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Spss 2012 track 4 david brown_ impact of technology on sales performance


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Spss 2012 track 4 david brown_ impact of technology on sales performance

  1. 1. Attract Increase lead flow and lead qualificationCustomers Improve sales productivity, achieve faster sales cycles and higher win rates Better pipeline visibility and reporting Retain Gain 360-degree view of the customer to improve interactions Standardize customer service and multi-channel engagement Build loyalty with personalization and transparency Grow Targeted cross-sell and up-sell based on customer needs Invest in most profitable customer relationships Aggregate customer data and information from across lines of business
  2. 2. CRM is a $13B category growing at 7% CAGR to $14.5B in 2013 – Sales automation is largest segment at 42%, Marketing is fastest growing – SaaS is forecasted to grow from 15% to 31% of revenue by 2014 – SFDC and Oracle have ~ 20% share in SFA & CS respectively, No clear leader in Marketing – ~65% of WW CRM spend is in Enterprise segment vs. Mid-Market and Small BusinessKey Trends: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Big Data, Multi-Channel Customer Engagement $6.0B $4.4B $4.1B 41% 3.2% (MSFT) 56% 0.7% (MSFT) 72% 0.2% (IBM) 15.1% 0.9% (MSFT) 14.2% 18.8% 22.5% 9.2% 1.7% (SFDC) 22.7% 9.2% 5.7% 5.7% Source: IDC, 2013 CRM Market Projections
  3. 3. “CEOs see CRM as their #1 technology-enabled investment in 2012, and CIO interest in CRM has risen from 18th to 8th in importance.” Gartner - Whats Hot in CRM Applications in 2012 Published: 19 April 2012 Analyst: Ed Thompson “The focus for Customer Service On average, prospects don’t ““By 2014, CIOs will have lost effective and Support is shifting to engage with a sales control of 25 percent of their measuring community health representative until 57% organisation’s IT spending, and by 2017, and ROI.” through the buying CMOs may have a bigger IT budget than Gartner - Whats Hot in process. CIOs do.” – Peter Sondergaard, Global CRM Applications in 2012 Published: 19 April 2012 Corporate Executive Board Head of Research, Gartner” Analyst: Ed Thompson “Brace yourself for more budget pressure, Gartner tells CIOs,” Information Age, 07 November 2011 “CMOs believe ROI onmarketing spend will be the 79% of CMOs expect high#1 method for determining levels of complexity in their job the marketing function’s over the next five years. Only success by 2015.” 48% feel prepared to deal with IBM Global CMO Study, 2011 it. IBM Global CMO Study, 2011
  4. 4. Key Trends In CRM Technology Mobil
  5. 5. Effective Sales Organizations are Equipped to Win Sales Managers
  6. 6. CRM Technology for Dynamic Sales
  7. 7. CRM Technology for Dynamic Sales
  8. 8. Involve the rightexpertise and teammembers asrequiredWork together forsuccessfuloutcomes
  9. 9. Closed loop sales,Focus on outcomes Process-centric service and not actions marketing processes Right experience Contextual Social for Inform, guide and Right context communication and delight Right device collaboration Open Lead with cloud (Devices, browsers, Embedded analytics platforms, API’s)
  10. 10. Rememberthese? 2009, Cisco acquired Pure Digital In 2011, Cisco announced that it was discontinuing the makers of the popular to Technologies – Flip line – largely due advancements device for $590M USD. Flip Video in smartphone technology. . 23
  11. 11. Orthese? In 2011, study held 35%in large enterprises 2007, RIM of users market share amongst found that professionals who needed real-time enterprise 30% of Blackberry users would switch to tonew platform within 12 months. access a email while working on the road. Source: Enterprise Management Associates. source: Canalys 24
  12. 12. What will happen toour businessapplications? In 2003,we began to think different about how 2011, Microsoft pioneered delivery of CRM we bring people together everyday insight to insights within and deliver productivity software. our users. We’re just getting started. 25