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The Ultimate Blueprint to Channel Partner Engagement

Partner relationships are the bedrock of a successful channel sales model. However, sometimes partner relationship management can seem like an icy road where you skid at every step. Watch this presentation to discover ways to boost partner engagement.

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The Ultimate Blueprint to Channel Partner Engagement

  1. 1. The Ultimate Blueprint to Channel Partner Engagement D i s c o v e r 7 W a y s t o b o o s t p a r t n e r e n g a g e m e n t
  2. 2. IS PRM YOUR ICY ROAD? Causes for poor channel partner engagement Multiple vendors Brand favoritism Lack of brand understanding
  3. 3. 7 KEY ELEMENTS FOR IMPROVED PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS Measuring channel performance Helping channel partners see the path to success Making it easy for channel partners to sell Bringing the tools and assets to channel partners Being easily available to your channel partners Impressive partner reward programs Understanding your channel partner’s psyche and tailoring your PRM program for them
  4. 4. MEASURE! MEASURE! MEASURE You can’t fix what you don’t measure. How can you measure engagement levels of your channel partners? • Have clear visibility into channel partner activities. • Invest in a tool offering you 360 degree view of your channel partners. • Use tools that tell you exactly where and how your channel partners spent their MDF allotted to them.
  5. 5. HELP YOUR CHANNEL PARTNERS SEE THE PATH TO SUCCESS BY GUIDING THEM • Show your channel partners the path to success by walking them through initial deals. • Show them how it is done and make them believe in your product and your sales process. • Boost their confidence.
  6. 6. WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR CHANNEL PARTNERS SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Create a strong partner training and onboarding process. • Create channel playbooks to make them understand - What to say, When to say it and How to say it to a lead. • Automated certification programs for the channel partners on the introduction of a new product or service line. • Introduce them to Partner Portals which provides easy access to various elements. • Channel partner engagement – Keep your channel partners engaged with regular interactions.
  7. 7. WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR CHANNEL PARTNERS SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Personalize assets for your channel partners so that they can use them for their local markets. • Help your channel partners to nurture relationships with their prospects. • Bring the tools and assets to channel partners rather than expecting them to reach out to you asking for them. • Be available for your channel partners. Always.
  8. 8. MOTIVATE YOUR CHANNEL PARTNER BY HAVING A PARTNER REWARD PROGRAM • Unlike salespeople, your channel partners aren’t a part of company dinners, events, etc. • Push your channel partners to aim higher by rewarding them while they sell.
  9. 9. UNDERSTAND YOUR CHANNEL PARTNER’S MINDSET AND TAILOR YOUR PRM PROGRAM TO THAT • Evolve your channel partner program to suit your partner base and the end market so it is a win-win situation for you and your channel partners. • Protect their interests to help them generate better revenue and choose you over others.
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