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Mindshare 04 mar2011

  1. 1. 4th March 2011This week: From the blog: General Election 2011 The latest insights and analysis of search twitter.com/MindshareIRL m-insights.blogspot.com A few words from SallyAnn King The latest TV and search information youtube.com/MindshareIRL General Election 2011: Irelands 360 Finian Murphy, Head of Consumer Insights There has been a lot of talk in recent years about cross media solutions, integrated media or 360 degrees marketing, but until last weekend there had not been an Irish event mainstream enough to demonstrate the power of truly integrated media. The General Election not only produced some interesting stats politically, but also in terms of media. We have written before about how consumers are multi-tasking, tweeting whilst watching TV and using their mobiles at the same time as consuming other media, and the General Election was the perfect example of how traditional media drives people to find out more online.At the main Dublin count centre on Saturday, there were hundreds of journalists from international media. According toOLeary Analytics, there were 1,200 articles in 900 publications in 54 countries by 10pm on Saturday night. Reportersfrom Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN were some of those present, as were national broadcasters RTÉ, TV3, Newstalk andmany local stations providing coverage of the event.With live Newstalk coverage running all day until 2am on Sunday morning, their radio audience was driven to theirregularly updated website and app. Unique visitors to newstalk.ie were up 63% (against the first week of January 2011)and the average time spent viewing Newstalk TV was six and a half minutes. from the blogSocial media played a greater role than it did in 2007, with 22,000tweets mentioning #ge11 sent in 24 hours (according to OLearyAnalytics), many of them from main news outlets, but many frompeople at count centres acting as citizen reporters. Thats 1 tweetevery 4 seconds! On Saturday, the scale of involvement was so high JNRS Press Readership 2010 vs 2009that at points the level of global tweets was half that of the level by Jessicamentioning Libya - a much larger, global event. Read HereRead more here. Top Topics on the Blog by Andy Read Here
  2. 2. INSIGHTS & ANALYSIS Election 2011 True Grit GOOGLE TRENDS Search Trends 4TH MAR 2011 This was a week of speculation for searchers, as the top terms included fantasy football, the Oscars and the general election. Unsurprisingly, Enda Kenny was the top trending TD and Fine Gael the top trending political party. A lot of people expressed disappointment at the uneventful Oscars as The Oscars 2011 well as who won. Interestingly, the loser True Grit is the only film to top Google searches. Rising Searches (last 7 days) Mindshare analyses the search volume within Ireland to establish patterns and In the arts, the sculptor Brancusi and the author of Journey to the Centre of the trends of information people are Earth, - Jules Vernes - were searched a lot25th Feb - 2nd Mar 2011 searching for over certain time periods. this month thanks to Google doodles. We were also interested in the drama serieselection 2011 results Breakout 2000% (staring John Hannah of Four Spartacus Breakout Weddings, The Mummy and Sliding Doors), election results 2000% prohibition (perhaps due to Boardwalk oscars 1550% Empire?) and the mysterious street artist Breakout Banksy (nominated for Oscars). oscars 2011 1400% Finally, it seems the trend for Ginger rte election 1350% hair spotted in a previous report is being replaced by Blondes... the battle continues. election 2011 950% six nations 180% Rising searches are based on the increase in rte news 110% volume from a base volume seven days ago. fantasy football 90% When ‘Breakout’ is recorded, the base figure was too low to record them. premier league 80%Rising News Searches (last 30 days) Rising in the Arts (Ireland)1st February - 2nd March 2011 1st February - 2nd March 2011 rte enda kenny churchill banksy prohibition election cork brancusi election fine gael mick wallace results 2011 romeo and juliet spartacus galway irish election jules verne
  3. 3. Rising Mobile PhonesSallyAnn King, Senior Digital Account Manager March 2010- 2011 vs 2009What is your role in Mindshare?I work with clients and my colleagues on digital 1 iphone +2strategies with overall campaigns in mind.  Mybackground has been working for digital agencies. It’s 2 nokia -1fantastic to be able to work with the biggest mediaagency in Ireland. It means we can share concepts on 3 phones -1behalf of our clients and all aspects of each campaignare in synch. Its an interesting and demanding role and I 4 o2 +5thoroughly enjoy it! 5 samsung 0What media developments are you watching?We are at the tip of the iceberg of opportunities for 6 carphone 0mobile advertising. In app ads and mobile sites are on the rise. There is an app foreverything and everyone -  my recent favourite is the Pocket Hipster app... but you 7 carphone warehouse +1probably havent heard of it. 8 htc NEWWhats your favourite recent campaign? 9 iphone 4 NEWVolkswagen promoted its Fox car to a young audience in Sao Paolo, Brazil, bysponsoring music festival the Planeta Terra Festival - and launching a hunt for lost 10 ericsson -6tickets to the festival via Twitter. It hid 10 tickets in places throughout Sao Paolo andlaunched an online platform using Google Maps of the city. To find them, people hadto tweet #foxatplanetaterra, and the more tweets, the closer the zoom became on the Rising Searches in Beautymap. The first one to get to the tickets location won it. The four day competition sawthe Foxs appearance at Planeta Terra become a trending topic within hours. A alpecin shampoo hairstyles 2011fantastic example of a social media mashup. justin bieber haircut blonde hair lipstick jedward la fitnessTo tweet or not to tweet?Twitter is the voice of the people. Over 20,000 tweets with #ge11 were recorded on shave or dye loreal26th Feb as the votes were counted. Ill follow you if you follow me?  @sallyannking justin bieber Rising Entertainment last 7 days vs. previous 7 days jessie j oscars 2011 +250% +500% rihanna the rock +80% +80% justin beiber +60% radiohead +350% adele +180% true grit +170%The Google Trends report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on search volumes accordingto Google Insights. The data is owned and curated by Google, but available for public access.For more information contact Finian Murphy (finian.murphy@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300
  4. 4. 1,531 Top TV Advertisers 14th - 20th Feb 2011 TV News 828 742 595 548 512 496The Frontline Leaders’ Debate was the top rating 447 382 348programme for adults 15-34. Political coverage was topof the agenda this week for both RTE and TV3 in G er se r t a gs UK on tle ne lin e P& ilev ck yo og al n s N es noadvance of the election. Un n To Ke ll re oh Da it hK Be O J Sm kit t L’ n& o c so ax Re hn GlDragons’ Den has returned to our screens again as Johopeful entrepreneurs make their pitches for investment. Top 10 Brands 14th - 20th Feb 2011 345 329Expect lots of drama with the return of Desperate 310 296 285 262 255 241 234Housewives, the end of an era in Summer Bay and a 230bigger and better Off the Rails. It returns on Wednesdaywith a new hour-long format.Stephen Fry made his much anticipated appearance on l C ay ris ug sis ts i ion er te UP ep Au -dr en ea t am us rg staRos na Rún this week ! He played a bewildered English Pr ta ti Av eM Ap eF Bu tE 2 yo an a lte tt ds ot O To A yo t cia lle al an c RS To Ga tr i Gi on Brtourist. It will also be part of Fry’s series on languages. Nu cD M Top Rated Programmes HW + CH (Multichannel TVRs) Adults 15-34 (Multichannel TVRs) Coronation St 22.6 Frontline Leaders Debate 16.2 RTE News 9 22.0 Eastenders 9.7Frontline Leaders Debate 22.0 Dragons’ Den 9.1 Late Late Show 19.5 Late Late Show 8.9Operation Transformation 17.4 Coronation St 8.8 Dragons’ Den 16.5 Fair City 8.7 Fair City 15.6 RTE News 9 7.3 All Ireland Talent Show 15.3 Grey’s Anatomy 7.3 Eastenders 14.4 Toy Story 2 7.2 Emmerdale 14.0 Operation Transformation 7.1SponsorshipsRTE are currently seeking a sponsor for Health of the Nation There is also a sponsorship available for the US Masters onwhich returns to our screens in Summer 2011. Sky. This is a great opportunity for a brand seeking a sport association. The Frontline Leaders’ Debate Stephen Fry on Ros na Rún The TV report is published weekly by Mindshare Dublin based on TV ratings from Nielsen data. For more information contact Jill Robinson (jill.robinson@mindshareworld.com) or +353 1 415 0300