Benefits of ClassPad Education Tablet


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ClassPad is the newest offering in India in the field of educational technology. Pioneered by Classteacher in India, it offers a unique offering for access to personalized and interactive learning for students with guidance from teachers.

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Benefits of ClassPad Education Tablet

  1. 1. Classteacher Learning Systems Solution Scripts ClassPad ClassPad ScriptWhat is ClassPad and how is it useful?  ClassPad is the newest offering in India in the field of educational technology. Pioneered by Classteacher in India, it offers a unique offering for access to personalized and interactive learning for students with guidance from teachers. How is it useful?  ClassPad enables easy resource sharing between students and teachers, teachers will be able to share their own content, class notes / class work, assign home work, formative and even summative assessments to students.  On the other hand students will be able to store the shared resources by the teacher, submit their assignments, take assigned tests etc.  Additionally teachers can share screens of ClassPad of the students to ensure they are on the right track to improved learning  ClassPad resources range from learning modules, assessments, classwork, teacher created resources to games and ebook ensuring an all round complete development for the student.  ClassPad ensures personalized learning as well as provision of individual inputs to students to ensure the primacy of the student-teacher relationship. ClassPad conforms and strenghtens the ability for the teacher to strengthen this relationship and build up more on it.  Additionally by eliminating or limiting the use of papers and book, ClassPad works towards improving the life of a student and contribute towards a greener planet.How will it help my student?  The teachings of a class are geared towards the average student in the class and his learning capabilities. With ClassPad individual and personalized learning becomes the prime focus. A student is empowered with choosing his own pace, own style of learning with sufficient primary guidance by the teacher.  Class pad facilitates faster and automated sharing of resources between teachers and students. This means that students need not carry bulky books / note books all around schools with ClassPad acting as a single point resource repository for him.  The focus for the class also shifts from taking notes while the teacher is teaching in a class and towards solely on the teachers session.  Sorting of note and resources become really easy and managable. The portable ClassPad with Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates any where any time learning.How does ClassPad fit into the Schools / Teachers agenda?  Primacy of the student-teacher relationship: ClassPad aims to ensure learning keeping the student-teacher relationship as the prime focus. Teachers through the ClassPad will be able to…..CLTSSolution ScriptsClassPad 1 thDate created: 24 November 2011 – RahulRg Version: 1.0
  2. 2. Classteacher Learning Systems Solution Scripts ClassPad concentrate and personalize education to individual students ensuring their overall development.  Catching up with the Class: Missing out on a few classroom lectures due to sickness or other school activities makes the student lag behind the rest of the class. Teachers can individually allocate classwork/interface with the student for the student to catch up to the classroom lesson plan on his/her own.  Conduct tests and assessments hassle free in Class: Teachers can conduct assessments in class through the ClassPad and observe instant results through the Assessment Centre on the ClassPad. It also allows teachers to assign homework/classwork/reading material and also receive such individual documents from the students instantly reducing the load of papers and paper correction.  Bridging the Gap for weak students : For slow learners, ClassPad is the ideal support environment. It helps them learn at their own pace without the perceived threat of comparison. This helps to bridge the performance gap between the top and bottom performers and thereby improve the overall academic averages of the classHow does ClassPad tablet configuration compare to other tablets in the market?ClassPad is a 10 inch tablet and its comparison with other tablets in the similar category are as follows:Strong Points:Sensitive and reactive touchscreen – ClassPad has a capacitive touchscreen to ensure touch sensitivescreen for the students to be able to explore and utilize the power of the tablet completely be it readebooks or play games or work on the unique set of interactive Classteacher learning modulesProcess speed and memory – ClassPad allows the user to multitask on more than one applicationrunning simultaneously. User can download/share/upload simultaneously across various platforms andapplicationsStereo speakers/Earphone and internal microphoneHigh battery life - Music up to 17 hours,Video up to 4.5 hours,Web browsing up to 6 hours (*Music wastested with a 128 kbps MP3 file; video was tested with a 1920 x 1080 MPEG-4/AVC files; browsing wastested with the screen brightness set to default. Actual playback results may vary.)Please go through the individual details in the FAQ for additional information.…..CLTSSolution ScriptsClassPad 2 thDate created: 24 November 2011 – RahulRg Version: 1.0