400 viewers for the 287 281 281 277 257results show in January alone - average audience) 222 218 217The Savage Eye (The average live audience hasincreased by over one third year-on-year ay y as gs nd .ie lds ion alu es s ep Pla of Eg Bra 3 na us rv pr Pr ple sS 12 o eF pe ExDeparture Day (667,500 viewers on Monday 10th Plu me Sky cD O 2 Tri st re M lle tt Su tic alJanuary - average audience) UP C Co yC Gi p ur O db Ca Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Mrs. Brown’s Boys 26.8 Mrs Browns Boys 12.2 RTE News 9 22.0 Coronation Street 12.0Operation Transformation 19.7 Eastenders 11.9 The Late Late Show 19.0 Raw 10.1 Coronation Street 20 18.8 The Late Late Show 9.9 Eastenders 18.3 Operation Transformation 9.8 Fair City 17.6 RTE News 9 9.8 Raw 17.4 Greys Anatomy 9.7 All Ireland Talent Show 15.8 Emmerdale 9.3 Saturday Night Show 14.9 Fair City 8.5Sponsorship OpportunitiesThere are many sport packages being made available by RTÉ media sales are currently seeking a sponsor for ourTV3 for a brand to get involved with. The Champions Garden Strand 2011. Two brand new gardening series areLeague, Europa League and All Ireland GAA Championship coming to RTÉ One this year - Dermot’s Hidden Garden andare available for a brand to spot buy. More details How To Create A Garden.available. Conrad Gallagher’s search for a ‘Head Chef’ comes to TV3RTÉ Media Sales are currently seeking a sponsor for The this April and this would be a perfect sponsorshipBusiness presented by George Lee, starting on RTÉ One on opportunity for any brand interested in a cookery theme.Friday 4th March at 8.30pm. The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson ( or +353 1 415 0300
  5. 5. Photos from the Digtial Vision Ciarán Norris, Norm Johnston, Emma O’ Doherty, Bill Kinlay, Finian Murphy, Mindshare with Anton Savage, guest chair.Finian Murphy answers the most frequently asked question about mobiles Lucile Rabier, Danone Melanie McCourt, Jaguar Rachel Doyle, DanoneRobert Coyle, Bloom Michelle Russell, Axa Daragh Byrne, TV3 Maria McKenna, Nestle Jennifer Quinn, Nestle Aoife Harlihan, NestleNicola Byrne, 11890 Gabrielle Strassburger, Value RetailThank you to everyone who came along. And a big thank you to our sponsors RTE andMetro Herald and Kinetic the speakers and those involved in the organising.