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Regional Marketing through Social Media


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MindShift Interactive created a report on Regional Marketing through Social Media and the way brands are leveraging this phenomenon.

MindShift Metrics focuses on providing the industry with an understanding towards digital marketing through tracking conversations, conducting focus groups and aligning benchmarks for brands.

Regional Marketing through Social Media

  1. 1. Leveraging  Social  Media  for   Regional  Marketing   Report  compiled  by    
  2. 2. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Statistics   •  Google  launched  its  Translator  in  Hindi  in  2007,  and  its  Hindi  portal  in  2009   •  In  September  2011,  Twitter  launched  regional  content  delivery  in  Hindi   •  Google  and  Facebook  offer  Search  in  9  Indian  languages  -­‐  Hindi,  Bengali,   Gujarati,  Marathi,  Punjabi,  Tamil,  Telugu,  Kannada  or  Malayalam   •  IndiBlogger,  a  popular  Indian  blog  portal,  hosted  350  Hindi  blogs  in  2010   (Currently  1861)   •  Around  64%  of  rural  internet  users  (24.3  million  active  users  out  of  a  total  of  38   million)  use  the  internet  in  their  local  language   •  The  vernacular  sites  are  growing  at  56  %  YOY  and  English  sites  just  by  11%   YOY  
  3. 3. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   According  to  a  latest  study  jointly  done  by  Internet  and  Mobile   Association  of  India  (IAMAI)  and  IMRB  International   Regional  language  content  availability  can  boost   the  growth  of  Internet  in  India  by  24  percent    
  4. 4. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   •  Rural  India:  27  %  of   the  users  use  Hindi   to  access  online   content,  followed   by  Marathi  and   Tamil  languages     •  Urban  India:  60  %  of   the  users  access   online  content  in   Hindi,  followed  by   Tamil  and  Marathi   languages   Hindi    -­‐  The  2nd  most  widely  preferred  language,  after  English  in  India  
  5. 5. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Changing  numbers  on  Facebook   Facebook  currently  supports  80+  Languages  worldwide  
  6. 6. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Audiences  define  the  language   English  is  Number  1  on  Facebook,  but  dipping!     When  you  create  a  Facebook  account,  your  language  is  defaulted  based  on  your  region  but   you  can  also  change  it  according  to  your  preferences.  Users  interviewed  felt  comfortable   using  Facebook  in  English  while  a  growing  population  believed  their  local  language  helped   them  be  more  grammatically  correct  in  their  communication  with  others.       Countries  like  Brazil,  India,  Mexico,  Indonesia  and  regions  in  Africa  are   seeing  a  rapid  growth  in  Facebook  users.    
  7. 7. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Indians  prefer  to  write  using   English  alphabets,  even   though  the  content  may   read  out  in  Hindi  
  8. 8. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Pinterest  brings  Hindi  language     support  for  Indian  users  
  9. 9. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   •  On  March  19th  2014,    Pinterest  announced  an  update  specifically  for  Indian  users  -­‐   language  support  for  Hindi  -­‐  as  a  part  of  its  app  update  for  Android  and  iOS   •  India  has  second  highest  user  base  when  it  comes  to  Facebook  or    Linkedin  or   Twitter  but  in  case  of    Pinterest,  India    accounts  for  only  9.3%  of  userbase   •  This  probably  is  the  reason  why  Pinterest  launched  the  Hindi  version,  to  attract   millions  of  Indian  who  are  on  the  internet,  but  are  not  comfortable  with  English   language  
  10. 10. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics     Brands  leveraging  Social  Media   using  regional  languages   BBC  –  Hindi  (Facebook  &  Google)   Bangalore  Traffic  Police   AAP  Kerala   Maharashtra  Times  
  11. 11. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   §  Started  in  July  2011,  BBC  Hindi  is  a  1.4  Million  Fan  Page  with  an  Engagement  Ratio  of  approx  9%     §  NDTV  (English)  on  the  other  hand  has  a  3  Million  Fan  Page  with  an  Engagement  Ratio  of  approx  7.5%   §  An  Engagement  Ratio  of  9%  shows  that  the  audiences  engaging  are  relating  to  the  content  and   conversing  too,  delivering  an  ER  higher  than  what  other  players  receive.   §  BBC  Hindi  has  used  this  strategy  to  tap  markets  where  other  new  players  have  not  made  a  mark.    
  12. 12. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Hindi  content  on  Google+  is  helping  BBC  India  to  increase  the  relevancy  of  their   content,  thus  increasing  their  SEO  rank.  
  13. 13. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Maharashtra  Times   Maharashtra  Times  use  their  regional  language  Marathi  as  a  relevant  move   towards  tapping  their  audience.  
  14. 14. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Aam  Aadmi  Party  Kerala   AAP  is  leveraging  Social  Media  to  its  best  with  individual  Facebook  pages  for  every   state.  The  party  has  gone  one  step  ahead  and  even  started  communicating  with  its   audience  in  regional  languages.    Eg.  AAP  Kerala  
  15. 15. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   English  +  Kannad  =  Social  Message  
  16. 16. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics  Powered  by  Mindshift  Interactive   Another  benchmark  -­‐  Advertising   to  Regional  Audiences   Via  Facebook  &  Google  
  17. 17. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Airtel  India   Airtel  India  has  gone  one  step  ahead  and  started  targeting  regional  content  to   the  relevant  audience.    
  18. 18. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Way  Ahead  for  Regional  Marketing   •  The  last  decade  has  witnessed  unprecedented  Internet  diffusion  in  India.     •  Over  the  past  three  years  alone,  Internet  usage  in  India  increased  from  100  to  200  million   people.   •  The  increase  has  not  taken  place  only  among  the  Urban  but  also  amongst  the  Rural  Indian   population.   •  Regional  marketing  is  thus  going  to  be  essential  and  crucial  for  advertising  in  the  future  and  its   time  for  brands  to  capitalize  on  the  same  at  the  earliest.   •  Regional  Marketing  will  impact  not  just  Facebook  usage  but  also  advertising  in  order  to  increase   Google  &  SEO  Ranks,  providing  content  of  higher  relevance  to  different  segments.   •  The  question  is  not  whether  the  consumption  of  your  brand  is  currently  only  by  an  English-­‐ speaking  audience  but  whether  if  you  want  to  reach  far  out  and  wider  across  India  
  19. 19. Powered  by  MindShift  Metrics   Insightful Digital Outreach assures an innovative & sustained engagement.