Connected homes - Create a safer, healthier and greener world for your customers.


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Connected homes is a trend that is ushering in a new age of convenience and convergence for users to enjoy a high quality of life, in the comfort of their homes. Health and wellness are more important than ever. Our focus is on three areas: energy management, home security and home health care. Our customers are device manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and service providers such as TSPs and utilities.

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Connected homes - Create a safer, healthier and greener world for your customers.

  1. 1. Welcome to possibleConnected homesCreate a safer, healthier andgreener world for your customers
  2. 2. Home securityMindtree has built excellent credentials on videosurveillance as well as the access security domain, offeringour device+ services all the way from system design tocloud enablement and professional services. Surveillanceis one of Mindtree’s core expertise areas and we areexperienced in executing multiple product developmentson different platforms. We have also invested heavily inthis domain, building several market-ready IPs like VMSsolutions, video analytic algorithms and ONVIF stackenable faster time to market for ODMs, OEMs and systemintegrators. In the security domain, we have extensiveexpertise in building products and solutions involving awide variety of standards like magnetic, ISO 14443, ISO18092, HID iClass, AWID and so on, with special focus onwireless / IP connectivity and multi-modal / multi-technology solution.Home healthcareMindtree has worked with device manufacturers,technology providers, cloud platform providers andmobile app developers in the telehealth domain. Ourexpertise in Bluetooth and the IPs we own, have helpedmany device manufacturers add connectivity to theirdevices. Our device+ capabilities such as mobility andcloud expertise enable these connected personalhealthcare devices to communicate with the externalIP world. In addition to building end-to-end telemedicineplatforms, we have also carried out some marqueeprojects in this space, to enable remote patientmonitoring applications.Solutions and frameworks Customizable KPI dashboard for utilities to trackperformance across various KRAs Mobile workforce enablement solutions for the salesand service personnel in the utility industry MAPLE – Enterprise Mobile Application Platform forutilities and energy ISVs MWatch – Integrated remote monitoring platform forAMS and smart meter monitoring RUBIC – Re-usable Business Intelligence componentsfor data analyticsConnected homes is a trend that is ushering in a new ageof convenience and convergence for users to enjoy a highquality of life, in the comfort of their homes. Health andwellness are more important than ever. Energyconservation is gradually finding its way to homes andhome security too, is assuming greater significance.Technology is a key enabler towards fulfilling these needsof a better and safer living. Mindtree, with its suite of“device+” offerings for the connected home segment, isdoing just that: enabling our customers to create a happier,healthier, greener and safer world for their customers.Our offerings include extensible frameworks, solutionaccelerators and niche service offerings enabling fastertime-to-market, cost savings and end-to-end productsupport for all the players in the connecteddevices ecosystem.Our focus is on three areas: energy management, homesecurity and home health care. Our customers are devicemanufacturers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) andservice providers such as TSPs and utilities.Energy managementMindtree has built deep domain understanding and richexperience across the entire value chain, fromsemiconductors, M2M integration, system and applicationsoftware, business intelligence and data analytics to cloudenablement. Mindtree has helped leading technology andCIO organizations to build successful products andsolutions for the smart grid. Our expertise traverses thebreadth of the smart energy domain as shown below:Field equipment : M&D devices, IHDs, smartmeters, home gateways, smartappliances, etc.Protocols : IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3,Modbus, DLMS/COSEM, PSEM, etc.Communication : Zigbee, WiFi, IR, Bluetooth,GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE, etc.Application integration : CIM, Multispeak.Management software : SCADA, DMS, OMS, MDMS,EMS, D/R.Data presentation : Mobile and web applications,HMI, UI, etc.
  3. 3. has defined and designed solution accelerators, thatreduce the time to market for our customers.Analytics and information management services:Mindtrees analytics and information managementservices practice consists of more than 800 experts,delivering transformational solutions acrossanalytics, Business Intelligence (BI), informationmanagement and research. Our cross-functional teamsinclude business and data analysts, statisticians, solutionarchitects, BI analysts, data integration specialists andSMEs. We have frameworks and accelerators such asRe-Usable Business Intelligence Components (RUBIC) andtrade promotions management, to ensure fastertime-to-market at lower costs.Cloud-related services: Mindtree provides completeengineering and enablement services on popular publicclouds like Amazon web services, Google AppEngine andMS Azure services. Mindtree’s large cloud engineeringcommunity (600+ members and growing) has developedits own platforms and tools, which help in creating theright framework for development and testing of cloud,-enabled applications. Our inhouse MiBiz tool helpscustomers address common cloud engineering challenges.Apart from a host of other enterprise parameters, it helpsthem decide which apps to move to the cloud first byassessing the level of maturity.Machine-to-Machine (M2M): Mindtree has end-to-endservice capabilities in the field of M2M for various verticalsincluding smart energy, home automation, consumersystems, healthcare, telematics and navigation. Ourcustomer base consists of device manufacturers andsoftware vendors as well as service providers. Wespecialize in device and application management for M2Mendpoints and provide these as a managed service forour customers.Success stories Development, maintenance and enhancement of ahome energy usage monitoring portal based on theAzure platform ATF framework for testing of communication products inthe connected home environment Selenium framework for web application test automation Mindtree Mobile Automation Framework (MAF) forsupporting test automation for mobile webs and devices IP camera stream simulation test bedOur service offerings and solutionsCustom product engineering: Mindtree has end-to-endcapabilities to convert your product ideas to reality. Weundertake outsourced product development as a serviceand have all the necessary expertise and infrastructureto engineer products to suit your needs.Independent testing services: Mindtree’s independenttesting business unit is 2600+ strong with over 10 years ofexperience in testing services from hardware and softwareproducts to enterprise applications. We have severalsolutions and frameworks to support your testing andautomation needs which can help to reduce youroverall testing costs by at least 15%. We have beenrecognized as a quality vendor in the testing space byleading analyst firms such as Gartner and ForresterResearch and are part of standardization bodies likeISO/IEC 29119.Infrastructure management and tech support: The fastestgrowing practice in Mindtree is our InfrastructureManagement and Technical Support (IMTS) group. Thispractice has over 1400 Mindtree Minds, has completed125+ successful engagements and is currently workingwith 60+ customers. We have invested significantlyin setting up best in class NOCs, voice gateway and labenvironments to enable high quality RIM services.Mindtree IMTS provides its services through a proprietaryservice delivery platform called MWatch.Mobility services: Mindtree has a dedicated practice whichfocuses on mobility. We have devised more than 500mobile solutions till date, for device vendors, ISVs andenterprise clients of ours. We provide full lifecycleservices on various platforms including Android, iOS,Blackberry, Windows phone, Symbian and BREW. Mindtree
  4. 4. ©Mindtree Ltd 2012www.mindtree.comAbout MindtreeMindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 400 million. Our team of 11,000 expertsengineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. We enable our customers achieve competitiveadvantage through flexible and global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert frameworks. Customizable KPI dashboard for utilities to track theirperformance across KRAs SaaS enablement, cloud migration and integration ofback-end applications for a service provider in theenergy space Infrastructure management for an Indian major in the oiland gas industry, including automation of several workflow processes Development of an Android-based display device andmobile applications for energy monitoring (to displaydata like current output, power consumption, etc.), for aEuropean major in the alternate energy segment Enabling a European customer to carry out comparativeproduct analysis and benchmarking for their firesafety products Enabling a semiconductor customer to create a lightingcontroller solution using their latest chipset platform Helping our customer save more than 2M USD perannum by re-engineering their home heating controlproducts for cost reduction Automating testing for a home surveillance systemthrough our camera virtualization software Enabling M2M connectivity for an insulin pump used inpatient care Mindtree integrated solutions for personalhealth monitoring Web-based energy curtailment software solution for,demand response management and the monitoring andcommunicating of consumer energy data usage analysis Development, integration and deployment of a MDMSsolution for a US based utility A remote infrastructure monitoring solution for utilitiesto manage energy readings from remote equipmentsuch as DG sets, transformers, etc., with built-in supportfor alarm management, configuration, performance datacollection and authentication Offshore engineering team for a tier-1 ISV in the energyspace, involved in testing and development on MDMSand customer service management applications Enterprise green dashboard development, whichinterfaces with the internal SAP system to collateinformation related to energy, air, travel, waterand waste Common Information Model (CIM) _ based integration ofpower SCADA for a Japanese energy customer Mobile solutions for the sales and service personnel inthe utility industry Connectivity of heartbeat monitor equipment toMicrosoft health vault enabled via Bluetooth-connectedmobile application Backend application migration for an Australian powercompany, which helped in multiple ways including costreduction via virtualization Decision support system for managing largevolumes of real-time data generated from meter datamanagement applications