Dependency Injection with Unity Container


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Dependency injection is a technique to get rid of tightly coupled code.This session will give an idea about using DI in one's project with various patterns like constructor injection,setter injection and interface injection and demo of DI using Unity container.

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Dependency Injection with Unity Container

  1. 1. Dependency Injection With Unity Container Presenter: Kaveri Saxena, Mindfire Solutions Date: 28/04/2014
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  3. 3. Presenter: Kaveri Saxena, Mindfire Solutions AGENDA ●Overview Of Dependency Injection ●Why Dependency Injection? ●Constructor Injection ●Setter Injection ●Interface Injection ●Overview of DI Containers ●Demo Implementing Dependency Injection with Unity Container ●Q&A
  4. 4. Overview Of Dependency Injection Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows the removal of hard-coded dependencies and makes it possible to change them,whether at run time or compile time. Dependency injection is a set of software design principles and Pattern that enable us to develop loosely coupled codes. - Mark Seeman Tight Coupling Form (Class) Repository Var repository = new Repository();
  5. 5. Why To Use DI????? ●Extensibility ●Testability ●Late Binding ●Parallel Development ●Maintainability
  6. 6. Constructor Injection Pass dependency into dependent class via constructor var service = new SQLService(); Var form = new PersonForm(service); Application.Run(form); private IServiceRepository Repository; public PersonForm(IServiceRepository repository) { Repository = repository; }
  7. 7. Setter Injection Create a setter on the dependent class and use that to set the dependency. var form = new PersonForm(); form.Repository = new CSVService(); Application.Run(form); private IServiceRepository Repository { get; set; }
  8. 8. Interface Injection Dependent class implements an interface and injector uses the interface to set the dependency. var service = new SQLService(); var form = new PersonForm(); ((IInjectInterface)form).inject(service); Application.Run(form); public interface IInjectInterface { void inject(IServiceRepository serviceRepo); }
  9. 9. public partial class PersonForm :Form,IInjectInterface { public void inject(IServiceRepository serviceRepo) { Repository = serviceRepo; } }
  10. 10. Overview Of DI Container ●A framework for doing dependency Injection ●Configure dependencies ●Automatically resolves configured dependencies Eg. Unity,Ninject,,CastleWindsor,Autofac,structuremap, Spring.Net and many others. SqlService DI Container CSVService IService Person Form
  11. 11. Unity Container Unity comes from microsoft pattern and practice team, available as free download. For using Unity Container- ●Download compatible version of unity in your bootstrapper Application ● Register interface with concrete type ●Call resolve method and unity will automatically find complex constructor of dependent class and use concrete type instead of interface. var container = new UnityContainer(); container.RegisterType<IServiceRepository, SQLService>(); var form = container.Resolve<PersonForm>(); Application.Run(form);
  12. 12. Question and Answer Presenter: Kaveri Saxena, Mindfire Solutions
  13. 13. Thank you Presenter: Kaveri Saxena, Mindfire Solutions
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