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Kiehl's India Social Media Case Study


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Case Study on Kiehl's India launching their boutique store in Mumbai, creating buzz via Twitter with the help of MindShift Interactive.

Read on to see how celebrities, influencers on twitter & just about EVERYONE created buzz about #KiehlsMumbai

An award-winning Case Study, for sure!

Kiehl's India Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. Kiehl’s India Case Study
  2. 2. The Objective
  3. 3. The Strategy Run Contests creating brand awareness Engage with the right audiences Building Insightful brand connect Understand Consumer Sentiments Leverage Influencer Relations
  4. 4. The ExecutionContests Galore! #WeekendContest #DailyKiehls #NeedsToUseKiehls 20 Days +600 entries
  5. 5. Running contests based on Insights(The graph highlights the peak timelines in a day with maximum interaction in form of RTs, replies and @ mentions)
  6. 6. We made everyone speak about Kiehl’s MumbaiA definite contender for the “Most talked about Legendary Twitter Campaign of 2011”
  7. 7. Engagement creators…
  8. 8. The excitement was created!
  9. 9. Campaign Launch Give Back Contest  Adapted from the Kiehl’s Gives spirit of giving back to society.  Insights showcased the “need” for influencers to connect with people on their TL.  Bloggers &Tweeps gave back to their readers & followers creating personal interaction & rewards.
  10. 10. Friends of Kiehl’sshared their love
  11. 11. Our Coverage ….
  12. 12. Results… Consumer Pulse – 61% Positive Sentiments Launch Party Talk –350+ Mentions 25% Neutral Sentiments270+ Tweets using #KiehlsMumbai were posted on December 14, 2011 – Wednesday. Celeb Interaction TwitterKlout with RahulKhanna, Sophie Followers: 514 Choudhry, PoojaBedi, Manasi Scott, AnushkaManchanda, Miss Total Interactions: 2566 Malini& Bandana Tewari Total Reach: 1,90,052
  13. 13. in less than a month…500+ followers 59 Influencers
  14. 14. The Results‘#KiehlsMumbai’ Trending in Mumbai for 3 days!
  15. 15. The ResultsEveryone said #KiehlsMumbai
  16. 16. At the Event Over 600 Twitter conversationsabout #KiehlsMumbai launch!
  17. 17. “We merged our expertise in understanding theconsumer pulse & gaining insights through ourSocial Media Report to select Twitter as ourprimary Campaign platform. The ‘Give Back’contest helped create the buzz, excitement&brand connect we were looking for. The Result waswas seen across Twitter with #KiehlsMumbaibeingthe talk of the town ensuring consumerawareness & increased footfalls.” Zafar Rais, CEO MindShift Interactive
  18. 18. “Social media platforms like Twitter are a keyelement of that digital universe that ourcustomers traverse and MindShift Interactivehas worked towards getting us closer to them.Our digital campaign reached out to over 2.5lakh customers across Twitter within the monthand we received an overwhelming response.” Anurag Tyagi, Brand Manager Kiehl’s India
  19. 19. #MindShiftSays• Data is key to determining a sustained action plan & achievable objectives.• Deliver strategies based on an understanding of the consumer pulse.• Customize & Integrate across mediums to create space for innovation.• Challenge the ordinaryif you truly wish to create a MindShift. MindShiftInteractive is an Insightful Digital Outreach powerhouse housing MindShift Digital, its Social Media Marketing Agency & MindShift Metrics, its Social Media Research Company.
  20. 20. Thank You!