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Mindshare - 13 May 2011

  1. 1. Media Agency of the Year 2011 13th May 2011This week: The blog: A Global First: Mazda’s new campaign twitter.com/MindshareIRL Jedward fans blog.mindshare.ie The latest insights and analysis of search youtube.com/MindshareIRL Augmenting Consumers’ Reality with Mazda by Hilary Tracey The objective of the brand campaign is to encourage the Mazda audience to visit mazda.ie/stories  to view and discover real story videos about how Mazda has borrowed from Japanese history and culture to think differently, achieve excellence and to ‘Challenge Convention To Make Things Better’ to build better cars. From a media point of view, we were seeking out media channels that delivered on the brief “Defy Conventions”. While the creative produced was excellent, we required a media solution that expressed ‘Defy Conventions’ as much as the creative.Metro Herald was chosen as the ideal partner as their audience profile was in line with Mazda’s target audience.  MetroHerald are increasingly looking at ways to bridge the gap between print and digital through smart phone technology, thereforeto defy conventions through a media channel, Metro Herald were the ideal fit and Augmented Reality technology, a print first inthe Irish market employed to lead the campaign. To engage with the audience further, a competition to win a new Mazda2 onFacebook is being promoted in Metro Herald and through the AR microsite. from the blogThe campaign kicked off  in Metro Herald on the 3rd May, announcing thatsomething exciting was launching on May 11th (the competition and AR).  As thecountdown went on each, readers were encouraged to familiarise themselveswith AR app Junaio and how to use it. A Mazda demo of a 3D Mazda car modelwas in the paper each day, so users could familiarise themselves with using AR.  blog.mindshare.ieMetro Herald, Mazda and Mindshare teamed up AR experts Motive NYC whohad the idea to create the existing Mazda website into an 3D AR microsite -  aworld first. Mind over Chatter: Buzz Tracking by Andy Pierce.On May 11th, after a 6 day countdown, a Mazda edition of Metro Herald wasproduced (quarter fold with the paper being dominated by Mazda creative Read moreadverts enhanced by the Metro Herald creative team). This edition of the paperlaunched the AR microsite, where readers could view each video and the How to Get Ahead in Advertisingquestions to enter the competition... by Rachel Ray.Read the full article and check out the extensive global coverage here. Read more
  2. 2. Oxegen Seve Ballesteros INSIGHTS & ANALYSIS GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 6TH MAY 2011 This week we have been googling the sad news the actress and model Kelly Brook lost her child 5 months into her pregnancy. The story has received a lot of interest and is one of a succession of celebrity pregnancy issues. It follows the still births Eurovision of Amanda Holden’s baby at 7 months in February and Lily Allen’s at 6 months in November. Perhaps the events will at least help further lift the taboo amongst women about talking about such issues. Roger Hargreaves (of Mr. Men fame) wasRising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and top of Google Searches. The death of trends of information people are golfing legend Seve Ballesteros caused his name to appear in the searches too. Many4th - 11th May ’11 searching for over certain time periods. Irish sons were confused by the US ‘Mothers Day’ as there was a 400% kelly brook Breakout 4000% in searches for this term. increase In entertainment we’ve been googling the roger hargreaves Breakout 4000% Eurovision (of course) and the Oxegen - seve ballesteros Breakout 4000% for which is now available here. line up Oxegen is in association with our clients,super injunction twitter Breakout 4000% Heineken Music. mothers day 400% Top rising programmes in entertainment to have been googled were The Eurovision, eurovision 250% The Apprentice, Criminal Minds, The X Factor and Family Guy. eurovision 2011 200% oxegen 200% Rising searches are based on the increase in volume from a base volume seven days ago. When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, the base figure was too low euromillions 140% to record them. chelsea 70% Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising Image Searches (last 7 days) 12th April - 11th May 2011 12th April - 11th May 2011 bin laden kate middleton ireland playstationroyal wedding pippa middleton wedding osama bin laden psn kate bin laden dead tom humphries osama dead funnybin laden dead kate middleton facebook playstation bin laden
  3. 3. Mindshare - never missing a trend Top Ten of All Searches inIf the Eurovision semi-finals proved anything last night, it is that twins are last 12 Monthsso hot right now. They’re right up there with top knots, Zumba classes 1 lottery +170%and Justin Beiber’s latest haircut. In honour of Jedward’s success in 2 donedeal +130%Europe, Jack, Rhona, Emma, Eoghan, SallyAnn and Gemma all twinned 3 rte player +120%up for the occasion. 4 tesco +80% translate 5 +80% 6 bbc +70% 7 twitter +70% 8 bbc sport +60% 9 done deal +60% 10 apple +60% Top Ten Shopping Searches in 12 Months: ebay boots donedeal next argos river island shoes debenhams dresses ticketmaster eurovision Rising Entertainment beyonce +300% criminal minds last 7 days vs. previous 7 days +90% +130% kelly brook Breakout apprentice +140%family guy+100%x factor+130% eurovision 2011 cheryl cole +300% jedward +160% +450% The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes according to Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access. For more information contact Finian Murphy (finian.murphy@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. Top TV Advertisers 25th April - 1st May TV News 1,108 1,102Live coverage of the Eurovision song contest final will 747 614 580be on RTE2 at 8PM on Saturday. 544 472 436 435 423Munster V Ospreys in Magners League is on thesame day, with RTE covering it at 6PM. G r la er m ne s eo e o P& ve Co kis co fo od lin nd ile nc Eir fo ag t hk nt e Un ca da t er Di mi Co e Vo as Ni kitt B os c M laxBring Back Bosco started on TV3 at 9PM on Monday Re G 544 Top TV Brands 25th April - 1st MayKitchen Hero is a cook show for beginners and 436presented by Donal Skehan. It will begin on RTE1 at 336 302 292 285 2698:30PM. 234 228 228Queen Elizabeth in Ireland will be on RTE on ne er Pa y lds C tsb cu s D ke n asWednesday at 7:30PM fo eis na UP nt fo cH of da dw Bil o ne r nt i hic sS Vo Bu 2 cD Fo tla -C Plu O ma M Pe r y A Bia st Sk rd Co Bo Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs)Desperate Housewives 23.2 Desperate Housewives 13.2 Fair city 16.9 Fair city 9.5 RTE News 16.0 Coronation Street 8.2 The Late Late 16.0 Bride Wars 7.7 Eastenders 15.9 The Late Late 7.7 Coronation Street 14.1 Eastenders 7.6 The Consumer Show 13.6 RTE News 7.4 Bride wars 13.3 The Consumer Show 7.2 Saturday Night Show 12.7 Champions League live 7.2 Roomers 12.0 UEFA Championship 6.7 Sponsorship Availability Off the Rails is available for sponsorship from 1st July 2011 The Apprentice The Eurovision The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson (jill.robinson@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300