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JW Marriott Sahar Thai Food Festival Social Media Report


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JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar gave a new spin to the traditional Food Festivals by taking influencers to Thailand to experience the food, art and culture of Bangkok. Their Thai Specialty Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae and Executive Chef Vishal Atreya curated the experience towards realising the true essence of Thai cuisine and bringing it back to Mumbai. MindShift Interactive captured the overall journey on social media, building a mesmerizing experience for all to view online. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat was abuzz with fans excited to experience it all. The partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand and roping in social media influencers like Mumbai Foodie, The Big Bhookad and publications such as DNA India and UpperCrust Magazine, the overall outreach on the campaign was phenomenal, as was the experience once the Food Festival was launched at the property. The Festival saw a splendid spike in interactions and footfalls given the experiential story created from the city of Thai food to the city celebrating it. Holding true to the power of social media storytelling, the campaign had a lasting impression on all.

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JW Marriott Sahar Thai Food Festival Social Media Report

  1. 1. JW Marriot Sahar Thai Fest Campaign Report 23rd September – 29th October ’16
  2. 2. • Food fests are the flavour of the season – but the problem was, how do we make it stand out? • The answer: We decided to explore Thai Cuisine like never before. We took a culinary trip to Bangkok, Thailand along with our Thai Specialty Chef - Rungtiwa Sorlae, Executive Chef – Vishal Atreya to capture the essence of Thai cuisine and bring it back with us for a Thai Food Fest • We partnered directly with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, who joined us for the trip to experience #AmazingThailand • We picked unique ingredients and recipes throughout the streets of Thailand and the whole journey was captured on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Instagram stories to create buzz, that will scale up as we near the Thai fest at JWCafé. Insight
  3. 3. Campaign Layout
  4. 4. Phase Name Outreach Interactions 1 #JWSaharThaiTrails Trip Live Updates 1,71,882 1,648 2 #JWSaharThaiFest Updates 1,63,849 2,937 3 #JWSaharThaiFest Contest 18,08,073 1,466 4 Bloggers 2,48,509 10,013 Total 2168663 16064 Campaign Impact
  5. 5. Key Opinion Leaders Facebook – 7.6K Twitter – 6.6K Instagram – 167K Facebook – 20.6K Twitter – 13.2K Instagram – 20.5K @TheBigBhookad @MumbaiFoodie Facebook – 1.23M Twitter – 1.36M Instagram - 48 @dnaindia Chef Rungtiwa Thai Specialty Chef Our Team Chef Vishal Executive Chef  Facebook – 7.8K Twitter – 6.5K Instagram – 9.6K @UpperCrustMag
  6. 6. JW Marriott Sahar along with The Big Bhookad, Mumbai Foodie & DNA India and Upper Crust India editors took a 3 day trip to the unexplored parts of Thailand - cooking, eating and exploring with Chef Rungtiwa’s family. PHASE 1
  7. 7. 1:30 pm: Begin an ingredient spree at Minburi Market 3:30 pm:  A visit to Chef Rungtiwa’s home in Minburi to devour a home- cooked lunch 9:00 pm: An hour of street shopping at the Highway Market - Leiyb Thandwn Total Posts: 13 Total Reach: 39594 Total Interactions: 438 Itinerary (Day 1)
  8. 8. 10:00 am: Give into the beauty of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho 1:00 pm: Sip on date tea, date juice and eat lunch at Chef Rungtiwa’s Uncle’s Date Farm (Nong Chok) 7:00 pm: Stop by China Town market to explore street food – from the unusual to crowd favorites. 9:00 am: Begin Day 2! Total Posts: 21 Total Reach: 23,394 Total Interactions: 543 Itinerary (Day 2)
  9. 9. 12:00 pm: Splurge at Chatuchak weekend market 3:30 pm: Leave hotel for airport 8:00 am: Leave Hotel after breakfast and check-out 9:00 am: Hop onto a ferry and catch the holy ambience of Wat Arun Total Posts: 23 Total Reach: 22,953 Total Interactions: 667 Itinerary (Day 3)
  10. 10. Total Posts: 14 Total Reach: 28,647 Total Interactions: 659 Facebook Live at Chef Rungtiwa’s household kitchen garnered more than 2K views and reached over to more 6K people organically. Facebook
  11. 11. Total Tweets: 30 Total Interactions: 97 Frequent updates captured the detailed itinerary of the 3 days in Thailand Twitter
  12. 12. Top Contributors on Twitter
  13. 13. Total Posts: 13 Total Interactions: 892 Rich media like Boomerangs, Hyperlapse and Slow-mo videos were posted which received good views Instagram
  14. 14. Total posts: 15 Views: 1500 Instastories
  15. 15. Adarsh Munjal (@TheBigBhookad) Blogger Outreach Ronak Rajani (@MumbaiFoodie) Mumbai Foodie is a passionate project founded by Ronak Rajani. It’s a digital guide and reference point for food in Mumbai, curating the best food and drinks from all over the city at a variety of festivals. He blogs at An aspiring food critic, it's his responsibility to share reliable recommendations to improve your culinary experiences, travel experiences and praiseworthy branded experiences in the world of food and hospitality.
  16. 16. Total Posts: 4 Total Outreach: 8736 Total Interactions : 60 Blogger Facebook & Twitter Posts Total Tweets: 2 Total Outreach: 6797 Total Interactions : 10
  17. 17. Total Post: 10 Total Outreach: 1,98,000 Total Interactions : 9,103 Blogger Instagram Posts
  18. 18. Post the trip to Thailand, a fortnight long food festival celebrating the Thai cuisine was hosted at JW Café. PHASE 2#JWSaharThaiFest
  19. 19. Total Posts: 16 Interactions: 2,937 Outreach: 1,63,849 Throwbacks & Promotional Posts
  20. 20. Videos from the trip The first video covering the entire journey got more than 13,000 views on Facebook, The second video explored the finer details of the visit to Minburi market & Chinatown garnered over 2,500 views on Facebook, The third video showcased Chef Rungtiwa’s childhood home garnered over 4000 views on Facebook.
  21. 21. For amplification, we had a treasure hunt on Facebook and a live twitter chat was held with our Thai Specialty Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae PHASE 3Amplification
  22. 22. Total Reach: 23,693 Total Interaction: 886 #‎JWSaharThaiFest Promotion Posts
  23. 23. Twitterati shared questions about Thai cuisine & our Executive Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae took over our Twitter handle and addressed all the queries in real time! Participant & Brand Tweets
  24. 24. • The Thai campaign was aimed towards capturing the spirit of Thailand via rich media across all the platforms in association with Tourism Authority of Thailand • The Facebook Live conducted at Chef Rungtiwa's kitchen was success with over 2000 views and 133 interactions • Hyperlapse videos of the journey to Wat Arun and the bustle of Chinatown helped us generate some interesting content • Boomerangs were effectively used to capture moments from Minburi Market, Chinatown and Wat Arun where everybody was more than happy to move for the camera - producing mini videos • Having leveraged the trip on all the platforms, Snapchat and Instagram stories helped us tap into real time digital consumption - which were then saved and amplified on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Highlights
  25. 25. Thank You