ColdFusion 10 CFScript Enhancements


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CFScript is an extension of CFML on the ColdFusion platform. CFScript resembles JavaScript but is simpler to use.

This presentation talks about Colon separators in structures (key:value pairs), Use of FOR-IN loop over queries and Java arrays, Use of ArrayEach() And StructEach(), New tag equivalents in script statements(setting, cookie) & New tag equivalents as functions(invoke) etc.

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ColdFusion 10 CFScript Enhancements

  1. 1. ColdFusion10: CFScript Enhancements
  2. 2. WHAT’S NEW IN CF10? • • • • Colon separators in structures (key:value pairs). Use of FOR-IN loop over queries and Java arrays. Use of ArrayEach() And StructEach(). New tag equivalents in script statements(setting, cookie) • New tag equivalents as functions(invoke) • New tag equivalents as CFCs(collection, index, search)
  3. 3. colon separators in structures (key:value pairs) We can now define the key:value pairs within a structure using colon (:) separator when defining them with implicit structure notation. Ex: <cfscript> student = {firstname:"abc", lastname:"def", grades:[12,23,45]}; </cfscript> Also supported: • <cfset student = {firstName:"Jane", lastName:"Doe", grades:[77, 84, 91]}> • Not supported: <cfset name:”Jane”> or name:”Jane”;
  4. 4. Looping Over Queries and Java Arrays Using For-In Loop • ColdFusion has long been able to use the for-in statement to loop over structures • And ColdFusion 9.0.1 added the ability to loop over CFML arrays • Now can loop over query results. Various Java methods return java arrays • Can now loop over those in CFSCRIPT
  5. 5. Use of ArrayEach() And StructEach() • “ArrayEach” is used to loop over an array object. • The Handle Function can have each element of the array during looping. • We can apply our business logic inside the handler function . • We can write the handler function as inline function or a named function which we can reuse in multiple cases. • Similarly in StructEach, we can loop over a structure elements.
  6. 6. New tag equivalents in script statements(setting, cookie) • CFSETTING can be used to set requesttimeout, enablecfoutputonly, showdebugoutput. • Especially valuable for use in cfscript-based application.cfc. • Now it can set requesttimeout=0 Turns off any requesttimeout set in Admin or previously in request
  7. 7. Cookie • We could always set as“value”, but now can set all properties Example: <cfscript> cookie.firstname = {value="Charlie",expires="10"}; cookie.firstname = {value:"Charlie",expires:"10"}; </cfscript> • Properties that can be set: value, expires, domain, path, secure, and httponly.
  8. 8. New tag equivalents as functions(invoke) • We can now invoke CFC/web service methods using invoke(). • Example: <cfscript> retval=invoke("demo","helloWorld"); </cfscript> • Also we can pass arguments. <cfscript> retval=invoke("demo","helloFriend",{name="Charlie"}); </cfscript>
  9. 9. • Also We can use instances here. Example: helloInstance=createobject("component","demo"); retval=invoke(helloInstance,"helloWorld"); • We can invoke a web service using cfscript. <cfscript> tempSvc=createobject("webservice","http://wsf.cdyne. com/WeatherWS/Weather.asmx?WSDL"); retval=invoke(tempSvc,"GetCityWeatherByZIP",{zip="30 005"}); </cfscript>
  10. 10. New tag equivalents as CFCs(collection, index, search) • Can create a Solr collection in a directory anywhere on server. • Can create and delete collections inside cfscript. • Also can map, optimize, and categoryList (New for Solr)
  11. 11. Index • Now we can put data into the collection using cfindex, which is now possible inside cfscript. Example: m=new index(); m.update(collection="merchandise",query=merch,key="me rchid",type="custom",title="merchname",body="merchd escription"); Also we can use. • delete (to remove one or more items from the index) • purge (to remove all items from the index) • ColdFusion 10 adds other CFINDEX actions: abort, deltaimport, fullimport, and status
  12. 12. Search • CFSEARCH is used to search Solr collections which is now possible inside cfscript. Example: <cfscript> merch=new search().search(collection="merchandise",criteria="ti tle:ColdFusion",maxRows=10); writeDump(var=merch.getresult().name,show="score,ti tle,summary"); </cfscript>
  13. 13. Thank You
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