Privacidad en la UE - eMetrics SF 2013


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Presentación de René Dechamps en el eMetrics de San Francisco (abril 2013) sobre el estado de la privacidad online en la UE y los cambios que introducirá el nuevo reglamento que llega en los próximos meses, que afectarán no sólo a las empresas europeas sino a todas las multinacionales que quieran operar en el Viejo Continente. Desarrolla además las diferencias de visiones sobre la privacidad online que se tienen en USA y en la UE.

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Privacidad en la UE - eMetrics SF 2013

  1. 1. Data Collection & Privacy:Are you ready to pay 1M€ or 2% of your turnover? René Dechamps Otamendi – eMetrics Summit San Francisco - 2013
  2. 2. About me Entrepreneur Analytics Pioneer in Europe (Formerly OX2 in Belgium) CEO of Mind Your Group (Spain) Cofounded with Aurélie Pols MYG Shareholders & Advisors: Avinash Kaushik Bryan Eisenberg Jeffrey Eisenberg Jim Sterne More: Visit my LinkedIn Profile | Follow me: @rdo©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  3. 3. The idea? 2007 @AureliePols The West Wing©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  4. 4.©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  5. 5. 2006-now Privacy is dead, get over it? vs. “Data Chernobyl”©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  6. 6. Europe & US have different approaches EU: Data in the end US: Data belongs to the belongs to the Company (or at least individual they think so) INDIVIDUAL COMPANY©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  7. 7. 11 th October 2012 Viviane Reding reminds everyone That Privacy is a EU fundamental right ess-release_SPEECH-12- 716_en.htm Viviane Reding EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  8. 8. Why is it a fundamental right? Let’s get back 70 years ago…©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  9. 9. The Netherlands during WWII…©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  10. 10. Current situation Countries implement the ‘Cookie law’ Directive into their national legislations Resulting ‘potentially’ in… 27 interpretations! A mess!!!©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  11. 11. Near Future 1 Regulation to rule the whole EU©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  12. 12. Why? Benefits UPDATING (1995) COST REDUCTION EU STANDARDIZATION 1 SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT RESPONSE TO USERS USERS TRUST CONCERNS MORE BUSINESS KEY IDEA: individuals always own their personal data; companies just manage them (trust)©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  13. 13. Basic principle of the Regulation CONSENT CHOICE©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  14. 14. And the fines… 1.000.000 € or With the current Spanish legislation (not yet the Directive): In 2012 Telefónica paid 10.000.000 € in Data Protection fines!©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  15. 15. Also to Non EU based Companies!!!©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  16. 16. Is it the end of the World?
  17. 17. If Data is the New Oil Privacy is the New Green©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  18. 18. If Data is the New Oil Privacy is the New Green©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  19. 19. It’s an opportunity Privacy is: A brand Increases value customer trust & a USP & experience©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  20. 20. 1 3 It will take time as it encompasses Online Things to remember to be compliant 2 Online means: websites, mobile, applications, cloud and Offline services/computing… 3 You don’t want to be in the newspapers because you’ve done nothing about it! ACT NOW!©Mind Your Privacy, S.L. @rdo
  21. 21. René Dechamps OtamendiThank you for your attention