Google+ Profiles In Ireland: Mindshare POV


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Should brands create Google+ pages in Ireland? With the almost inevitable launch of the new Search Plus Your World results pages, the answer is yes. Mindshare explain why.

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Google+ Profiles In Ireland: Mindshare POV

  1. 1. Google+ Brand Ciarán Norris 31/01/2012 ProfilesBackgroundIn 2011, Google launched Google+, its answer to Twitter and Facebook, and a serious push into thesocial networking world. Not long after, it launched official brand pages on its nascent socialplatform.At the beginning of this year, Google launched Search Plus Your World (SPYW), which radicallyredesigns Google’s core search results page, and seems designed to boost usage of Google+, bygiving much greater prominence to profiles on the platform. Mindshare wrote detailed POVdocuments on all of these developments.DetailsAs set-out in our previous POV, SPYW will give much greater prominence to profiles from Google+ insearch results. Currently it is only being shown to people who are logged into a Google product,such as Gmail, searching on, in English. It seems inevitable that Google will roll this outto all of its territories; whether it will roll it out to people not logged into one of its products is lesscertain, but shouldn’t be ruled out.Implications‘Real estate’ on Google’s search results is some of the most valuable on the web. Up until now,brands have been able to buy that real estate (AdWords/PPC) or work for it (SEO). Now, they need toregister for it too.Whilst the user details for Google+ are still unclear in Ireland, what is clear is that Google isdetermined to push its growth: anyone signing up for Gmail is now given a public Google+ profileby default. Whilst this aggressive push may be take up by government regulators, clients need todeal with the reality as it stands.Whilst it may not be possible for clients to find the resources, either internal or external, to managea Google+ page for their brand, they should, as a matter of urgency, prepare for the internationalroll out of SPYW by creating local profile pages. This is relatively simple and will not only ward offpotential problems when SPYW world arrives locally, but will also prevent profile-highjacking of thesort that has previously been seen on sites such as Facebook & Twitter.SummaryManaging multiple social profiles can be a troublesome and time-consuming job for clients, but asfar as Google+ is concerned, it is no longer merely an option: there is no reason not to set-one up,even if it’s not actively managed but is treated like a holding page, and plenty of reasons why youshould, including, most importantly, the potential cost of not doing so and losing valuable realestate on Google search resultsTo discuss the potential implications of Search Plus Your World on your PPC or SEO strategy, or formore details of how to set-up & maintain a Google+ profile, please contact your Mindshare accountmanager or email us.